Lumaloc™ + Emiluma™ Technique Guide

Technique Guide
fo r I n d i re c t B o n d i n g
A User’s Guide to Indirect Bonding
Essential for indirect orthodontic bonding, Emiluma and Lumaloc are made of a transparent silicone
that allows quick and precise delivery to the arch.
Emiluma is soft enough to remove indirect trays without debonding brackets yet firm enough to
maintain accurate bracket positioning. Lumaloc cures stiff to ensure proper tray fit and precise bracket
placement, yet it’s still easy to shape, mold, and trim.
• Materials chemically cure together to create a single tray with a soft interior
• Made of transparent material that allows brackets to be light cured through indirect bonding trays
• Unique formulations allow both products to remove cleanly without crumbling
• Easy-to-use cartridges fit in standard impression materials dispensing gun
• Supported by Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin and the developers of the Quick IDBS™—Drs. Masatada Koga, Kazuya Watanabe,
and Takako Koga
Take impression and bond
brackets on stone model.
4 continued
Surround the facial wall of the tray
and cover the occlusal surface.
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When Lumaloc is set, remove
plastic film from model. Trim
excess material around tray.
Clean bracket base, removing all
debris but leaving adhesive.
Express Emiluma onto model in a
continuous stream, with a
bead-size amount over each
Mark the center of the tray to ease
placement. Proceed with bracket
O PA L O R T H O D O N T I C S . C O M
Immediately follow Emiluma with
placement of Lumaloc.
Place model in water for 30
Wrap the model in plastic film
(recommended width: 25mm &
length: 250mm) while Lumaloc
sets up.
Starting with the posterior, remove
the tray from model, ensuring that
brackets remain in the tray.