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MODEL NO.: Professional 100HD,Professional 90HD,Professional 80HD.
Before operating this unit,please read this instruction manual carefully .This product is for
household use only.
The user must not leave the iron unattended while connected to the supply.
The plug of supply cord must be removed from the socket outlet before the water reservoir is filled
with water.
The filling aperture must not be opened during use.
Safe refilling of the water reservoir
The iron must be used and rested on a stable surface.
When placing the iron on its stand,ensure that the surface on which the stand is placed is stable.
The iron is not to be used if it has been dropped,if there are visible signs of damage or if it is
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall
not be made by children without supervision.
keep the iron and its cord out of reach of children less than 8 years of age when it is energized or
cooling down.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a
similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
Correct Disposal of this product
This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with
other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible
harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste
disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of
material resources. To return your used device, please use the return
and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was
purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe
the filling cap must not be removed during use
Important Safety Tips
The below safety tips should be considered carefully while using press iron.
-Read all the instructions with full care before use
- Use press iron only for home applications
-Make sure that the information on the label of its bottom accords with your home electricity before plugging in
- Use earth-connection outlet to secure yourselves
-Iron should be always off before plugging in or out
-Never pull cord for plugging out. Hold plug and take it out of outlet
- If cord or press sheet is damaged, do not use iron.
Never open the pieces of iron to avoid electric shock.
Refer to the nearest after-sale services center for repair.
Improper connection of pieces may cause electric shock while ironing.
- In case of kids’ presence at the ironing place, take proper care.
-If another appliance with high electricity consumption exists in the circuit, do not use iron to prevent extra load
of electricity.
-If required use 10-Amp connection wire. Wires under 10 Amp may be hot.
-Connection wire should never be folded or pulled.
-Never dip iron in water or other liquids.
-Use only cold water.
-Never put your hand between heated press sheet and iron sheet.
-Refer to our after-sales services for repair. Any change by sundry people will cancel guarantee.
-Producer can change product in any time without previous notice.
The Technical Specifications of Press Iron
Model No. :Professional 100HD,Professional 90HD,Professional 80HD.
- 220-240V~50/60Hz,2200W
- Steam output: 90 g / min
-Booster: steam strengthening: 120 g/min
-Security system of electricity: If press part is close for ten minutes or open and out of use for some minutes,
electricity system will be cut off automatically.
- Steam readiness: in 2.5 minutes
-Equipped with water tank along with the indicator of water level
-Capacity of water tank: 0.75 liter
-Type of consumption water: distilled or tap water. Iron -only distilled water is suggested.
-Equipped with temperature indicator, Can readily get the heated sheet temperature
-Equipped with selection key for dry /steam ironing
-Equipped with key of booster (for steam strengthening)
-Equipped with SELECT key for heated sheet temperature
- Ability of greatly opening press sheet
-Equipped with security lock for moving iron
- Automatic pressure force: 46 Kg (Equivalent to 23 g/ cubic centimeter)
- Equipped with ironing pad
Main Parts
1- Locking keys for closing and carrying iron
2- Control sheet including
A Select key for selection of fabric material
B Steam key
C Booster key for stronger steam
3- Handle for opening/ closing press sheet and pressing by heated sheet and automatic control of steam
4- Heated sheet
5- Iron sheet covered with sponge and coating
6- Water tank and anti-scale cartridge
7- ON/OFF switch
8- Cushion for ironing sleeves or shoulders
1-Open carton and take press iron out .
2- Put press iron on a flat, firm and heat-resistant surface. Iron-only base or a table or a compatible stand is
How to use the press iron
3-Your appliance is equipped with security lock to avoid accidentally opening.
Lift 2 locking keys as soon as press down gently the handle ,the appliance lifts up automatically .Lift handle
further by hand to make the heated sheet fixed in biggest open angle,now the iron is open.
4- Closing and opening iron
Handle is used for opening and closing heated sheet. When you lift handle up by hand, pressure is released and
appliance opens. When you move handle down, appliance closes and pressure increases up to maximum level
automatically. Handle results in automatic production of steam as well.
Note: Iron opens automatically. Always hold handle by hand while opening.
5-Maximum degree of opening
To maximize degree of opening, open iron and press handle up. Steam sheet is wide enough and you can use it as
an ordinary ironing board if you like.
Maximizing the opening of iron makes ironing long and folded clothes/ materials possible easily. Heated sheet
will be restored automatically by moving handle down.
Types of Water
You can use tap water or iron-only distilled water.
Never use water of rain, melting refrigerator snowflakes, any kind of evaporation appliance and water filtration
appliance in case mineral salts exist (disharmonious with EMC system)
Selection of Water Type
You can use tap water or iron-only distilled water. It depends on the amount of Calcium and other mineral salts
existing in tap water and also the number of the times you iron in week (2- 4 hours average time)
Important point: Never use only-automobile battery distilled water.
How to install the anti-sediment cartridge in water tank
In the appliance,there is a unique anti-sediment cartridge to make the best steam function.Water can be distilled
by this cartridge automatically.
To install the anti-sediment cartridge ,take out the water tank,put the anti-sediment cartridge into the water
tank,twist it clockwise to lock it well,then insert water tank into the base.
How to replace the anti-sediment cartridge in water tank
The appliance can detect the water distilled by this cartridge.When a light of “filter” flashing on control
sheet,that means it is time to replace the cartridge,but at this moment,the steam function is still working
well.When the light of “filter” is always on,the steam cannot come out until cartridge is replaced or distilled
water is used.
To replace the cartridge,take water tank out ,twist the cartridge anti-clockwise and lift the cartridge out of water
tank,put a new cartridge into the water tank again.
The injection pump of iron is used for regular and continuous production of steam and activated by moving
handle down in half-closed manner. Sound production becomes more in the below cases:
When water tank is empty
When appliance is used for the first time
When anti-sediment cartridge is swapped recently
Installing water tank
6-Hold water tank with both hands and pull it towards yourselves until when you observe the special hole for
filling tank with water.
7- Hold the middle of tank and take it out completely
8- Put water tank back in its first place gently like closing a drawer until when you get to the location of filling
water tank.
9-Fill tank with iron-only distilled water.
10- Push tank inside gently to be connected with iron well.
Never try to use steam when tank is empty as it hurts pump.
Never fill tank with hot water.
Never add the materials containing alcohol, fragrant essences and so on to water.
Plugging iron in
Connect one side of the cord to the back of iron and another one to outlet.
Turn appliance on.
Make sure that earth-connection is in good working order for your security.
11-ON/OFF Key
After plugging in, press main ON/OFF key.
Display screen Red light ring shows that heated sheet is warming up and steam generator working.
12-Control of Temperature
When you turn iron on ,the temperature value will rise(the heating element work), and stop
after the
temperature reaches the degree selected by cloth type selected (the heating element stop).
13-Selection of Suitable Temperature
The quality of press depends relatively on the number of the times you use steam and also suitable temperature.
Labels on clothes show their suitable temperature for ironing by using the below international signs.
Select these type of cloth with respect to the label of what you want to iron.
Type of Cloth
Thermostat Setting
Amount of Steam
Nylon, …
Minimum Heat
Dry or very little steam
Silk, Wool
Mean heat
A little steam
Cotton, Linen
Maximum Steam
NOTE: when you select the type of cloth, the cloth type light continual flashing ,the heating element work, after
the temperature reach, the light will stop flashing .
14- Steam Key
Press steam key.
Production of Steam
After you press main ON/OFF key , Steam starts working automatically after 5 minutes.
15- Spread your material or cloth on iron sheet.
16-Move heated sheet down by handle.
When it gets to half-closed manner this appliance produces steam automatically until whenever it is necessary.
17- Close iron for pressing automatically.
Keep iron closed for some seconds in order for the cloth to be dry and ironed completely.
18- Open iron by lifting handle up.
19- Do not press handle more than usual while closing press.
Press happens automatically.
Steam Production for the first time
Your appliance is brand-new. Set up steam system for the first time in this way:
Fill up tank with water
Put anti-sediment cartridge into its place (Let extra water of tank pour out)
Put water tank back into its place.
Turn appliance on.
Upon readiness of iron for steam production, move handle down up to half-closed manner.
A) Ordinary System
Steam production key is on.
Move heated sheet down up to half to produce steam automatically.
B) Performance of Strengthener (Booster)
Press booster key inside.
By moving the upper sheet down a strong flow of steam will be produced which continues for some
seconds and then returns to the usual manner of steam spreading. This phenomenon is as a result of the
automatic performance of booster system. Close press system for ironing. Booster system will be activated
again by reopening iron.
Security System of Electricity
If iron is close for 15 seconds or open and out of use for some minutes, electricity system will be stopped
automatically. Heating system will restart working by opening iron.
21-Easy Carriage
By all means lock the appliance before moving. Keep iron closed and press down 2 locking buttons.
22-After you finish ironing wait for 30 minutes in order for iron to be cool and then close it.
Note: Before carrying or putting iron in standing position, make water of tank empty to prevent pouring.
Keep your iron clean by washing the outer parts of it with very little foam of soap and then wiping off with a soft
Make sure that coating is ever in pulled manner in order not to make wrinkle.
Wash in water at 40˚ centigrade.
Never wash with white clothes.
In case of being worn out, swap it.
24-Heated Sheet
The starch of cloth, the remains of washing materials and tiny fragments of thread make some spots on the
heated sheet in all irons gradually. Clean it while being a bit hot yet with a piece of paper or soft pile-free cloth
for removing these spots. Never use polishing powders or rubbing materials.
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