Eva - Emp 3.0
Eva - Emp 3.0
Rubino 200 TTT
Table Top
Rubino 200 TTT is a completely automatic table-top vending
machine with design and technical performance at the top of the
range. It is equipped with the new Saeco TTT-TwinTasteTech
brewing unit that allows the dispensing of both paperless fresh
brew coffee and espresso coffee without any software or
mechanical presetting. The product can be selected by simply
pressing a button on the direct access keypad.
Designed for small and medium locations, it is available with
cabinet in two versions, standard and for payment system, and
dispenses up to 8 different beverages.
• Cabinet with height-adjustable feet (w x h x d 410 x 816 x 542)
also suitable for payment systems or banknote reader
• Independent water tank kit
• Timekeeper kit
• Validator kit
• 5-button keypad kit
• Memory key to copy and quickly transfer machine settings
• Eva-Dts kit
Main features
• Machine in energy class A (EVA - EMP 3.0)
• Automatically dispenses cups (up to 195), sugar and stirrers
•Paperless fresh brew and/or espresso coffee dispensing
from ground coffee or coffee beans thanks to Saeco TTTTwinTasteTech brewing unit
•Accepts the most commonly used parallel and serial MDB,
BDV and Executive (possible Master and Slave configurations)
payment systems
• 6 gr to 10 gr adjustable doser
• Possibility to dispense products up to 10 ounces
• Customisable settings
User interface
• Direct access 8-button keypad for beverage selection
• 2 keys for sugar preselection
• Option to set 2 preselection keys: one for decaffeinated/barley
and one for no-cup option
• 2-line, 20-character alphanumeric display
• Both fresh brew and espresso coffee can be selected using the
direct access keypad
Structural specifications
Dimensions (w x h x d)
Electrical specifications
Power supply
Power consumption
Water specifications
Boiler material
Water connections
Water connection
Water supply
Independent water tank
Other specifications
Cups (h 70 mm)
Cups type ø
Available stirrers
Coffee bean container
Ground coffee container
Instant product container
Sugar container
Number of selections
Number of preselections
Disc mixer
Brewing unit
Canisters capacity
Coffee beans
Ground coffee
Instant coffee
Technical specifications
• Pre-galvanized and painted steel-sheet body
• Thermoplastic door
• Thermoplastic cover with transparent coffee bean container
• Containers and tanks in food-contact approved polypropylene
• Water, coffee and cup-empty signal
• Hot water solenoid valve
• Software function setting the maximum number of coffee cycles
permitted before the dump box is removed and emptied
• Electronically controlled boiler temperature
• Electromechanical pulse counter
• Exhauster to absorb internal moisture and additional steam
exhauster for the dispensing area
Rubino 200 TTT
410 x 765 x 535 mm
46 kg
230 V/50 Hz - 120 V/60 Hz
1250 W
3/4’’ (1 – 8 bar)
standard: water supply - optional: independent water tank kit
20 l
70 or 73 mm
90 - 105 - 115 mm
up to 4
7 gr or 9 gr
2.0 kg
1.0 kg
0.7 kg
0.85 kg
1.7 kg
2.0 kg
• Removable cup-releasing device for easy cleaning and checking
• 60 W electromagnetic vibration pump
• Anti-overflow air-break device
• Simplified error reset
• Boiler safety valve
• General safety relay for 24 V components
• Thermal cut-outs on all devices supplied with line voltage
• Energy class A (EVA - EMP 3.0)
• CE, VDE and CSA approved
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info.saecovending.saecoitaly@philips.com - www.saecoprofessional.com
In accordance with its policy of progressive product design SaGa Coffee reserves the right to alter specifications.
Technical data
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