Philips Harmony
Component micro Hi-Fi
Hi-Fi dome tweeter
Enjoy high fidelity music
Obsessed with sound
Fill your home with great sound from CDs, MP3 Link and USB Direct. Hi-Fi dome
tweeters bring you detailed and natural sound while Treble and Bass Control lets you
adjust tones. An aluminium cabinet adds a high-quality look and feel.
Enrich your sound experience
• Hi-Fi dome tweeter for detailed and natural sound
• Class 'D' digital amplifier for quality sound performance
• Treble and Bass Control for easy high and low tone settings
• Gold-plated speaker connector for finest signal transmission
• 60 W RMS total output power
Enjoy your music from multiple sources
• Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW
• USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback
• MP3 Link for portable music playback
Premium finishing with noble materials
• Aluminium cabinet for quality look and feel
Component micro Hi-Fi system
Hi-Fi dome tweeter
Treble and Bass Control
Treble and bass are equalizer features that control
the high and low frequency sound levels of your
audio respectively. Treble specifically regulates the
amplification of the high tones in the music, while
bass controls the amplification level of the low tones.
Using the up and down keys, the listener can
conveniently place more or less emphasis on the low
and high tones, or leave treble and bass flat to play
back music according to its original recorded setting.
Treble and Bass Control lets you listen to your
music the way you like it.
MP3 Link
content. All you have to do is plug in your USB
device to play back music or export content from
the device.
Class 'D' Amplifier
The Class 'D' Digital Amplifier takes an analogue
signal, converts it into a digital signal and then
amplifies the signal digitally. The signal then enters a
demodulation filter to give the final output. The
amplified digital output delivers all the advantages of
digital audio, including improved sound quality. In
addition, the Class 'D' Digital Amplifier has over 90%
efficiency compared to traditional AB amplifiers. This
high efficiency translates into a powerful amplifier
with a small footprint.
Gold-plated speaker connector
• Output power (RMS): 2 x 30 W
• Sound Enhancement: Treble and Bass Control,
Loudness, Class "D" Digital Amplifier
• Loudspeaker types: Dome tweeter
• Main Speaker: 5" woofer, 2-way, Bass Reflex
Speaker System, Speaker grilles detachable
• Loudspeaker enhancement: Gold-plate speaker
Audio playback
• Disc playback modes: repeat/shuffle/programme,
fast forward/reverse, next/previous album search,
next/previous track search
• USB Direct playback modes: play/pause, fast
reverse/fast forward, previous/next, programme
play, repeat, shuffle, stop
• Playback media: CD, CD-R/RW, MP3-CD, WMACD, USB flash drive
• Others: ID3-tag support
The MP3 link connectivity allows direct playback of
MP3 content from portable media players. Besides
the benefit of enjoying your favourite music in the
superior sound quality delivered by the audio
system, the MP3 link is also extremely convenient as
all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player
into the audio system.
USB Direct
The gold-plated speaker connector ensures better
audio signal transmission compared to traditional
click-fit connections. It also minimises the electrical
signal loss from the amplifier to the speaker box,
resulting in sound reproduction that's as close to
reality as possible.
• Station presets: 20
• RDS: station name, programme type, radio text,
RDS clock set
• Antenna: FM antenna (75 ohm)
• Tuner enhancement: Easy set (plug and play), auto
digital tuning, auto scan
• Tuner bands: FM mono, FM stereo
Front/Side connections: USB 2.0
MP3 Link: 3.5 mm stereo line in
Headphones: 3.5 mm
Rear Connections: AUX in, Line out, FM Antenna,
Left and right speakers
Alarms: CD Alarm, Radio Alarm, USB alarm
Clock: On main display
Display Type: VFD display
Indications: DIM mode
• Included accessories: AC Power Cord, FM
antenna, 3.5 mm stereo line-in cable, Warranty
• Remote control: 44-key remote with 2 x AAA
• User Manual: 16 languages
With the USB Direct mode, you can simply select
the music on a USB device and play back all your
Main unit width: 250 mm
Main unit height: 92 mm
Main unit depth: 285 mm
Main speaker dimensions (W x D): 174 x 240 mm
Main speaker height: 260 mm
Packaging width: 425 mm
Packaging height: 441 mm
Packaging depth: 310 mm
Gross weight: 10 kg
Net weight: 8.5 kg
• Power supply: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Issue date 2012-08-28
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