Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Spray

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with
Pull Down Spray
Model Number:
- Brass Body Construction
- Single Hole Installation
- Drip Free Ceramic Cartridge
- Maximum flow rate 2.2 gpm at 60 psi
- With Pull Down Spray Head
- Complies with:
NSF 61-9
ANSI / ASME A112.18.1
CA AB-1953
1 3/16”
2 3/8”
3 3/4”
7 5/8”
8 1/4”
2 1/8”
2 3/4”
1 1/2” Hole Size
2 1/8”
Max. Deck Thickness 2”
3/8” Compression Fitting
Luxier USA 04/13
Thank you for choosing our product for your home. Your new
faucet will give you years of trouble free performance. Please
read all of these instructions carefully before installing your new
Model Number:
Useful Tools - For your safety and ease of installation, we recommend using the following tools
Adjustable Wrench
Plumber’s Putty
Teflon (PTFE) Tape
Silicone Sealant
Safety Glasses
Wrap all threaded connections, except the aerator in the spout, with Teflon tape. Always wrap in a counter-clockwise direction.
When installing your new faucet, first hand tighten the connection nuts then use a wrench to give the compression nut an additional (1/4) turn. Please do not over tighten the connection as it will reduce the integrity of the sealed connection.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
The manufacturer warrants this product to be leak and drip free during daily normal household use for as long as it is owned by
the original purchaser of this product. Please keep a copy of the original invoice as proof of purchase.
Should a malfunction occur within the warranty period, Luxier USA will, as its option, (1) repair or replace the defective part(s) or
product at no charge; (2) issue a refund of the purchase price paid for the product (Valid within 30 days from the date of purchase); or (3) issue a credit to be applied against the purchase of a new Luxier product. Shipping/delivery charges may apply and
are in Luxier USA’s sole discretion.
This warranty shall not apply to goods which have been subject to accident, negligence, improper installation, product abuse,
product misuse, or use of cleaners containing abrasives, alcohol or other organic solvents, whether performed by a contractor,
service company, or yourself, are excluded from this warranty.
Our responsibility under this warranty is limited to only to replacement parts and no other costs. Luxier USA will not be responsible for labor charges and/or damage incurred by installation, repair or replacement, nor for any indirect incidental or consequential damages, losses, injury or costs of any nature relating to this faucet. Except as provided by law, this warranty is in lieu of and
excludes all other warranties, conditions, and guarantees, whether expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without
restriction those merchantability of fitness for use.
This warranty covers the original consumer purchase only and does not include business, commercial or industrial use of this
product. To obtain service under the Limited Warranty, please contact the Luxier USA by The Luxier USA Customer Care Department will decide whether to repair or replace your product, issue a refund, or issue a credit.
Maintenance Guide
Please follow the cleaning material manufacturer’s instructions. Damage caused by improper treatment will not be covered by
product warranty. In addition, pay attention to the following points:
1. Regular cleaning can prevent mineral build up on faucet spout.
2. Carefully read the cleaner product label to ensure the cleaner is safe for use on the material.
3. Test the cleaner on a small area before using on the entire surface.
4. Use a mild detergent such as liquid dishwashing soap and warm water for cleaning.
5. Do not use abrasive / harsh chemical when cleaning the fixture as they will damage and dull the finish.
6. When using spray cleaners, spray first onto a soft cloth or sponge. Never spray directly onto the faucet as droplets can enter
openings and gaps and cause damage.
7. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaner residue.
Luxier USA 04/13
A. Shut off water supply at the valves.
Remove old faucet and clean the
mounting surface for installation of new
B. Place flange (19) and washer (20)
under the new faucet. The faucet hole
on the mounting surface should be 1
1/2” in diameter.
C. From under the sink, install the black
rubber washer (21), metal washer (22)
and nuts (23) onto the mounting tube
(29) Tighten the nuts to secure the
faucet to the mounting surface.
Flexible water supply line
D. Install counter weight (24) onto pull
out hose (11). Connect the pull out
hose to water inlet tube (26). Be sure
to install rubber washer (27). Do not
overtighten the connection.
E1. Apply Teflon (TPFE) tape on the shut
off valves. Thread the tape in counterclockwise direction.
E2. Use Wrench to tighten the water
supply hoses, please do not overtighten
the connections.
01. Temperature Indicator 26. Water Inlet Tube
27. Rubber Washer
02. Screw
28. Water Supply Hoses
03. Handle
29. Mounting Tube
04. Cap
05. Bonnet
06. Cartridge
07. Spray Head
08. Washer
09. O ring
10. Pull Out Hose Connector
11. Pull Out Hose
12. Retainer
13. Spout Body
14. Spout Nut
15. O ring
16. Spacer
17. O ring
18. Body
19. Flange
20. Washer
21. C Shaped Rubber Washer
22. C Shaped Metal Washer
23. Mounting Nut
24. Counter Weight
25. Screw
F. Turn on water supply to check for
leaks at all connection. Remove spray
head from the pull out hose and let the
water run for about 1 minute and check
for leaks. Reattach the spray head.
Luxier USA 04/13
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