HD7856/60 SENSEO® Coffee pod machine

SENSEO® Latte Duo
Coffee pod machine
• 2 cappuccinos in one go
• Misty blue & black
• Integrated milk frother
• Easy-clean function
Finally two cappuccinos in one go from fresh milk!
SENSEO® coffee variety: six recipes
Unlimited choice with the SENSEO® Latte Duo coffee machine: cappuccino, latte
macchiato, latte, strong or mild coffee. Also you can prepare fresh frothed milk for your
kids . And this is as fast as can be with 2 cups in one go.
Coffee specialties made with fresh frothed milk
• Only SENSEO® Latte Duo serves 2 milk drinks at a time
• Enjoy 4 coffee & milk recipes at one touch of a button
• Firm hot milk froth thanks to patented frothing system
Coffee variety for every moment
• Select your coffee strength: strong short or mild long
• Delicious coffee crema layer as proof of SENSEO® quality
• Machine is tested >10.000 times to ensure consistent quality
• Variety of coffee blends and flavors for different tastes
Easy to clean and fast operation
• Easy clean milk frothing system & descaling program
• Milk frother will draw milk directly from a carton or jug
• Adjustable tray to fit your favorite cup
• Intuitive controls for smart guided operation
Coffee pod machine
2 cappuccinos in one go Misty blue & black, Integrated milk frother, Easy-clean function
2 milk drinks at a time
Hot, creamy milk froth
that your perfect cup of coffee always comes
with a rich and delicious coffee foam layer proof of premium taste and quality.
Easy clean system
Save time and effort with the patented Duo
Latte function in your SENSEO® Latte Duo
coffee maker. Make 2 cups of any coffee
specialty you like at the same time at the touch
of only one button. Enjoy making your coffee
specialty preparation as easy and effortless as
never before.
SENSEO®’s patented frothing system uses
state-of-the-art technology for excellent
performance, delivering a perfect, hot milk
specialty every time.
Strength select function
Fresh milk coffee specialties
All parts in your Philips SENSEO® Latte Duo
coffee maker that get in touch with milk can be
cleaned thoroughly, through the One-Touch
cleaning routine after each use. Or simply
disassemble the milk spout and wash all parts
thoroughly by hand or in the dishwasher at the
end of the day. The machine also will remind
you when to descale your appliance.
Easy milk frother
Enjoy your delicious SENSEO® cappuccino,
latte macchiato or café latte with a rich
combination of coffee and fresh milk. Each cup
is crowned with a creamy foam layer, just like
the ones you can enjoy in coffee bars!
Prepare your favorite cup of coffee by adjusting
the strength and intensity of its taste. With the
strength select function on your SENSEO®,
you can choose between strong short and mild
long coffee.
Delicious coffee crema layer
Enjoy super creamy cappuccinos at the perfect
temperature, in the easiest way possible.
Simply use your milk carton or pour milk into
a carafe, place the milk tube, and select your
preferred beverage. Whether it's a cappuccino
or frothed milk, your drink will be served
within seconds, with a splash-free flow at the
ideal temperature.
The fine SENSEO® coffee selection and the
unique SENSEO® brewing system make sure
Coffee pod machine
2 cappuccinos in one go Misty blue & black, Integrated milk frother, Easy-clean function
• Fresh milk specialities: café latte, cappuccino, latte
macchiato, frothed milk
• Strength select: strong or regular
• Personal coffee memory: no
• Brewing time 1 cup: 45 sec
• Brewing time 2 cups: 75 sec
• Programmable cup volume: No
Copper chromed spout: No
No. of milk connectors: 1
Spray paint: No
Stainless steel riser pipe: No
• Material of spout: Chromed synthetic resin
• Made of recycled materials: 90% (paperwork and
• Sustainability certification: Green tick
• Energy consumption: 0.26 W (on stand-by)
Easy to use
2 cups at the same time
Adjustable drip tray
Touch panel
Automatic shut off time: 15 min
Empty tank indication
Direct start
Removable drip tray
2 cappuccinos at the same time
2 lattes at the same time
2 macchiatos at the same time
Removable water tank
Easy to clean
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
Technical specifications
• Supported coffee types: SENSEO® coffee pods
• Water pressure in pump: 1 bar (filter coffee &
• Country of origin: Designed in the Netherlands,
Made in Poland
• Power: 2650 W
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Voltage: 230 V
• Cord length: 80 cm
Weight and dimensions
• Calc indicator
• Dishwasher proof parts
• Easy-clean button
• Water tank capacity: 1 L
• Product weight: 2.4 kg
• Product dimensions (L x D x H): 217 x 280 x
290 mm
• Maximum cup height: 85 - 135 mm
• Color: Misty blue & black
• Chromed spout
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