PRESS RELEASE The first Kimbo Coffee Embassy opens in London

The first Kimbo Coffee Embassy opens in London, an exclusive place where
the coffee ritual is celebrated in all its charm and poetry
Kimbo, an icon of quality and tradition in the world of coffee, and Caffé
Caldesi, reference point for the Italian food culture in London, dictate the
rules of the perfect coffee
The pleasure of tasting a good coffee is a little moment of daily happiness, a unique instant
when product quality and service quality blend together and enhance each other. Yet an
extraordinary mastery that combines art, science and impeccable manners is required to
prepare and serve an outstanding quality coffee.
Kimbo, the historical Italian brand which embodies the authentic Neapolitan espresso, and
Caffé Caldesi, renowned little corner of Italy in London delivering the best of Italian food, has
agreed to promote the etiquette of coffee in the capital of the UK.
As a consequence, the first Kimbo Coffee Embassy outside Italy opens in the charming area of
Marylebone, as a place where coffee receives all the respect, attention and care it deserves.
Starting today, customers of Caffé Caldesi can enjoy the best blends, obtained from selected
origin coffee, subject to strict quality controls and brewed according to extensive knowledge and
craftsmanship, typical of the Neapolitan tradition.
The Embassy offers a wide selection of coffees, first of all the original and authentic
Neapolitan espresso, created to give consumers a rare, special and unmistakable taste.
The choices also include the unique Kimbo Cuccuma coffee, which is prepared with the
traditional Neapolitan flip coffee pot through the long and theatrical ritual of coffee percolation.
The Kimbo Cuccuma coffee delivers a remarkably uncommon sensory experience, something
very exclusive in the London coffee scene.
Furthermore, customers of the Embassy can try the Americano coffee or any of the different
variations with milk: macchiato coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and mocaccino.
Particular attention is paid to the quality of service: each kind of coffee is served in an a different
cup, especially designed to enhance both aroma and fragrance. In addition, a chocolate candy
or a small cookie is always placed on the saucer to accompany the tasting. The hot drink is
regularly offered with a glass of water, in order to cleanse the palate before enjoying the coffee.
Espressos are always prepared manually with a lever machine, highlighting the barista’s skills.
In addition, customers are encouraged to stay as long as they like to savour and enjoy their
coffee, whether at a table, counter or bar.
The Kimbo Coffee Embassy is not only an excellent coffee bar, but also a place where the
secular Neapolitan culture, associated with this drink, is promoted and explained.
The premises of Caffé Caldesi will also host both free and paid tasting courses for
professionals and amateur, at the end of which participants will be awarded a certificate of
The Kimbo Coffee Embassy is located at Caffé Caldesi, 118 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U
About Kimbo
Naples is where Cafè do Brasil, the producers of Caffè Kimbo started out. It is one of the great
Italian success stories, that started in the '50s in the historical centre of the city, where a small
roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops. In just a
few years, the company became the local market leader and synonymous with Neapolitan
espresso. Since 1994 Caffé Kimbo have held second place on the Italian retail market for
packaged coffee. Today, the company is present in over 40 countries and aims to increase its
international market share further, thanks to the quality of its raw materials, its unique blending
talent, its fine roasting process and constant pursuit of excellence.
About Caffé Caldesi
Caffé Caldesi is the flagship bar and fine dining restaurant of the Caldesi group of restaurants
and cookery schools. Set in its own little corner of Italy in London’s trendy Marylebone, the
Caffé Caldesi brings a truly authentic slice of Italy to the city. The downstairs cafe/bar area
offers informal service with a menu that has been heavily influenced by owner Giancarlo
Caldesi’s Tuscan heritage. Here you can enjoy a range of great Italian wines and cocktails,
beers and of course the best Italian coffee. Upstairs there is a fine dining restaurant boasting
seasonal Italian dishes with a refined touch. Caffé Caldesi is a favourite haunt of many of
London’s ex-pat Italian community as it truly delivers real Italian food, cooked with passion and
flair by talented Italian chefs. Walking into the café, you will pick up the scent of freshly brewed
Kimbo espresso in the air and know you have found the real Italian in London.
London, 12th May 2015
Pietro Como
Lucrezia Di Francesco
Tel. 0207.15.26.425
Caffé Caldesi
Jim Davies
Tel. 0207.48.70.750
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