Good, Fast, Easy Cleaning on all floors Most

A Duplex 420 is a medium sized all-in-one floor scrubber / washer / dryer that makes
floor cleaning faster and easier than ever before. Compact size combined with
outstanding manoeuvrability and great efficiency in small or large areas makes the
Duplex 420 by far the most popular floor cleaner in the Duplex range.
Whether it be a difficult hard floor like profiled tiles or a short pile domestic carpet, this
amazing machine can clean them all. With a Duplex 420 there is basically no set up time
either. Simply fill the two solution tanks with water, select your floor setting, pull back
the handle and start cleaning. It really is that easy.
Good, Fast, Easy Cleaning on all floors
Most Versatile!
The Duplex 420 is
popular for use in many
industries or
environments including:
Builing Entrances
Long Corridors
Hotel Rooms
Hospital Wards
Nursing Homes
Pubs and Club
Contract Cleaners
Unique Features of the Duplex 420
Thorough & effective cleaning
Twin counter rotating cylindrical brushes with
600,000 bristles moving at 650rpm provide
exceptional cleaning power on many surfaces.
Effective forwards and backwards
Carefully balanced design ensures that the
Duplex 420 is the only floor washer truly
effective in forwards and backwards operation.
Adjustable machine height
With a simple flick of a switch the Duplex 420
adjusts its height to suit many different types
of flooring from carpet to profiled hard floors.
Cleans to the very edge
The unique offset brush design and two way
handle of the Duplex range allows cleaning to
the wall in both directions.
Easy to Use - with only one hand
The Duplex 420 is designed for feather-light
single handed operation. No heavy pushing or
pulling, instead the machine effortlessly glides.
At the squeeze of the trigger, dual large capacity clean solution tanks (1) dispense
liquid evenly along the full length of both agitator brushes (2) that actively scrub the
water into the floor to break up grime. The twin converyors (3) then simultaneously
lift he grime from the brushes to a central recovery tank.
All tanks lift straight out for fast and easy filling or emptying.
Technical Specs of the Duplex 420
Duplex 420
Width (mm)
420 mm
Length (mm)
430 mm
Height (mm)
240 mm
Weight empty (kg)
27 kg
Clean solution capacity (litre)
6 lt
Recovery tank capacity (litre)
3.5 lt
Cylindrical brush diameter (mm)
100 mm
Cylindrical brush width (mm)
350 rpm
Electrical induction motor tropicalised winding
Single - Phase
Insulation class
Voltage (V)
Frequency (Hz)
50 Hz
Max Power (W)
900 W
Pressure on floor (g/cm2)
185 g/cm2
Theoretical working surface area (m2/h)
350 m2/h
The Duplex 420 floor cleaner in Action
No matter what the floor surface the Duplex 420 is bound to impress!
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