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How to adjust the coffee strength? (See also page 34 of the user manual)
It is possible to adjust the coffee
strength in steps of 1% with a
maximum of 10%
Press the stop button with your
left hand.
Important: The change applies to
all available drinks
Press the coffee pot button (lower
right) to browse to Adj strength
Press the top selection button and
keep it pressed for 2 seconds.
The display will show Operator
Press the hot water button (lower
left) to enter.
Change with the [café crème] en
[pot coffee] buttons the setting
Press the stop button to cancel
the operator programming mode.
The display shows the current
percentage that has been set.
Press the hot water button (lower
left) to store the setting.
Dispense a drink to test the new
strength setting.
Please report machine malfunctions per email (service@decs.acb) or contact us at telephone number 0000-000 000.
Please mention the machine serial number to enable us to help you quickly. (this number is printed on the inside
of the door).
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