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Secure Server Unit
Installation Instructions
Kit P/N: 124-2247
Kit Contents
(1) Front Housing
(1) Rear Housing
(1) Rear Cover
(1) Secure Sliding Bar
(2) Secure Brackets
Assembly Hardware Kit:
(4) 8-32 x .188” Truss Head Screws
(2) 10-32 x .250” Truss Head Screws
Mounting Hardware Kit:
(8) 12-24 Cage Nuts
(8) 12-24 x .500” Pan Head Screws
Installation Instructions
Step 1. Install Server Rail/Slides: Install desired server rails or slides for equipment per
manufacturer’s instructions.
Step 2. Install Cage Nuts:  Install (8) 12-24 black cage nuts as shown at the front and
rear of the rack.
Front & Rear of Rack
(8) 12-24 black cage nuts
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Installation Instructions
Step 3. Install Front Housing: Install Front Housing as shown at the front of the rack
using (4) 12-24 x .500” Pan Head Screws.
Front Housing
(4) 12-24 x .500" Pan
Head Screws
Step 4. Install Rear Housing: Install Rear Housing as shown at the rear of the rack using
(4) 12-24 x .500” Pan Head Screws.
Rear Housing
(4) 12-24 x .500" Pan Head Screws
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Installation Instructions
Step 5. Install Secure Sliding Bar: Install Secure Sliding Bar as shown using (2) 10-32 x
.250” Truss Head Screws. Ensure that tabs are through square holes on both the
Front and Rear Housings.
Note: You may have to go through the inside of the Secure Server Housing if
servers are installed above and below.
(2) 10-32 x .250"
Truss Head Screws
Secure Sliding Bar
Step 6. Install Secure Brackets: Install Secure Brackets using (4) 8-32 .188” Truss Head
Screws as shown on the Rear Housing. Ensure that the Secure Brackets are
pushed as far into the housing as possible before tightening.
Rear Housing
(2) Secure Brackets
(4) 8-32 x .188"
Truss Head Screws
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Installation Instructions
Step 7. Install Locks: Install Locks on the Front Housing and the Rear Cover. Ensure
that you use the bent pawl instead of the straight that is supplied in the lock kit.
Install the pawl so that it is bent toward the Perf.
Note: For some units locks may have been pre-installed.
Front Housing
Rear Cover
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Installation Instructions
Step 8. Install the equipment using two people: With one person on each side of the
equipment, slide the equipment all the way into the rails or slides installed
Step 9. Install Rear Cover: Install the Rear Cover onto the Rear Housing as shown by
inserting the pins on the Rear Cover into the slots on the Rear Housing.
Rear Housing
Rear Cover
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Warranty Statement
Innovation First, Inc. warrants our products against defects in material and workmanship for a
period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Innovation First, Inc. liability shall be limited to
repairing or replacing, at our option, any defective product.
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