Serene Model 2026/7
Operating &
Installation Manual
Heating Panel with
24/7 LCD Programming
1 S2026/7
Serene Heating Panels
Serene Convection Heating Panels are available as vertical and
horizontal models, providing you with the opportunity to choose a
model that will optimise the available wall space. Our new designs have
passed rigorous testing and quality assurance controls with both style
and safety in mind. As a result, they have a slim profile, operate silently,
are double insulated, include auto reset overheat protection and are
supplied with wall mounting brackets for simple installation.
These Serene Model 2026/7 convection Heating Panels incorporate a
fully programmable real time electronic controller with manual override
and ECO program - which enables simple easy real time programming
and operation 24/7.
The electronic thermostat control with rapid cycling samples the air
temperature every few minutes which ensures that the element is only
energized for short periods which minimises power usage and saves
you money.
2 S2026/7
Safety Information:
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of
experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible
for their safety.
When using any electrical appliance, safety precautions should always be
Read these instructions carefully, and retain for future reference.
When used by, or near, young children or infirm persons, supervision is
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Use this appliance only with the voltage(s) specified on rating label.
Do NOT use this appliance other than for its intended use.
Do NOT touch hot surfaces or moving parts.
Do NOT cover the grilles or place any object or material up against the unit,
as this may block entry or exhaust of the airflow.
Do NOT probe any opening to remove fluff. To ensure trouble free
performance it is recommended that on a regular basis the unit be isolated
from the power supply and a vacuum cleaner used remove dust and fluff
from the inlet and outlet grilles.
When the heater is operated ensure the heater is not obstructed in any way
by furniture or drapes etc.
Ensure the heater can operate safely, should the heater switch on when the
ambient temperature drops, or a timer activates the heater.
Do NOT allow the supply cord to come into contact with heated surfaces
during operation.
Regulations require that electrical work be carried out by authorised persons.
For your own safety and that of others, ensure this is done.
If the supply cord becomes damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified
person in order to avoid any hazard.
3 S2026/7
Safety Cutout:
Serene Convection heating panels are fitted with an auto-reset thermal
cutout. This safety device will automatically switch off the elements
should the heater reach an abnormal temperature.
Should this occur: switch off the heater immediately and allow the
heater to cool-down? Overheating is normally caused by blockage of
the air vents or by the vents being covered.
the vents use a vacuum cleaner as necessary
Connection Details:
The heater is supplied with a flex and 3 pin plug. For single operation
the heater can be plugged directly into a socket outlet.
For permanent connection to fixed wiring, the plug must be removed. If
the pilot wire is to be used, it must be connected to a separate pilot
wire circuit. The black pilot wire MUST NOT be connected to Earth.
Ensure the power supply to the pilot wire and the mains power to the
heater, is disconnected before any servicing or maintenance is carried
When permanently wired, and the pilot wire is not being used, the pilot
wire must be connected to a potential free terminal in a switched
permanent connection unit.
This appliance must be installed in accordance with the current electrical wiring rules and regulations. The heater must not be located
immediately below a socket-outlet. A suitable disconnection device
(acting in all active supplies) is required to be incorporated in the
fixed supply wiring. When used as a bathroom, the heater must be
installed such that the controls cannot be touched by a person in the
bath or shower.
The minimum required distance from the heater to any floor is
150mm. The minimum required distance from the heater to any
adjacent wall is 200mm.
4 S2026/7
1: Power On/Off
2: Manual or programmed mode
3: Program
4: Confirm
5-6: Temperature adjustment
8: Power indicator
7: ECO
9: Day of the week
10: Heating indicator
11: Low power setting
12: High power setting
14: Manual control
15: Automatic control
16: Timer
17: Hour
18: Minute
19: Real time temperature
20: Temperature
Program set up:
Power on/off
When the unit is connected to power there is a short buzz, the blue
power indictor (8) lights and the LCD display will light for 12 seconds.
Pressing the’ Power On’ button (1) turns the heater on and the day, time
and room temperature are displayed.
Then select HI or LO temperature setting by touching ECO (7).
Manual” or programmed operation
Select using (3).
The setting temperature is factory set at 24C.
The program memory is held in the event of any power interruption.
Time setting
When setting up the program for the first time the actual time needs to
be set up as follows.
Day: With the power on press (3 and 4) at the same time for 3 seconds.
The day (9) will flash.
Press (5 and 6) to select the day and press (3) to finish.
Hour: The hour indicator (17) will be flashing,
Touch (5 or 6) to set the hour and press (3) to finish.
Minute: The minute indicator (18) will be flashing.
Touch (5 or 6) to set the minute and touch (3) to finish.
Seconds: (19) will be flashing,
Press (5 or 6) to set the seconds and press (3) to finish.
After setting the seconds the controller will revert back to the day
setting as a cycle. Touch button (4) to finish time setting.
All time symbols will now stop flashing.
6 S2026/7
Mode Timer Programming
1.Day setting:
Press (2) and choose automatic mode display then press (3) and the
current day on the screen.
(9) will be flashing
Touch (5 or 6) to set the day and (17 and 18) will display the timer for
last setting. Press (3) to finish.
2. Timer setting:
(19) will display. Number 1 indicates that the heater is on the first
running time.
(17 and18) will display the current setting times, and (17) will flash.
Touch (5 or 6) to set the desired time (hour) for the program to begin.
Touch (3) to confirm this time. (18) will begin to flash.
To adjust the time touch (5 or 6) then touch (3) to confirm, The first
running time is now set. eg. 7-10 am.
Now (19) display will show 2, indicating the second running time.
Repeat the above settings to set a second running time and so on.
Touch (4) to finish the timer setting.
Hours only can be set.
The setting program will only save after you have touched the (4)
The factory pre-setting running time is 07-11;and 13-18hours.
When in automatic mode (16) will not display.
Your Serene Heating Panel is fitted with a 24 hour clock.
7 S2026/7
Mode Timer Programming (cont.)
3. Setting the running time for one week:
To set the running times set for one day to apply to the remaining days
of the week do as follows:
After setting the running times for the first day hold down (4) for 5
seconds (this must be done before using (3) to confirm the last running
time of the day).
In order for the running times to repeat for the whole week (Monday to
Sunday) Monday must be set first.
If Monday running times are set 08-12 & 13-17 and you want to repeat
these daily, follow the above instructions and the times will then repeat
every day unless changed.
Monday MUST be the only start day used or the settings will NOT be
repeated for all days of the week.
If you wish to change a single day or multiple days running after setting
up an entire week this must be done manually be selecting the desired
day(s) by following the normal programming process in section (2).
(Useful for weekends if requiring different running times)
4. After setting the running program:
Touch (4) to save and the heater will operate in accordance to the
programmed settings.
Manual timer setting for the current day
Touch (2) selects Manual mode.
Touch (3) to set the timer and (17) will flash
Then touch (5 or 6) to adjust the hour.
Touch (3) again to set the minute and touch (4) to confirm.
The timer (16) will light up if the setting time is more than the current
8 S2026/7
If (3) is touched when setting the minute this will cancel the timer
To turn the heater off touch the power button (1)
Selecting Eco or High power
Touch (7) to choose high/low power,
If high power is selected, (12) will light up.
If ECO is selected (11) will light up.
Manual or Programmed mode selection:
Touch (2) to select the required mode.
If manual mode is selected M will display and A when in programmed
Memory function after shut down
The program setting when the unit is turned on again will be as the last
Electronic locking
When power is on touch (5 and 6)at the same time for 3 seconds and
all control functions will be locked and will be displayed on(19) as a
square for 5 seconds and then change to real temperature display.
Methods to unlock:
① No electric supply to the device
② Timer over
③ Touch (5 and 6) at the same time for 3 seconds.
The program memory is retained in the event of any power interruption.
Over heat protection:
All Serene Heating Panels are equipped with a overheat protection
switch that will automatically turn the heater off if for any reason the unit
has overheated.
The heater will automatically come back on when it has cooled down.
9 S2026/7
The heater requires regular cleaning to ensure trouble free operation.
Isolate the heater from the mains power supply.
Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the heater. Do not use any abrasive
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and fluff visible on the heater inlet and
outlet grilles.
Ensure the heater is dry before turning the mains power supply to the heater back
Wall Mounting Instructions
The heater is fixed on the wall with the mounting bracket attached to back
of the heater.
To secure mounting bracket to the wall
Remove the wall mounting bracket from the back of the heater, by
compressing the fittings at the top and/or sides of the bracket, which
clip into the heater body.
Place the mounting bracket against the wall, ensuring the bracket is
level and the minimum distance between the heater and the adjacent
surfaces are adhered to
Mark and drill the fixing holes at the top and bottom of the mounting
bracket, and attached to the wall with suitable screws and/or wall
Locate the heater over the bottom clips of the wall bracket and then
push the heater securely into the fittings on the top and/or sides of the
To remove heater from the wall
Using a pointed tip screwdriver, push in and lever out the fittings at the
top and/or sides of wall mounting bracket.
Lift the heater up and away from the wall.
10 S2026/7
Wall mounting (cont)
 The heater must be mounted a minimum distance of 150 mm from
floor level
250 mm from adjacent walls
500 mm between the heater and any objects heated below it.
The heater must NOT be located immediately below a socket outlet or
within reach of a bath or shower.
Serene S2026/7
Model S2026
Power: 1000W/500W
Dimensions (mm): W 460 D 75 H 400
Model S2027
Power 2000W/1000W
Dimensions (mm): W 830 D 75 H 400
Electrical Supply:
230-240 volts A.C. 50 Hz
Permanent connection or by cord set.
Double insulated, no earth required.
Ingress Protection Rating:
Serene Industries Limited reserves the right to alter specifications
without notice.
11 S2026/7
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t: +852 2325 3209
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