Holiday Presents:
Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas
If you are starting to contemplate what to give people for presents this year for the upcoming holidays,
consider a health-themed gift which is often a gift that keeps on giving. Think about your own health
practices and what things you love and you might populate your gift list before the snow falls.
Nifty Gifty Gadgets
Generating ideas for great gadgets can be inspired by thinking about what you would try to save if
your kitchen was on fire….or you can refer to the list below:
Hand Immersion Blender…a great tool that often comes with attachments for whipping and chopping.
Hand immersion blenders are generally electric and are a much cheaper investment and easier to
clean and operate than a food processor. You can immerse the blender into cold or hot food and
transform chunky tomatoes into a smooth sauce in a matter of seconds. This gadget is great for
making soups, sauces and salad dressings.
Microplane or hand grater…look for a stainless steel model that is dishwasher safe and has a
comfortable handle. Pair it with a gift of citrus, hard cheese, garlic or ginger – all “great” objects of
grating. Flavor and aroma decline once something is grated because of the increase in surface area
and exposure to air. Hence, you might be surprised at the renewed sensory satisfaction that fresh
grating upon demand can bring when compared to preground spices and food.
Frother…for putting the oo-la-la into hot chocolate and fancy coffee drinks. Move over daily coffee
shop habit and make room for this item on your kitchen counter so that you can have the feel and
froth of a hot warm beverage in the warmth of your own home. Not surprisingly, there are basic and
luxury models with different price points. This gift pairs well with specialty hot cocoa mixes, coffee
beans or flavored syrups.
Glass Food Storage Set…containers with lids can be used for mixing, storing, baking or freezing
without the concern for chemicals leaching into your food.
Local Focal
Many communities embrace the concept of local food with farmers, restaurants and grocery stores
that prioritize local sourcing in their mission and business model. Support your local heroes with
giving friends and family some of the following ideas:
Gift certificate to a restaurant that cooks with local foods.
Research if you have Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) opportunities in your area and
inquire about gifting a monthly membership fee. Visit and use
their zip code locator tool for assistance.
Membership for a local weekly produce delivery service.
Buy specialty items from local food artisans – cheese, honey, maple syrup.
Gift certificates for culinary experiences such as cheese making workshop.
Gift your own home-spun preserved food.
Monthly Mementos
Mostly of us love receiving presents during the holidays, but many of us would also love a gift with a
month-by-month delivery system.
The following subscription-based publications offer healthy and tasty ideas all year round:
o Bon Appetit (
o Cooking Light (
o Cook’s Illustrated (
o Eating Well (
o Everyday Food by Martha Stewart (
o Gourmet (
Food of the month club memberships
o Coffee of the Month (
o The Fruit Company (
o Gourmet Salsa of the Month (
o Harry & David (
o Organic Vegetable Club (
o Smoked Salmon of the Month (
Memorable Media
Whether your media preferences are digital or paper…
Food or cookbooks that you have found inspirational or interesting. Some specific
o Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
o Food Rules by Michael Pollan
o Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life by Thich Nhat Hanh
o The Town that Food Saved by Ben Hewitt
Food dramas or documentaries, some titles to consider:
o Forks Over Knives
o Fresh, the Movie
o Julie and Julia (pair with a new or used copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of
French Cooking)
Personal Projects
Gone are the days when the phrase “did you make that dress yourself?” is code for “I wouldn’t be
caught dead in that.” At a time when people are loving the resurgence of local artisans and seeking
connection, giving someone a personalized gift that shows consideration, time and creativity is a
welcome gesture. Perhaps the following ideas will spark your unique one-of-a-kind gift giving powers.
Create your own monthly food club by extending a standing monthly invitation for dinner at
your house.
Gather a collection of your favorite recipes, take pictures of them, share stories associated
with them and present digitally on a jump drive or old-school scrapbook style.
Fill a basket with a recipe card and ingredients for one of your favorite meals.
Put together a music playlist for cooking and/or one for dining. Music has an amazing ability to
transform the drudgery of cooking into a pleasurable experience as well as shift the tone of
dining from functional to fun.
If you are handy with woodworking, make a cookbook stand.
If you are a seamstress, sew an apron or placemats.
Make personalized place cards using calligraphy or enlist your chidren's creativity and
Happy Holidays!
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