Mobile Moisture Meter for Plastics
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AQUATRAC® - 3E is the result of
continual further development of
the popular AQUATRAC product,
which has been on the market for
20 years now. Developed primarily
for the plastics-processing industry, the device measures the
moisture content of granular solids.
AQUATRAC® - 3E is robust, compact and easily transportable
thanks to its new mobility! This
means there are many different
ways to use AQUATRAC® - 3E
directly at the production site, for
- To check incoming granulates
- To monitor and optimise the
drying of granulates
- To measure granulates right at
the machine
- To take measurements from a
finished component, e.g. after
- To take laboratory measurements
- And many more!
As the principle of operation is an
absolute chemical method, no
calibration is required for each
different substance tested.
AQUATRAC® - 3E can be used
independently of a computer or
other peripheral.
The water content of High -Tech
plastic material has a great influence
on the quality of the finished
product. The test should be made
swiftly on an instrument having a
simple test procedure.
Measuring procedure
Moisture Meter for Plastics
With the AQUATRAC® - 3E different
ranges are obtained by different
sample weights. AQUATRAC® - 3E
is able to detect even the most
minute traces of moisture (less
than 0,01% H2O) in large, representative testing samples (up to
100 g). In the case of lower-weight
samples, the measuring range can
be increased to detect very high
degrees of moisture.
Since AQUATRAC® - 3E is now able
to achieve ultra-precise readings
using a single measuring cup, it is
no longer necessary to switch from
one measuring cup to another.
The measuring volume consists
mainly of the sample container,
which contains the sample and the
Weighing the sample there is no
need to meet the exact value. The
actual weight is fed into the
instrument. This simplifies the
handling. The sample is placed
into the sample container which is
then evacuated by the built - in
vacuum pump, which takes
approx. 30 sec. The pressure
obtained is lower than 10mbar. The
sample container is then heated up
to the selected temperature
(between 60°C to 200°C).
Operating the AQUATRAC® - 3E
involves only a few simple steps,
which are executed via the device's
touch screen. If the user prefers, he
can also have the touch screen
guide him step by step through the
measurement process.
AQUATRAC® - 3E with open reaction vessel
Measuring principle
The reagent calcium hydride used
by AQUATRAC® - 3E is in a granular form and is specific to water.
It is nonpolluting and nontoxic, so
no special disposal is required. By
using the dosing spoon, the mesh
based insert has to be filled with a
certain amount of the reagent. The
quantity of one filling is sufficient
material for a couple of measurements and the amount of produced
hydrogen by each measurement is
rather low. The calcium hydride
can be supplied in quantities of
250 g, which is sufficient for
approx. 1000 tests.
AQUATRAC® - 3E contains an extensive product data bank with the
required default settings for bulk
density and measuring temperature.
This allows measurements to be
taken quickly, without having to
input the necessary parameters
each time.
The databank can be expanded or
updated at any time, ensuring a
perfect fit for individual customer
This reaction takes place in the
AQUATRAC® - 3E. It is evacuated
by using a built - in vacuum pump,
before the measurement. The
container is then heated up to the
measuring temperature. The
evaporating water reacts with the
reagent calcium hydride to generate
a gas. The gas produced is
hydrogen; the gas pressure is
proportional to the water content in
the sample and is monitored by
means of a piezoelectric transducer.
AQUATRAC® - 3E calculates the
ratio of pressure to sample weight
and displays the result in terms of
H2O content, either as a percentage
or in parts per million (ppm).
Volatiles other than water do not
react with the reagent and will
condense, hence not influencing
the reading. The reagent is placed
in a mesh based insert above the
sample. The partial pressure in the
gas system is zero; therefore the
water content is selected completely.
This, in combination with the heat
applied and the vacuum, means
results are obtained in a short time.
Furthermore the test is not affected
by the presence of oxygen and no
carrier gas is needed.
Ca(OH) 2 + 2 H 2
CaH 2 + 2 H 2 O
Product data bank
Measuring principle
Water and calcium hydride react
according the following equation,
producing hydrogen:
For calibration of AQUATRAC® - 3E
the standard sodium molybdate
dihydrat according DIN EN ISO
15512 is used.
Calibration is done like a standard
test and could be done onsite.
Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ABS
Polybutyleneterephthalate PBT
Ethylene Copolymer EVA
Polyacryletherketone PAEK
Polyamide 6.6 PA 6.6
Polyamide 6 PA 6 GF 30
Polyamide 12 PA 12
Polycarbonate PC
Polyester PET
Polyester elastomer TPE
Polyether imide PEI
Polyethylene HDPE
Polyethylene LDPE
Polyethyleneterephtalate PETP
Polymer blend PETP/PC
Polymethylmethacrylate PMMA
Polypropylene PP
Polyphenylene ether PPE
Polyphenylene sulphide PPS
Polysulphone PSU
Polyurethane TPU
The AQUATRAC® - 3E's internal
hard drive can store up to 500
readings. Measurement results
can be easily transferred to a
computer for further processing
via an USB stick. By connecting
a printer, one can even print
out the results data directly
from AQUATRAC® - 3E.
Data storage
Some typical plastics
Technical data
Measuring principle
Chemical reaction with calcium hydride
Sample weight
0,1 g - 100 g according to range
Test temperature
80 °C - 200 °C in 1 °C - steps
• Measurement accuracy:
+ 2% of reading / + 1% of range
• Reproductibility:
approx. + 1% of reading
GmbH & Co. KG
Test time
10 - 45 min. dependent on material
Kulturstraße 51-55
D- 47055 Duisburg
% H2O or ppm
Power supply
100 - 230V (50/60 Hz, 450W) / dependent on version
Dimensions (W x D x H)
51 * 32,5 * 23 cm
13,0 kg / 14,8 kg
Tel.: +49 203 99819-0
Fax: +49 203 9981922
different ranges:
lower 0,1%
0,1% - 0,5%
higher 0,5%
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TAW Cert
Zert.Nr.: 18031006
AT-3E / D / 03 / 2012
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