Coffee Hour Host Instructions
Arrive by 9:40 (8:40 in the summer) to make coffee and lemonade. Treats are optional. Coffee
and lemonade ingredients are supplied by the church.
Making coffee: (preparation time 10 minutes)
1. Move wooden tea server/cart (located inside parlor doors) close to parlor kitchen
2. Remove large coffee maker from lower cupboard next to sink and assemble on tea server.
3. Remove large metal pitcher from under cabinet and use to fill coffee maker with water up to the
chosen number of servings:
Fall, winter, spring
60 cups
30 cups (use smaller coffee pot also in lower cupboard)
4. Coffee grounds are located in kitchen refrigerator. Use a mixture of regular and decaffeinated. Extra
coffee is kept in the freezer in the lower kitchen. Measure grounds according to number of servings and
put in grounds holder.
30 servings:
2 cups grounds
40 servings:
2 ½ cups grounds
60 servings:
3 ¾ cups grounds
5. Place grounds holder on top of percolator stem. Put on cover.
6. Plug in coffee maker (outlet located just inside kitchen)
7. Turn on coffee maker.
8. Set out coffee cups onto coffee serving table in narthex. Cups are located on tray on kitchen counter, or
in parlor closet.
9. Roll silver metal cart with wash basin from parlor closet and place at far end of coffee serving table for
placement of dirty cups.
10. Sugar packets, sweet and low packets and cream packets are in kitchen cupboard in a small basket.
Extra packets are in parlor closet. Set out with a couple plastic or silver spoons, in kitchen drawer.
11. Napkins located drawer on tea server/cart. Extras in parlor closet.
Making lemonade: (preparation time 5 minutes)
1. Fill large metal pitcher with water, capacity is 8-9 quarts.
2. Lemonade is located in upper kitchen cabinet, or in parlor closet. Make according to directions.
3. Mixing spoons located in drawer.
4. Punch bowl and serving ladle located in lower cabinet in parlor kitchen. Place on lemonade table.
5. Set out small plastic cups, located in parlor closet.
Last 5 minutes of service:
1. Unplug coffee maker and roll out to end of coffee serving table.
2. Pour lemonade into punch bowl.
Treats (optional)
If you bring treats, serving trays are located in lower kitchen cabinet in parlor kitchen.
Clean up:
1. Throw coffee grounds. Pour out un-used coffee. Rinse coffee maker. Dry and put away.
2. Wipe and dry tea server/cart and return to parlor wall.
3. Do nothing with the dirty coffee cups. Leave in basin by table.
4. Return clean coffee cups to kitchen.
5. Wash and dry punch bowl, ladle, and serving trays (if used). Extra lemonade can be put in mold in
freezer for use the next week.
6. Wipe down serving tables and return unused items to parlor closet.
7. If you couldn’t find the supplies needed or amounts are running low, please let the church office know.
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