Built-in Oven, 30” 4.1 cu ft, 9 Function

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Safe and sound
The CoolTouch door with triple glazing and cooling system
23 29/32"
is safe to touch from the outside, protecting your hands and
A 27 1/16"
the surrounding cabinetry. Getting large dishes in and out of
B 29 29/32"
the oven is a breeze with full telescopic sliding shelves that
stay perfectly steady – even when pulled all the way out.
Perfect results
Our built-in ovens feature AeroTech™ - a technology that
circulates heat evenly, ideal for multi-shelf cooking.
Designed to match
With their premium handle styling and stainless steel finish,
our built-in ovens are designed to match the rest of Fisher &
Paykel’s kitchen appliance family.
Built-in Oven, 30”
The Bake function radiates heat from the top and bottom of
4.1 cu ft, 9 Function
This Fisher and Paykel 30”, 4.1 cu ft built-in
oven with 9 functions provides an impressive
capacity to suit all your cooking needs.
Brushed Stainless Steel with black glass
the oven whilst natural convection currents evenly distribute
Features & Benefits
Classic Bake
This built-in oven has nine functions with pre-set
Classic Bake generates heat from the bottom, ideal for slow
temperatures, including Bake, Classic Bake and Aero™ Broil
cooking and gentle cooking of delicate recipes. There is no
allowing you to use a variety of cooking styles.
direct heating to the top of food so it’s perfect for dishes
Aero™ Bake
high temperature, leaving a light ash that’s easily removed
Aero™ Bake generates heat at the top and bottom of the
with a damp cloth. For best results, wipe down the inside of
oven, with the fan creating airflow throughout. The increased
your oven door before you use the self-clean function.
airflow speeds up cooking so oven temperatures can be
Designed for multi-shelf cooking, this is one of the largest
T 1.888.936.7872 W fisherpaykel.com
that require minimal surface browning.
The self-clean function breaks down food residue at a very
Sized to suit
24 Hours 7 Days a Week Customer Support
For best results, only bake on one shelf at a time.
Cooking flexibility
Self cleaning
heat. Moisture is retained to provide light, succulent dishes.
lowered by 20oC for most recipes. Ideal for baking biscuits,
muffins and cakes.
built-in ovens on the market providing 4.1 cu.ft of total
True Aero™
capacity. The higher internal cavity allows you to fit a large
The True Aero™ function is great for multi-shelf cooking.
casserole dish, the family roast and a pie for dessert.
Heat is generated at the rear of the oven and is distributed
evenly throughout by the fan. SPEC SHEET › OB30SCEPX3 › Built-in Oven, 30” 4.1 cu ft, 9 Function
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Aero™ Broil
The intense heat and radiation of the Aero™ Broil function
Acid resistant graphite enamel
Aero™ Bake
Removable oven door/s
Aero™ Broil
Removable shelf runners
Aero™ Pastry
Classic Bake
Maxi Broil
Oven functions
True Aero™
works well for cooking large cuts of meats, so they are moist
inside and crisp on the outside.
Aero™ Pastry
The Aero™ Pastry function is similar to Classic Bake with the
addition of a fan which circulates hot air around the cavity.
It is ideal for recipes that need intense heat from the bottom
but still require some heat on the top, such as pies and tarts.
AMP draw
Supply Frequency
Warm is limited to very gentle temperatures. It isn’t intended
as a cooking function but is designed to keep food warm and
Cooking modes
Supply voltage
16.7 - 19.4 A
60 Hz
120 - 240 V
limit the progression of cooking. Using the oven’s specialised
LO Warm setting takes the guesswork out of proving dough.
Audio feedback
Self Cleaning
Automatic cooking/minute timer
Pyrolytic Self-Clean activates a high temperature of 460oC
Automatic pre-set temperatures
UPC Code
Capacitive touch controls
Electronic clock
Aerotech™ Cooking System
Fahrenheit/Celsius Temperature
Automatic rapid pre-heat
Illuminated halo dials
for two to three hours to break down residue to a light ash
- this is easily removed with a damp cloth. For best results,
wipe down the inside of your oven door before you use this
Interior light
2pc broil system (pan + rack)
3-Pc Anti-Splatter Broil System
Full extension telescopic shelves
Meat probe (optional)
2 Sets (Additional sets
available for Purchase)
3 x 20W (halogen)
Precise electronic temperature control
Sabbath mode
Total capacity
Advanced cooling system
Balanced oven door
Catalytic venting system
Control panel key lock
CoolTouch door
Door and cavity cooling system
Full extension telescopic shelves
Shelf positions
Non-tip shelves
2 Sets (Additional sets
available for Purchase)
SPEC SHEET › OB30SCEPX3 › Built-in Oven, 30” 4.1 cu ft, 9 Function
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