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C at e g o r y 8 - p r e s s e d f i lt e r
By Brent Deller
Brent Deller, Head Category Judge
Based on the beautiful Sunshine
Coast, Brent Deller is the founder of
a barista equipment supplier. He
has a rich history in the specialty
coffee industry and franchising,
with a focus on training and
development and product testing
and implementation.
The Press
f you are a fan of the traditional French Press or looking to add a
great point of difference to your brew bar, the Espro Press is for
you. The team at Espro have re-engineered the French Press to
bring it into this century, with a number of great features that ultimately
improve the finished product and some wow factor.
The first thing to change was the filtration system. Rather than one
traditional flat, disc shaped filter, the Espro Press uses a cone shaped
double wall filter that is 9 - 12 times finer than its predecessor ...
meaning less, if any, grind in the cup, but with all the flavour of the
blend you’re using – not to mention, a clean, crisp mouth feel.
Now, we all know glass loses heat quicker than steel, so why not make
the body of the Espro Press with stainless steel? That was the next thing
they did, but not just one stainless steel wall, but two vacuum insulated
stainless steel walls. This keeps the coffee hotter for longer – perfect for
restaurant service or hotel banquet departments. A great financial and
safety benefit of the dual stainless steel wall is that there is no glass to
break and knowing our industry, anything glass will eventually break.
One Espro Press just keeps on pressing.
The Espro Press comes in 3 sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz. The 16 oz
and 32 oz units have etched fill lines on the inside walls, helping you
to measure your brew and assist with recipe changes if you’re feeling
Functionally, the Espro Press ticks all the boxes over the traditional
French Press, but its aesthetics help get it over the line. Its mirror
polished stainless steel finish and sleek, stylish design pushes the
boundaries. With so much style, don’t put it away! Leave it out for
everyone to see, and in no time at all everyone will want one.
The process
W h at y o u w i l l n e e d
• Espro Press – size of your choice
• Digital micro scales with .1 g accuracy
• Desert spoon
• Kettle
• Coarsely ground coffee suited to plunger
• Purified water
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C at e g o r y 8 - p r e s s e d f i lt e r
Step 1.
Pre heat the Espro Press with boiling
water and let it sit for 2 minutes. This will
improve the brew performance but if you
are in a hurry, this step can be skipped.
Step 5.
Once filled, use a dessert spoon to gently
stir the coffee. This will help ensure all the
ground coffee is in contact with the water
and will promote the full flavour of the
coffee you are using.
Step 2.
Using fresh coffee, grind your coffee to
a coarser grind size than espresso grind.
Now weigh your coffee using the brew
table below, depending upon the size of
the Espro Press you are using. I find when
preparing one cup in a small Espro Press,
18 g of coffee brewed with
300 ml
of hot water is just right. Once you’re
comfortable, play around with grams
used for different blends to find what
works best for you.
Step 6.
Cover the brewing coffee by placing the
lid of the Espro Press over the coffee, but
without pressing. Ensure the lid sits down
below the top of the press as pictured and
the filter assembly is sitting just in the top
of the coffee. This will help retain the heat
whilst your coffee brews and help make
sure all of the coffee grind remains wet.
Wait 4 minutes; this is your brewing time
or time for your coffee to extract.
Step 3.
Discard the water used to pre heat the
press and add your ground coffee. Be
sure to wipe any excess grind from the
top lip of the press, as only this area is
missed by the filters, and this grind could
end up in your cup.
Step 4.
Boil fresh purified water to 93 - 96
degrees Celsius if you are using a
temperature controlled kettle, as this is
the ultimate brew temperature range.
If you are using a kettle without a
temperature control, let the water sit for
1 to 2 minutes after boiling to drop in
temperature. Fill your Espro Press to the
desired fill line. Ensure to pour the hot
water over the ground coffee slowly and
in a circular motion – similar to if you
were preparing a V60.
Step 7.
Press slowly until the button reaches the
lid of the Espro Press. If you find it hard to
press, slowly pull the button back up and
then down again to clear the filter. Avoid
using your body weight and pressing too
quickly. This process should take no less
than 15 seconds.
Step 8.
Enjoy your coffee! With the stainless steel
vacuum double wall, your coffee will stay
hot for between one to two hours but if
served immediately, be careful not to burn
yourself or others; it will still be very hot.
Brew Table
Espro Press Size
Coffee Water
15 - 20 g
300 ml
Medium – Lower Fill Line
18 - 27 g
450 ml
Medium – Upper Fill Line
24 - 36 g
600 ml
Large – Lower Fill Line
30 - 45 g
750 ml
Large – Lower Fill Line
40 - 60 g 1,000 ml
*Brew time of 4 minutes remains the same for all sizes
(Metric Cups)
1.2 cups
1.8 cups
2.4 cups
3 cups
4 cups
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