Operating Instructions
Coffee maker
Model SAROMICA 6005 order no. 317-1000
Model SAROMICA 6010 order no. 317-1010
Model SAROMICA 6015 order no. 317-1015
1. General information
Carefully read these operating instructions as they contain important information for the
safe and correct use of the appliance.
The machine is so designed, that it is easy to use, to clean and to service.
It is advisable to keep the operating instructions in a place where you have them always
ready on hand.
Should you pass the appliance to a third party, these operating instructions should be
handed over.
As soon as you have unpacked the appliance, check whether everything is in a faultless
condition. Should anything be damaged, do not connect the appliance as such, but
inform your dealer.
The coffee maker may only be used for the intended purpose. Impoper use can cause
damages and lead to the loss of warranty.
Do not throw away the packing. You might need it for storage of the device, when moving
or in case you need to send it back for repair purposes.
Before connecting the appliance, make sure that the tension indicated on the
identification plate agrees with the tension on your electricity mains.
In case of fault and/or malfunction, switch the appliance off. Pull the power plug and
inform your dealer. He will carry out the repair with original spare parts.
The manufacturer/dealer cannot be made responsible for damages which arise through
not observing these operating instructions. Apart from this, if these instructions are not
observed, the safety of the appliance is no longer guaranteed.
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Operating Instructions Coffee Maker
SAROMICA 6005 – 6010 - 6015
2. Safety notes
Never switch on the appliance, if there is no water in tank.
Fill not more water in the tank than the maximum mark indicates.
Make sure that your hands are always dry when operating the machine.
Do not touch the machine during use, because the outside of the appliance gets very hot.
The cable must not hang over table edges and/or sharp edges. It also must not come into
contact with the hot appliance surface or with water.
Do not move the appliance when in use.
The appliance may be connected to a grounded socket only. Do not connect any other
appliance to the same socket. The outlet must be easily accessible, so that the plug can
easily be removed in the case of an emergency.
Always pull on the plug and not on the cable, if you pull the plug from the socket. Switch
off the appliance before.
Do not use extension cords and adapters.
Regularly check the cable. If it is damaged, it must be exchanged by a qualified
Do not leave the appliance unattended while it is in use. Children are not able to realise
dangers when handling electro appliances.
Before each cleaning or repair, switch off the appliance. Then pull the power plug out of
the socket. Clean the surfaces with a soft damp cloth. Do not use high pressure cleaner
or a jet of water.
Do not attempt to repair the appliance by yourself. Repairs may only be undertaken by a
qualified specialist using original spare parts.
If you do not like to use the appliance for a longer time, then pull the power plug from the
socket, clean the appliance and cover it with a air-permeable material.
3. Making coffee
Use the appliance only on a stable, flat and heat resistant surface.
Do not place the coffee maker near to gas or electric appliances and/or other sources of
Before using the appliance, first clean the filter basket, filter cover, percolator pipe and
inside of tank with a non-abrasive detergent and wipe it dry.
Pull the power plug into a suitable outlet.
The coffee maker is now ready to use.
Coarsely ground coffee is the most suitable for this appliance.
Fill the tank with cold water in accordance with the amount of coffee required. Note the
minimum quantity (8. Technical data).
For a cup of coffee, we recommend 6 grams per cup.
Put the ground coffee into the coffee filter.
Press the lid on the coffee filter.
Place the percolator pipe and the filter basket into the tank. Make sure that the foot of the
percolator pipe is positioned firmly on the cavity of the base.
Replace the top cover on the appliance.
Switch on the appliance. The lamp in the switch should now light up. When the green
pilot goes on, the coffee is ready and will be kept warm automatically.
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Operating Instructions Coffee Maker
SAROMICA 6005 – 6010 - 6015
4. Heating water for instant beverages
Plain water may be heated in your appliance for use with instant beverages.
Simply fill the clean appliance with cold water to the desire cup level and place
percolator pipe and empty basket into position as for making coffee.
Switch on the coffee maker and wait until the water boils.
Switch off the appliance when less than 3 cups of water remain.
When appliance is used to heat water only. It must be thoroughly cleaned well after each
use. In addition to special weekly cleaning using vinegar to move deposits. If these
deposits are not removed, pitting of the metal can occur and result in damage to the
appliance. See special cleaning instructions.
5. Cleaning after use
Switch the appliance off and pull the power plug.
Alow the appliance to cool down.
Remove the filter basket and percolator pipe from the tank and empty the filter basket.
It is easier the filter basket to empty, if the coffee dregs have dried up slightly.
Rinse the filter basket, filter cover and percolator pipe under the tap.
Rinse the inside of thank until it is clean.
The outside clean with a damp cloth und then dry them off with a soft dry cloth.
The appliance is now ready to use again.
6. Special cleaning
Improper cleaning of appliance, especially the heating unit will affect performance,
resulting in weak, lukewarm coffee and may even cause, that the appliance stops boiling.
To keep the appliance working properly regularly, follow these instructions.
1. Before cleaning pull the power plug and empty the basket.
2. With daily use clean the heating chamber once a week thoroughly with a cloth or
sponge and a little vinegar.
3. Do not scratch with objects and do not use abrasives or steel wool to clean the
heating chamber.
4. After cleaning, rinse with hot water several times the heating chamber.
5. The inside of the sight glass can be cleaned with a narrow tube brush, which can be
purchased commercially.
6. First unscrew the gauge cap, then insert the cleaner into the glass gauge from above
and clean it with the brush. With this brush you also can clean the percolator pipe.
During cleaning, the sight glass remain installed, so do not take it off.
7. Technical data
Saromica 6005
Saromica 6010
Saromica 6015
Order no:
Power connection:
Capacity per hour
Minimum quantity
6,75 liters
appr. 10 liters
3,6 kg
2,5 liters
10 liters
appr. 15 liters
4,8 kg
5 liters
15 liters
appr. 20 liters
5,1 kg
7,5 liters
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Operating Instructions Coffee Maker
SAROMICA 6005 – 6010 - 6015
Thermal cut-out
The appliance is fitted with a thermal cut-out. In case of overheating the coffee maker shuts
off automatically and the indicator lamp in the switch goes out. In order to make the appliance operational again, let the appliance cool down and press the reset button on the
bottom of the appliance. If the appliance still does not work, please consult your dealer..
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