Dear Customer, Congratulations!

Dear Customer,
Welcome to the wonderful Prestige family.
Thank you for buying Prestige Hand blender.
Prestige Hand Blenders are carefully
manufactured, tested and packaged so as to
give you trouble-free performance. After all,
it is from Prestige - a trusted name in kitchen
appliances for generations in India with
customers countrywide.
We are sure your Prestige Hand Blender will
add a touch of class and convenience to your
Your Prestige Hand Blender comes with a One
year warranty. Please ensure that you post /
mail your Customer Response Card within 7
days from the date of purchase to enable us to
register your product.
Please read the instructions in the manual
carefully, before use.
When using your electrical appliances, basic precautions
should always be followed including the following:
NOTE: When using the hand blender, the unit must not be
used for longer than 2 minutes at a stretch, as this puts
pressure on the motor which leads to overheating and
product malfunction. It is recommended to allow the blender
one minute break after each 2 minutes cycle.
15.This hand blender should be used for domestic
purposes only.
16. To disconnect, hold the plug and pull from wall outlet.
Never pull the cord.
17. Do not try to cover, extend or stretch the mains cable.
18. Do not attempt to open any part or dismantle the
19.To reduce the risk of electrical hazards, it is
recommended not to use an extension cord.
1. Read all instructions.
2. Make sure the input voltage corresponds to the one
indicated on the applianceís specification sticker.
3. Use the hand blender only for intended use as described
in the instruction manual.
4. Unplug the hand blender from the power outlet when
not in use
5. Do not let the power cord hang over edges of tables or
counter, or touch hot surfaces.
6. Avoid coming into contact with moving parts. Keep
hands, hair, clothing and other utensils away from blade
during operation to prevent injury and/or damage to the
hand blender and chopper attachment.
7. Do not use hard objects (spoon, knife, or fork) on the
turning beaters. Also, do not touch turning blade with
8. Always wait until the blades have completely stopped
before removing them from the hand blender and
chopper attachment.
10. Do not immerse unit, plug or cord in water, or allow for
liquid to come in contact with any of the electrical parts
11. Close supervision is necessary when the appliance is
used near children.
12. Operate the hand blender and chopper attachment on
a smooth & level surface.
13.Never operate the hand blender and chopper
attachment with a damaged power cord or plug, or after
it has fallen or been damaged in any manner. Handover
the appliance to the nearest Prestige Regional service
centre/Authorized service centre for examination,
repair or service.
14. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by
Prestige Regional service centre/ authorized service
Save these instructions
1. Take the hand blender out of the box and take off any
protective wrappings.
2. Before first use, the detachable stem should be cleaned
with moist cloth or rinsed under the tap. Make sure the
unit is unplugged before doing this.
3. Attach the detachable stem to the motor in a clockwise
4. Ensure the hand blender is unplugged while attaching
the stem.
5. Put the ingredients into the blending jar provided or a
different durable jar, which is sufficiently tall to avoid
6. Plug the unit into the power outlet.
7. Dip the detachable stem with blade as deep as possible
into the blending jar.
8. Press and hold on to the required speed button to
operate the unit.
2. Body (Motor Unit)
9. Operate the stick blender through the ingredients with
a gentle up and down movement.
NOTE: Do not operate the hand blender before inserting
it into the container.
10. When you have finished using your stick blender,
unplug the appliance and remove the detachable stem
by holding the motor and turning the detachable stem
in anti-clockwise position.
11. Clean the unit and the attachments thoroughly.
3. Detachable Stem
5. Blending Jar
2. Body (Motor Unit)
3. Detachable Stem
5. Blending Jar
6. Chopper Lid
7. Chopper Bowl
8. Chopping Blade
9. Whisk Attachment
Model No : PHB 5.0
Technical Specification :
Power Consumption : 230V 50 Hz 200W
Model No : PHB 6.0
Technical Specification :
Power Consumption : 230V 50 Hz 200W
Ver: 1.0, July : 2010
Only For Model PHB 6.0
This accessory is used to chop meat, vegetables and similar
mixtures of foodstuff.
For a fine consistency press the switch continuously.
For a coarse consistency press and release the switch
periodically. (Caution - Do not operate the hand blender
continuously for more than two minutes)
NOTE: This accessory is for light duty chopping only.
1. Select a flat, stable surface.
2. Make sure the unit is unplugged.
3. Attach the chopper lid to the motor in clockwise
4. Place the blade into the chopper bowl. Make sure it
is in place by putting the lid on and turning it by hand.
Do not touch the blade edges by hand as it can cause
5. Remove the lid of the chopper bowl and add the
ingredients into the chopper bowl. Pre-cut larger parts
into smaller pieces of even size. Do not fill the bowl
more than half.
7. Plug the hand blender into the electrical outlet.
8. Press and hold the switch.
For a fine consistency press the switch continuously.
For a coarse consistency press and release the switch
periodically. (Caution - Do not operate the hand blender
continuously for more than two minutes)
Only for Model PHB 6.0
This accessory is used to whip eggs, cream, prepare
milkshakes, lassi etc.
NOTE: This accessory is for light duty whisking only.
1. Select a flat, stable surface.
2. Make sure the unit is unplugged.
3. Attach the whisking attachment to the motor unit in
clockwise direction.
4. Put the ingredients into the blending jar provided or a
different durable jar, which is sufficiently tall to avoid
5. Plug the unit into the power outlet.
6. Dip the whisk as deep as possible into the blending
7. Press and hold the switch.
NOTE: Use extreme care when handling the chopping
blade. Do not touch the blades with your fingers. The
blades are very sharp and can cause injury if touched.
Make sure the unit is unplugged from the main
power supply.
Disconnect the detachable stem from the motor unit.
It is much easier to clean the accessories immediately
after their use. Wash them in warm, soapy water,
rinse and dry well.
The bowl must be washed with luke warm water.
The body of the hand blender can be cleaned with a
damp cloth, and must be wiped off with a dry cloth.
To remove stubborn spots, wipe the surfaces with a
piece of cloth slightly dampened in soapy water or a
mild non-abrasive cleaner. Follow with a clean damp
Do not use any abrasive cleaner or material to clean
any part of the hand blender, as it will harm the
exterior of the hand blender.
Always keep the unit/ stem in vertical position
after cleaning, never keep it†in horizontal position
CAUTION: The stick blender motor unit and chopper lid
with gear should never be submerged in water or held
under a running tap. To clean, simply wipe with a damp
Prestige {hereinafter referred to as the Company} warrants to the
purchaser of ìPrestige Hand Blenderî, {hereinafter referred to as hand
blender} that the said Hand Blender is free from all defects in material
and workmanship.
This warranty is valid for a period of one year from the date of original
purchase, subject to the following terms and conditions:1) The warranty card is to be completed, signed by the dealer
immediately on purchase.
2) The Hand Blender is only to be serviced by the Company Regional
Service Centre or by its Authorised Service Centre (addresses
listed in this manual).
3) The customer shall carry the Hand Blender to the nearest Company
Regional Service Centre / Authorised Service Centre at his/her own
cost and risk.
4) The Company shall make all endeavours/attempts to carry out the
Service/Replacement under this Warranty at the earliest, but shall
not be liable to do so within any specified time.
5) The Warranty will continue and remain in force only for the
unexpired period of the original Warranty, in regard to the Repair/
Replacement of parts of the Hand Blender.
6) The Hand blender shall be used strictly for domestic purposes in
accordance with the user’s manual.
7) The Company shall not be held liable for any accident, loss or
damage (direct or indirect) to person or property caused by reason
a) Repairs/Service attended by unauthorised service person.
b) Over-loading/Misuse/abuse or/and negligence on the part of the
c) Defects caused by improper/reckless use.
d) Use of spurious spares/old, non-genuine spares.
e) Failure to comply with any safety precaution or maintenance tip
suggested by the Company.
f) Original serial number is deleted/defaced or altered.
8) The Company shall not be responsible for any special consequential
damages or loss arising directly or indirectly for any delay in the
performance of this Warranty.
9) The Company reserves the right to retain any part or component
at the Regional Service Centre / branches or Authorised Service
Centre or at its workshop and shall effect Repairs/Replacement or
parts or components at its sole discretion.
10) This Warranty shall not in any case extend towards payment or any
monetary consideration whatsoever, and shall be only limited to the
product replacement.
11) Electrical parts are not covered under the warranty terms as
they are subject to wear and tear. Replacement of these parts is
12) Electrical appliances, wire points need regular check up by an
authorised service person.
13) Electrical appliances are prone to voltage fluctuation risks,
therefore precaution should be taken before use. Company shall
not be responsible for any damage to electrical parts, arising out of
this problem.
14) For repairs after the expiry of the warranty period, the authorised
service centre will levy a charge (based on the MRP) for the
component replaced.
15) The decision of the company is final in all cases of complaints.
16) Any complaints/disputes shall be within the jurisdiction of the Courts
of Bangalore.
This page has to be treated as a full fledged warranty card and is required
to be maintained by you. You will be required to produce this while claiming
the service within the warranty period. In the unlikely event that a defect
should develop in the Electric Kettle during the period of this warranty, the
product should be delivered at your cost to the Authorised Service Centre
or Authorised Service Dealer along with this warranty card.
Date of purchase :
Serial No:
Prestige Electric Kettle :
Model: PHB 5.0
PHB 6.0
Name: ______________________________
Address: ____________________________
____________________________________ Dealer’s Stamp and Address
TTK Prestige Limited
K S R Building, Plot No.8,9,10,
Ramamurthy Nagar, Next to Laxmi Service Station,
Chintamani, Karur Bye Pass Road, TRICHY-2.
Ph:0431-270 1384
TTK Prestige Limited
C/o Zurich India, B-11, Meerut Road Industrial Area,
Gaziabad, UP. Ph 4372938 / 39
TTK Prestige Limited
Old No. 17-A, New 18, Baliah Avenue (behind bank
of India) Mylapore, CHENNAI-600 004.
Ph: 044–42074351, 42312535.
TTK Prestige Limited
VRK Chambers, 198 & 198/1, 4th Cross,
Lalbagh Road, BANGALORE - 560 027.
Ph: 080-2229 6922.
TTK Prestige Limited
XXXV /1953, 1954, Mareena, Bldg., M.G. Road,
Ravipuram, Ernakulam, COCHIN : 682 016.
Ph: 0484-2359422 / 2359189
TTK Prestige Limited
3-6-751, Sai Sadan, Street No.12, Beside Autofin
showroom, Himayath Nagar,
HYDERABAD-500 012. Ph: 040-27601649
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69-1-1, Patamata, VIJAYAWADA - 520 010.
Ph:0866-247 6237 / 247 5965
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G-Wing Ground Floor, Tex Centre, Narayan
Properties, Chandivli Road, Andheri East,
MUMBAI - 400 072. Ph: 022- 2847 8146
TTK Prestige Limited
Purva Plaza, Dyan Prabodhini,
Sadashiv Peth, PUNE - 411 030.
TTK Prestige Limited
C/o. Abishek Enterprises, 339, Shivaji Nagar,
INDORE - 452 003. Ph : 0731-2537538
TTK Prestige Limited
807, ‘Mahakant’ Opp. V.S Hospital, Ellis Bridge, Ashram
Road, AHMEDABAD - 380 001.
Ph: 079 -26575241 / 26575949
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No.36, DLF Industrial Area, Kirti Nagar, (Opp. Fun
Cinema), NEW DELHI - 110015.
Ph: 011 - 25103163/25442411
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# 270, Model Gram, Mawla School Road,
LUDHIANA - 141 001. Ph: 0161-2770253
TTK Prestige limited
B -2, Status Enclave, D-241, Devi Marg, Bani Park,
JAIPUR - 302002, Ph: 0141 - 2205997.
TTK Prestige Limited
30, Ist Floor, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
KOLKATTA-700 013. Ph: 033-2215 3029
TTK Prestige Limited
C/o Ragini Enterprises, Plot No.124, Road No.22,
Srikrishna Nagar, PATNA -800 001.
Ph: 098352 38715
TTK Prestige limited
C/o Neelachal Agencies, Plot No.3195 ‘Anshumala’
Professorepara, CUTTACK - 753 003.
Ph: 0671 - 2310522 / 2311743
TTK Prestige Limited
C/o. Sadhana Warehousing, Agencies Pvt ltd., G S
Road, Rukmanigaon, Dispur, GUWAHATI - 781 022
Ph: 0361 - 2338570/2330359.
TTK Prestige Limited
C/o The Legend, Shop No.9,Jaiswal Complex, 508,
Kashidih, Sakchi, JAMSHEDPUR-831 001.
Ph: 09431077983
Marketed by :
TTK Prestige Ltd.,
Plot No. 38, Sipcot Industrial Complex, Hosur – 635 126, INDIA.
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