Firetrol Mark IIXG Limited Service Electric Fire Pump Controller

Firetrol Mark IIxg Limited Service
Electric Fire Pump Controller
FTA750 - Full Voltage Starting
1.0 Main Fire Pump Controller
The main fire pump controller shall be a factory assembled, wired and tested unit. The controller
shall be of the combined manual and automatic type designed for full voltage starting of the fire
pump motor having the horsepower, voltage, phase and frequency rating shown on the plans and
1.1 Standards, Listings & Approvals
The controller shall conform to all the requirements of the latest editions of:
NFPA 20, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection
NFPA 70, National Electrical Code.
The controller shall be listed by:
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL218, Standard for Fire Pump Controllers
Canadian Standards Association CSA-C22.2, Standard for Industrial Control Equipment (cUL)
1.2 Enclosure
The controller components shall be housed in a NEMA Type 2 (IEC IP22) drip-proof, wall mounted
1.3 Withstand Ratings (Short Circuit Current Ratings)
All controller components shall be front mounted, wired and front accessible for maintenance.
The minimum withstand rating of the controller shall not be less than:
65,000 Amperes RMS Sym. at 200-240V
25,000 Amperes RMS Sym. at 380-480V
14,000 Amperes RMS Sym. at 550-600V
If the available fault current of the system exceeds these ratings, the controller shall be available
with a withstand rating as shown below:
85,000 Amperes RMS Sym. at 200-240V
65,000 Amperes RMS Sym. at 380-480V
25,000 Amperes RMS Sym. at 550-600V
1.4 Circuit Breaker
The controller shall include a thermal magnetic circuit breaker. The circuit breaker shall be mechanically interlocked so that the enclosure door cannot be opened with the handle in the ON
position except by a hidden tool operated bypass mechanism. The circuit breaker shall be capable of being padlocked in the OFF position for installation and maintenance safety, and shall
also be capable of being locked in the ON position without affecting the tripping characteristics of
the circuit breaker. The controller door shall have a locking type handle and three point cam and
roller vault type hardware. The controller shall be suitable for use as service equipment.
1.5 Operator Interface
The fire pump controller shall feature an operator interface with user keypad. The interface shall
monitor and display motor operating conditions, including all alarms, events, and pressure conditions. All alarms, events, and pressure conditions shall be displayed with a time and date stamp.
The display shall be a 128x64 Backlit LCD capable of customized graphics. The display and interface shall be NEMA rated for Type 2, 3R, 4, 4X, and 12 protection and shall be fully accessible
without opening the controller door. The display and user interface shall utilize multiple levels
of password protection for system security. A minimum of 3 password levels shall be provided.
1.6 Ammeter/Voltmeter
The fire pump controller operator interface shall be capable of displaying true RMS digital motor voltage and current measurements for all three phases simultaneously. Displays requiring
push-button and selector switches to toggle between phases or current and voltage shall not be
Voltage and current shall be measured by True RMS technology to provide the most accurate
measurement for all sine waves, including non-sinusoidal waveforms. Average responding meters
will not be accepted.
1.7 Digital Status/Alarm Messages
The digital display shall indicate text messages for the status and alarm conditions of:
• Motor On
• Sequential Start Time
• Minimum Run Time
• Local Start / Off Delay Time
• Remote Start
• Fail to Start • System Battery Low
• Under Voltage
• Over Voltage
• Locked Rotor Trip
• Over Frequency
• Emergency Start
• Motor Over 320%
• Drive Not Installed
• Motor Overload
• Disk Error
• Printer Error
• Disk Near Full
• Pressure Error
The Sequential Start Timer and Minimum Run Timer/Off Delay Timer shall be displayed as numeric
values reflecting the value of the remaining time.
1.8 LED Visual Indicators
LED indicators, visible with the door closed, shall indicate:
• Power Available
• Alarm• Pump Running
• Remote Start • Transfer Switch Normal
• Transfer Switch Emergency
• Phase Reversal
• Interlock On
• Motor Overload
• Emerg. Iso. Switch Off
• Overvoltage
• Undervoltage
System Pressure Low
Deluge Open
Phase Failure
Fail To Start
Automatic Shutdown Disabled
1.9 Data Logging
The digital display shall monitor the system and log the following data:
• Motor Calls/Starts
• Pump Total Run Time
• Pump Last Run Time
• Total Controller Pwr On Time
• Last Pump Start
• Min/Max System Pressure
• Last Phase Fail/Reversal
• Last Locked Rotor Trip • Last Locked Rotor Current • Min/Max Frequency
• Max Starting Currents • Max Run Currents
• Min/Max Voltage per Phase while idle (not running)
• Min Voltage per Phase during Start
• Min/Max Voltage per Phase during Run
2.0 Event Recording
Memory - The controller shall record all operational and alarm events to system memory. All
events shall be time and date stamped and include an index number. The system memory shall
have the capability of storing 3000 events and allow the user access to the event log via the user
interface. The user shall have the ability to scroll through the stored messages in groups of 1 or 10.
2.1 USB Host Controller
The controller shall have a built-in USB Host Controller. A USB port capable of accepting a USB
Flash Memory Disk shall be provided. The controller shall save all operational and alarm events
to the flash memory on a daily basis. Each saved event shall be time and date stamped. The
total amount of historical data saved shall solely depend on the size of the flash disk utilized. The
controller shall have the capability to save settings and values to the flash disk on demand via
the user interface.
2.2 Serial Communications
The controller shall feature a RS485 serial communications port for use with 2 or 4 wire Modbus
RTU communications.
2.3 Solid State Pressure Transducer
The controller shall be supplied with a solid state pressure transducer with a range of 0-300 psi
(0-20.7 bar) ±1 psi. The solid state pressure switch shall be used for both display of the system
pressure and control of the fire pump controller. Systems using analog pressure devices or mercury switches for operational control will not be accepted.
The START, STOP and SYSTEM PRESSURE shall be digitally displayed and adjustable through
the user interface. The pressure transducer shall be mounted inside the controller to prevent
accidental damage. The pressure transducer shall be directly pipe mounted to a bulkhead pipe
coupling without any other supporting members. Field connections shall be made externally at
the controller coupling to prevent distortion of the pressure switch element and mechanism.
2.4 Seismic Certification
The controller shall be certified to meet or exceed the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code and the 2010 California Building Code for Importance Factor 1.5 Electrical Equipment for
Sds equal to 1.88 or less severe seismic regions. Qualifications shall be based upon successful
tri-axial shake-table testing in accordance with ICC-ES AC-156. Certification without testing shall
be unacceptable. Controller shall be clearly labeled as rated for installation in seismic areas and
a Certificate of Conformance shall be provided with the controller.
NOTE: Not available on Model FTA1500 Controllers
2.5 Controller Operation
A digitally set On Delay (Sequential Start) timer shall be provided as standard. Upon a call to
start, the user interface shall display a message indicating the remaining time value of the On
Delay timer.
The controller shall be field programmable for manual stop or automatic stop. If set for automatic stopping, the controller shall allow the user to select either a Minimum Run Timer or an Off
Delay Timer. Both timers shall be programmable through the user interface.
A nonadjustable restart delay timer shall be provided to allow the residual voltage of the motor to
decay prior to restarting the motor. At least 2 seconds, but no more than 3 seconds, shall elapse
between stopping and restarting the pump motor.
A weekly test timer shall be provided as standard. The controller shall have the ability to program the time, date, and frequency of the weekly test. In addition, the controller shall have the
capability to display a preventative maintenance message for a service inspection. The message
text and frequency of occurrence shall be programmable through the user interface.
A Lamp Test feature shall be included. The user interface shall also have the ability to display
the status of the system inputs and outputs.
An Audible Test feature shall be included to test the operation of the audible alarm device.
The controller shall not start the fire pump motor under a single-phase condition. If the motor is
already running when a phase loss occurs, the controller shall continue to run the motor, but still
display a Phase Failure alarm.
The fire pump controller software shall be automatically upgraded through the USB port by simply
inserting a flash disk with the new software. Fire pump controllers that require laptop computers,
handheld equipment or specialized devices for software upgrades shall be prohibited.
2.6 Manufacturer
The controller shall be a Firetrol brand.
111 Corning Road
Suite 120
Cary, North Carolina 27518
P 919 460-5200
F 919 460 5250
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