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Our EnviroClean and Solve It™ product lines were
developed to clean the most tenacious soils. We have a wide
variety of alkaline cleaners for practically any application.
EnviroServe Chemicals has a cleaning product that can
meet your toughest cleaning requirements - such as stubborn
oils, grease, carbon-based soils, fatty acid soils, waxy
corrosion inhibitors, and light corrosion.
We have a full line of multi-metal safe cleaners as well as
products developed exclusively for ferrous alloys. The
industry has proven our products to be highly effective in all
of these types of operations.
We offer a wide variety of alkaline cleaners designed to meet
the most challenging industry needs. Most products operate
economically at low concentrations and temperatures.
Products are moderate foaming and are ideally suited for use
with automatic control equipment.
Alkaline cleaners have long been the prevailing choice in the
paint pretreatment industry. These cleaners are designed to
remove the toughest, most tenacious soils with a lower
concentration of product. Alkaline cleaners are the best type
of cleaners in operations where soil loads fluctuate from day
to day. These cleaners remove a variety of soils in a very
cost effective manner. Alkaline cleaners in the market today
operate at temperatures of between 120 and 160 °F.
Neutral pH cleaners are an ideal choice when cleaning light
soils. These cleaners are based on surfactants that are
designed to “lift” the soils off the parts without using
aggressive caustic cleaners. That makes them more
environmentally friendly, while at the same time making them
safer for the operators than conventional cleaners.
Innovations such as low conductivity cleaners, neutral pH
cleaners and rust removers will increase your plant safety
without adversely affecting productivity.
Contact your local EnviroServe Representative for more
information about our manual spray cleaners.
Visit our Website at www.enviroservechemicals.com
Phosphatizing helps prevent corrosion and prepares the metal
surface for improved paint adhesion. A spray wand can be as a
simple one-stage cleaner/phosphatizer operation for large, lowvolume parts that do not require a high degree of corrosion
resistance. On the other hand, they can also be used in more
complex operations using cleaners, and iron phosphates that provide
much better corrosion and paint adhesion results.
The iron phosphate coating inhibits corrosion and improves the
adhesion and durability of paint; when applied to most metals by
means of steam or hot water, high pressure spray wand applications.
Our cleaner/coater combination series of products simultaneously
cleans the surface; while producing and depositing a highly uniform
iron phosphate coating. These products provide excellent cleaning of
light to medium shop soils; drawing compounds; rust preventatives;
and water soluble machining fluids. Typical contact times will vary
depending on the severity of soils and types of metals being cleaned
and temperature.
Our stand alone coater series of products are used to provide iron
phosphate coatings on parts that have been previously cleaned with
our EnviroClean or Solve It™ products. A rinse must be used
between the degreasing process and the iron phosphate process.
Our EnviroPhos™ series will produce a tightly bonded iron
phosphate conversion coating on steel and iron parts while slightly
etching zinc, galvanized and aluminum parts. We have products that
are very effective on cold and hot rolled steel, as well as cast iron
parts as well. This series of products contain both our cleaner
coater products and the stand alone coater products as described
above. Optimum corrosion resistance results may be obtained by the
use of a steam or hot water, high pressure wand system when using
these products. These products will lay down coatings comparable
to what someone might expect to find in more elaborate washer
EnviroKote™ series of products are the newest technological
advance spray wand chemicals on the market today. These
Zirconium conversion coatings are tested and field proven products
formulated to deliver exceptional results. In most cases, these
products enhance corrosion resistance and paint adhesion durability;
over conventional iron phosphate systems. These new coatings
contain NO regulated heavy metals and they significantly reduce
phosphate from the spray wand process while in turn, decreasing
disposal costs and surcharges.
The low temperature capabilities of these EnviroKote™ products,
along with the rise free option, and phosphate free formulations,
gives our technology a giant leap above the standard in manual
spray pretreatment operations.
EnviroServe Chemicals’ wide surface pretreatment product line,
along with the technical expertise of our sales and technical staff,
enables us to custom create customer-specific pretreatment
packages when necessary.
EnviroServe Chemicals’ R&D laboratory is very well equipped and staffed with highly qualified chemists and
engineers to carry out research and product development, equipment design and to perform customer required
testing as needed. Below is a partial list of the equipment and testing available for our customer's benefits!
Hot Water High Pressure Spray Wand System
In-house 7 Stage Pilot Spray Washer
Agitated Immersion Washers
Powder Paint Booth
Industrial Cure Oven
Liquid Paint System
Salt Spray Cabinets
Humidity Chambers
Electronic Analytical Balances
pH and Conductivity Meters
Conversion Coating Weights
Paint Adhesion Testing & Measuring
Dry Film Thickness
Impact Test
Conical Mandrel Test
Film Hardness Test
Salt Spray Test
Total Dissolved Solids
Total and Active Acid or Alkalinity Tests
Scanning Electron Atomic Force Micrograph
(at NCSU and Duke University)
For further information, recommendations and other regulatory information please refer to the individual
Product Data and Material Safety Data Sheets and/or contact EnviroServe Chemicals.
Find out how EnviroServe Chemicals can improve your pretreatment processes, reduce your energy costs
and provide a better solution for your conversion coating needs.
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