Recommended Steps for Migrating Data from Version 5

How do I upgrade to Vector NTI for Mac OS X (Panther)?
Recommended Steps for Migrating Data from Version 5.3 for OS 9
Vector NTI Version 5.3 (for Mac OS 8, 9 or 9.1) cannot be upgraded to Vector NTI Suite for Mac OS X,
because this is a new installation; however data from version 5.3 are compatible with Vector NTI Suite for
Mac OS X.
General Steps when going from OS 9:
A. Archive files from OS 9
B. Upgrade to OS 10
C. Drag & Drop archive files from OS 0
1. Select all nucleic acid molecules in database. From pull-down menu: Edit | “Select All”
2. Execute a control-click. This action invokes the short-cut menu
3. In the short-cut menu, execute Export | Into Archive
4. Save the “Archive” file to a common drive such as a Network drive.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 with proteins, oligos, etc.
6. Upgrade to OS 10
7. Download and Install Vector NTI for OS 10
8. License Vector NTI for OS 10
9. Drag & drop “Archives” from common drive.
Recommended Steps for Upgrading from Version 7.1 for OS 10.2 to OS 10.3
Vector NTI Version 7.1 for Jaguar (10.2) may be upgraded to Vector NTI Suite for Mac OS 10.3 (Panther)
General Steps when upgrading Vector NTI from OS 10.2 to 10.3
A. Database Backup from 10.2
B. Remove Vector NTI for Mac OS 10.2
C. Install Vector NTI for Mac OS 10.3
D. Point to your Database from 10.2
1. Backup the existing Vector NTI for Mac OS X database. From the Pull Dow Menu execute Database |
Database Backup. Save your files to a Network Drive or removable disk.
Note: If you have a multiple users' installation with several databases, you should repeat the Backup
procedure for each user on your system.
2. Delete the Vector NTI program folder created during the previous install (located in Applications:
Vector NTI by default). You must use a remover script located at our ftp site:,
open the “outgoing” folder and download the “Mac_remover_Package” folder. Follow the instructions on
page 9 of the Installation Guide.
3. Proceed with the installation of Vector NTI Suite for OS X. Follow the installation instructions
beginning on page 3 of the Installation Guide
Database Notes during Upgrade:
• If the database from the previous version resides in the default location (Library: Application
Support) Vector NTI will use the old database.
• If the old database resides in a non-default location, a new database will be created in the default
location during installation. You also have the option to specify the old database as default
during the installation, see step 6 on page 5 of the Vector NTI for Mac Os X Installation and
Licensing Guide. Important: This is preferable for a single install, multiple-user machine if
more than one user shares the same database.
• An alternative way to access your old data is to open Vector NTI Explorer, select Database >
Select Local Database, and browse to the folder where your old database resides. Important:
This is the preferred method for a single installation in a multi-user machine where each
user has their own unique database
4. For information on creating a new database in any desired location during installation, OR if you have a
multi-user machine, please run the Vector NTI Setup Assistant, typically located under Applications |
Vector NTI | Tools |Vector NTI Setup Assistant
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