Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) is helping to keep the Green Mountains green with a
100.1 kW solar array. This array was the largest photovoltaic array in the state of Vermont at
the time it went online and was made possible through an innovative partnership between
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, the state of Vermont, Green Mountain Power and groSolar.
groSolar Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jeff Wolfe says “Vermont’s tax
incentives for commercial solar systems, coupled with grants from the Vermont Department of
Public Service’s Clean Energy Development Fund and Green Mountain Power, made the
economies of a commercial system very attractive.” Grants from the Vermont Clean Energy
Development Fund and Green Mountain Power totaled $300,000.
100.1 kW Grid-Tied PV System
System Components:
572 Suntech 175 Modules
groSolar installed the system at GMCR’s Waterbury, Vermont headquarters using the PanelClaw
Polar Bear flat-roof mounting system. The system will produce approximately 10% of the
annual electricity used by the Green Mountain Coffee distribution center and is expected to be
cash-flow positive in less than ten years.
1 Solectria 95 kW Inverter
PanelClaw Polar Bear Flat-Roof
Mounting System
Waterbury, VT
groSolar Corporate Offices:
205 Billings Farm Road • White River Junction, VT 05001 • 9175 Guilford Road • Columbia, MD 21046
800.374.4494 • •
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