Paper Chromatography
Chromatography is a procedure that separates a mixture, in this case, marker ink, into its
individual components. Components that are insoluble in water are left on the filter paper and
are therefore nonpolar. Components that are soluble in water travel across the filter paper with
the water and are therefore polar. If the components are partially soluble, they stop at different
levels on the filter paper.
1. Write down the type (i.e. permanent) and color of marker
you are using for this lab.
2. Draw a circle in marker on the bottom of the coffee filter.
3. Add several drops of water in the middle of the coffee filter.
4. Record your observations in the space provided.
5. Compare your results with another team that used a different type or color of marker.
Marker Type:________________________ Color:________________
Observations for Permanent Marker:
Observations for Non-permanent Marker:
Write a paragraph explaining the lab you just completed. Include the words: solute, paper
chromatography, solvent, polar, nonpolar, soluble and insoluble. NOTE: The coffee filter is
NOT a solute. The filter only serves as the background for the analysis.
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