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POUR-­‐OVER MACHINE TWIRLS PREMIUM COFFEE TO NEW LEVELS French Truck Coffee installs first Poursteady in the region See full video here:­‐yUV7iC8o
New Orleans, Louisiana—Geoffrey Meeker, owner of French Truck Coffee and Cafés, is excited to announce he is the first coffee shop in the region to install the Poursteady, a high tech pour-­‐over coffee machine that combines precision motion-­‐control with unprecedented speed and reliability. The twirling motion of the Poursteady resembles the intricate dance of a ballerina—pirouetting gracefully across its stage, filling its cups with precision and beauty. There are fewer than two dozen of these machines currently installed throughout the country. Meeker’s Poursteady is located in French Truck Café at 4536 Dryades Street. “The popularity of pour-­‐over coffee has grown significantly in recent years,” states Meeker. “Whether it’s the attraction to a new trend or the increased appreciation for single origin coffees and the overall sustainability of the farms from where the beans come, I’m not sure, but it’s an exciting time in the coffee world.” The pour-­‐over method of brewing coffee provides the barista with the ability to personally control all of the variables that go into the production of a cup of coffee, including time, bean grind, pouring pattern of the water, and quality and temperature of the water. However, that extra attention takes a longer amount of time to produce a cup of coffee—a single pour-­‐over coffee takes five minutes to brew. The Poursteady, a coffee machine that runs using a computer, was developed by a team of makers specializing in robotics and product design. It is not a replacement for the barista, but rather a sleek and efficient way to speed up and make more precise the pour-­‐over process without sacrificing the ritual or brew quality. Meeker’s Poursteady was custom designed to brew three pour-­‐over coffees simultaneously, producing one-­‐per-­‐minute at the touch of a button. The barista still controls each coffee individually via an HTML5 app, giving the coffees their own brew time, setting times between pours, pouring patterns, and amount of water in each pour, While the computer handles the precise pouring, the barista has extra time to spend on educating the customers on different aspects of coffee and providing a more personal customer service experience. “A happier and better-­‐educated consumer is better for the coffee industry overall,” states Meeker. “I am thrilled to bring this technology into French Truck. We will continue to give our customers the freshest, most precise cup of coffee in a more efficient manner.” Meeker produces high quality, small batch coffee to exact specifications in his micro-­‐roastery on Magazine Street. The process of micro roasting allows for one individual to oversee the entire roasting process to ensure the coffee is roasted to perfection, infusing the beans with the greatest amount of flavor, better taste and higher quality product. French Truck Café is open Monday – Thursday, 7AM -­‐ 5PM; Friday, 7AM -­‐ 9PM, and Saturday and Sunday, 8AM -­‐ 5PM. French Truck Coffee Shop is located at 1200 Magazine Street, and serves as an espresso bar and retail shop for French Truck coffees, which are roasted on premise. The Coffee Shop is open Monday – Friday, 7AM -­‐ 5PM and Saturday and Sunday, 8AM – 4pm. Meeker also recently opened French Truck Coffee in Memphis, Tennessee at 584 Tillman. For more information about French Truck Café, call (504) 298-­‐1115. ### 
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