Press Release: New smart thermostat from Siemens

Zug, November 06, 2017
New smart thermostat from Siemens
 Smart thermostat for residential heating control
 Fast commissioning with integrated navigation assistant
 App for iOS and Android with numerous functions
The Siemens Building Technologies Division will launch a new smart thermostat for
residential heating control in November 2017. The RDS110 smart thermostat takes
just a few minutes to commission and can be controlled via a mobile phone app.
The thermostat with integrated sensors for room temperature, air quality, humidity
and the presence of occupants can be combined with external sensors for outside
temperatures or switches for opening windows. The touch screen displays the
essential information for an easy operation. A Green Leaf symbol indicates whether
the heating equipment is running at top energy efficiency. The thermostat is
equipped with a presence sensor and automatically switches on the comfort level as
soon as occupancy is detected. The weekly time programs for heating and domestic
hot water are visible on the mobile app and can be easily adjusted. Thanks to
numerous control functions via app and touchscreen, intuitive operation and sensorbased monitoring of room air quality, the smart thermostat creates perfect places
based on the requirements of room users.
Thermostat control is intuitive using the mobile app or the local touchscreen. The
smart thermostat is connected to a WLAN compatible router that ensures data is
transferred to the Siemens cloud. Users can access this data from the app and
conveniently control up to 12 thermostats from their mobile phones. The app is
available in a number of languages, including German, English, French, Italian,
Spanish and Chinese.
Siemens AG
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Siemens AG
Press Release
The smart thermostat has a self-learning algorithm that determines the best heating
strategy for achieving the desired comfort level with maximum energy-efficiency.
The thermostat selects the optimal heating start time depending on the sensor
readings. Within a day, the thermostat adjusts the heating strategy to the room and
the heating devices in use, thus contributing significantly to lower energy
consumption and reduced energy costs.
The premium design of the 90mm black touchscreen reflects the superior
technology of the RDS110 smart thermostat from Siemens. The touchscreen
responds to the lighting conditions in the room and ensures optimal readability. The
screen and its diverse information and control options can be fully protected against
unauthorized access.
The thermostat can be installed and commissioned in very little time. Installation
does not require a WLAN. An integrated navigation assistant facilitates
commissioning, the entire process is complete within minutes in just a few steps.
The smart thermostat is eu.bac Class AA certified and meets eco-design Class IV
for optimal energy efficiency.
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Press Release
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