1. Freshly grind your coffee. Weight of the coffee is important so weigh it out before brew.
2. Filter basket needs to be clean and dry , so use clean cloth to dry it out.
3. Next step is to tamp the coffee flat, so use your tamper and straighten your wrist so you ensure that
tamper is not „wobbly“. Tamping the coffee flat is very important as uneven coffee bed leads to
4. Weigh and TARE the cup(s) you're about to extract espresso in.
5. Before you insert the portafilter FLUSH the shower screen. FLUSHING the group head ensures that
you bring fresh water to group and rinsing out the possible coffee leftovers of shot before.
6. Carefully insert the handle into the group and place the cup(s) in the correct position.
7. Get the stopwatch ready to measure the time of brewing.
8. Begin the preparation as soon as possible and run the stopwatch. Make espresso for as long as recommended
by your roastery. In case you do not have references, brew it somewhere between 27 and 29 seconds
9. When the brewing time is over, press brew button again. When espresso stops dripping (after a few
seconds), weigh out the cup with coffee to see the final brew of the coffee you've made.
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