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Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Good Grips Cutlery
Good Grip cutlery has a soft cushion grip that keeps the utensil in
the hand - even when wet!
The built up handles are made of soft latex - free material, with
flexible ribbing that's comfortable and adapts to any grip.
Each stainless steel utensil has a special twist built into the metal
shaft that allows the spoons and forks to bend to any angle. You
can bend them for either Left or Right handed use. The rocker knife
requires only minimal arm strength for cutting. A special extended
safety cap protects fingers. Dishwasher Safe.
Fork each
Youth Spoon each
Teaspoon each
Desert Spoon each
Rocker Knife each
PR65592/S Serated RockerKnife each
Shaft design allows
utensils to be bent
to the right or left for
custom use
Youth spoon
Soft, ribbed
handle for
Desert spoon
Rocker knife
Rocker knife
requires only
strength for
easy cutting
Good Grips Weighted Cutlery
Textured handle is secure in the hand.
Each cutlery piece features the Good Grips handle and a special twist
built into the metal shaft allows it to be bent for either right or left
handed use. The angled rocker knife requires only minimal arm
strength for cutting. A special extended safety cap protects fingers.
The 6oz. (170g) of weight in the built-up-handle provides more control
so that the utensil reaches the mouth easier. Ideal for persons with
limited hand control, Parkinsons disease or spasticity.
PR65560 Weighted Fork
PR65561 Weighted Teaspoon
PR65562 Weighted Desert Spoon
PR65564 Weighted Souper Spoon
PR65565 Weighted Rocker knife
Shaft can be
bent for
custom use
2 Good Grips Coated Spoons
Idea for persons with biting reflexes and limited co-ordination
Good grips coated spoons have built up handles that are easy to
hold even when wet! Plastisol coating protects teeth and lips. Ideal
for clients with spasticity or limited hand control. Not recommended
for those with heavy biting reflexes. Can be used with the GoodieStrap (below). Hand washing in cold water prolongs product life.
PR65596 Youthspoon
PR65597 Teaspoon
PR65598 Desert Spoon
PR65600 Sample Kit - Contains:
1 x PR65596, 1 x PR65597, 1 x PR65598
3 Goodie-Strap
Fits large and built-up handles.
This elastic strap has two different-sized loops that fit various
handle sizes. The regular strap fits most adult hands and will
accommodate Good Grips utensils and other large, built-up
handles. The paediatric strap fits the Good Grips Paediatric Spoon
and other utensils with an approximate circumference of 40 to
76mm (2 Qw ) to (3"), and a handle length of at least 76mm (3").
Machine wash and air dry.
PR65599 Regular
PR65589 Paediatric
4 Good Grips Paediatric Spoon
Specially sized for children
This paediatric spoon has the same features as the Good Grips
Spoons, with a smaller handle and bowl. Institutional dishwasher
safe. Total length measures 6" (150mm). Can be used with the
Paediatric Goodie-Strap PR65589
Paediatric Spoon
5 Good Grips Souper Spoon
Raised lip is ideal for persons with tremors or poor hand
The innovative lip of the Souper Spoon is specially designed to
prevent spills while moving the spoon from the plate to the
mouth. Liquids and food stay on the spoon where they should
be! The one-piece, stainless steel lip is easy to clean and fits
in the mouth.
The Good Grips Souper Spoon features the Good Grips
handle and the special twist in the metal shaft. The total length
measures 180mm (7 Qi "). The Good Grips model is ideal for
persons with Alzheimers, CVA, Parkinsons disease, arthritis, or
neurological impairments.
Înstitutional dishwasher safe.
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Comfort Grip Cutlery
Nonslip grips rotate for better control
These utensils are ideal for anyone with a poor, weak grip, allowing
maximum control with minimum effort, giving independence at
mealtimes. Each utensil is lightweight, 85grams (3oz) each, with a
sturdy, non-slip, 7/8" (22mm) diameter grip handle which rotates to
accommodate most eating difficulties. The ridges on the handle
help to position the fingers for a more secure grip. The blade of the
Comfort Knife has been specially designed to be useful, both as a
regular dinner knife and as a rocker knife. It has a curved cutting
edge making it a suitable cutting knife for a one-handed person. Not
only suitable for use in rehabilitation centres, but also attractive
enough to use in the home. These utensils are institutional
dishwasher safe and Latex free. Each utensil can be purchased
Straight Fork
Straight Knife
Straight Teaspoon
Straight Desert Spoon
Left-Handed Fork
Left-Handed Teaspoon
Left-Handed Dessertspoon
Right-Handed Dessertspoon
Right-Handed Teaspoon
Right-Handed Fork
2 Soft Handled Cutlery
These soft handled utensils have large grips made of closed cell
foam which will not absorb moisture. Lightweight, and ideal for
people with arthritis or tender hands and finger joints. The foam grip
slides off easily for cleaning.
Soft Handled Knife
Soft Hanled Fork
Soft Handled Teaspoon
3 Lifestyle cutlery
Cutlery that truly fits your hand. Perfect for anyone with arthritis or
some limited hand grasp, yet attractive enough for family use.
This soft, comfortable to the hand cutlery has been designed to
stay in place when wet or when turning your grip. The
ergonomically designed contours allow for a comfortable fit in
almost any hand while adding to stability. The slight curve at the
end allows the grip to nestle securely in the hand giving a feeling of
security. Available in grey. Pieces sold separately.
Soup Spoon
Tea Spoon
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Rocking "T" Knife
Easy cutting for people with a weak grasp.
This stable, easy-to-use utensil cuts by rocking the knife on food.
Comfortable wooden handle is shaped to fit the hand. The safety
edge, Stainless steel blade may be sharpened with a Knife
sharpener. Household dishwasher safe.
2 Plastic Coated Spoons
Coating protects teeth and lips.
The special plastisol coating on these plastic coated spoons
protects teeth and lips during use. Excellent for clients with
Spasticity or limited hand control. Not recommended for those with
heavy biting reflexes. Handle measures 13mm ( Qw ") in diameter at
base. Hand washing in cold water will prolong product life.
PR65628 Youthspoon
PR65629 Teaspoon
3 Care Spoons
Small spoons protect teeth.
Durable, lightweight spoons provide exceptional protection for teeth
and gums during feeding. Small bowls helps control food intake.
Spoons measure 150mm (6") long and 13mm ( Qw ") in diameter. The
small spoon has a 25mm (1") bowl and the large spoon has a
32mm (1 Qr ") bowl. Household dishwasher safe.
PR65010 Small (10)
PR65011 Large (10)
4 Hardcoated Spoons
Helps protect teeth and lips while eating.
The plastic coating on these hardcoated spoons protects teeth and
lips of clients with biting reflex, limited hand control or
hypersensitivity to temperature. Not recommended for person with
heavy bite reflexes. Sturdy plastic material keeps edges smooth,
even after washing. Handle measures Qw " (13mm) in diameter at the
base. Hand washing in cold water will prolong product life.
Dessert Spoon
Long Spoon
Tea Spoon
Soup Spoon
5 SteadySpoon
Spoon bowl swivels to keep food stable and level despite tremors or
An active counterbalance and weight steadies the spoon bowl,
keeping food level and in place. Using the SteadySpoon helps
promote productive, independent feeding. Includes a soft Velcro
strap that secures the SteadySpoon to the hand and can be
adjusted as needed. Ideal for anyone with a weak grasp, hand
tremors or limited range of motion. The SteadySpoon weighs 227g
(8oz). The handle measures 150mm long and 32mm in diameter
(5 Er " x 1 Qr "), and the length including spoon is 250mm (10"). Spoon
is top rack dishwasher safe.
Paediatric version for age 4 and under, is slightly smaller, handle
measures 111mm (4 Qw ") total length including spoon 200mm (7 Er ")
and weighs 5oz.
PR65000 SteadySpoon adult
PR25020 SteadySpoon paediatric
6 Unbreakable Spoons
Tough Nylon material is kind to lips and teeth- durable enough to be
used by individuals with strong bite reflexes. Utensils can be
customised for user's need by cutting to shape with scissors and
smoothing with an emery board. Can be cleaned in a dishwasher
up to 180°F and sterilised. Scissors and emery board are not
included. Latex Free. Package of 10.
PR65647 Small Plastic Spoon for bite reflex PK 10
PR65648 Large Plastic Spoon for bite reflex PK 10
Bibs & Eating
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Universal Cuff
Economical, adjustable holder
Cutlery, pens and pencils can be held with the Utensil Holder.
Hook & loop closure with a D-ring strap adjustment for palms
measuring 180-200mm (7 - 8") in circumference. Easy to put on
and take off. Pocket measures 76mm (3") long and is sewn closed
on one end. Made of comfortable cotton. Machine wash, gentle
2 Coloured Foam Tubing
Bright colour assortment is ideal for visually impaired and paediatric
Use Coloured Foam Tubing to build up cutlery and other hard-tograsp handles. This closed-cell, slip resistant foam is available in
three different diameters shown in the chart below. All tubing is sold
in a package of six 300mm (12") long tubes. Household,
dishwasher safe.
Hole Size
Qr " (6.4mm)
PR65007 Tan
1" (2.5cm)
PR65008 Red
1 Qi " (2.9cm)
Ei " (9.5mm)
PR65009 Blue
PR65069 Assorted (6)
1 Qi " (2.9cm)
Er " (19mm)
3 Dinner Bibs
These colourful bibs will brighten mealtimes with a variety of
patterns and assorted colours. They measure 460mm (18") wide x
890mm (35") long, with a poly/cotton front and a waterproof
backing. The neck of these bibs open and close with snap buttons.
Colours may vary.
4 Terry Cloth Bib
Large, soft bib allows for neater, more comfortable mealtimes.
Hook and loop closures makes this bib easy to put on. Made of
90% cotton 10% polyester. Reinforced with cotton binding. Bib
measures 450 x 760mm (18" x 30"). Machine washable. Meets
compliance law standards.
5 Terry Cloth/Vinyl Bib
Provides protection from spilled liquids.
The reversible Terry Cloth/Vinyl Bib has terry cloth on one side and
soft vinyl on the other. Neck opening fasteners with hook and loop
closures. Bib measures 18" x 27" (450 x 680mm). Machine
washable. Meets compliance law standards.
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 GripWare Round Scoop Dish
The low front and high back are ideal for persons with limited motor
co-ordination or the use of only one hand.
Dish measures 200mm (8") in diameter. Available in plastic or
melamine. The plastic dish is microwave safe and can be gas
autoclaved. The melamine dish should not be microwaved, and is
safe up to 125°F (52°C) in the dishwasher.
PR65006 Plastic
PR65016 Melamine
2 Scoop Plate
Rim with grooved lip to help hold the utensil.
Dish measures 230mm (9") in diameter. The base has non-slip
rubber feet that hold the dish in place. Made of melamine, do not
microwave. Dishwasher safe up to 125°F (52°C).
3 Partitioned Scoop Plate
Compartments help to keep food separate and provide more
surfaces for scooping.
Dish measures 220mm (8 Er ") in diameter with 19mm ( Er ") high
dividers. Two 118ml (4fl.oz.) compartments and one 237ml (8fl.oz.)
compartment. Institutional dishwasher safe. The Scoop dish is
made of melamine, do not microwave. Dishwasher safe up to 125°F
4 Inner Lip Plate and Suction Lip Plate
Encourage independent eating.
Special lip design prevents spills by letting food be pushed to the
side of the plate, then scooped up with a fork or spoon. Ideal for
one-handed dining. Both plates have a depth of 13mm ( Qw ") and a
diameter of 230mm (9"). The Inner Lip Plate is institutional
dishwasher safe and may be microwaved or autoclaved. The
Suction Lip Plate secures to the table using suction feet, is
household dishwasher safe and should not be microwaved.
PR65017 Inner Lip Plate
PR65019 Suction Lip Plate
PR65026 Pack of 3 Replacement Suction Cups
5 Scooper bowl
Rolled edge helps children eat without spills.
Prevent spills and overflow with the scooper bowl. Children will love
the unique shape. Rubber - ring base prevents sliding. Bowl has a
130mm (5") diameter. Unbreakable. Top rack household dishwasher
6 Clear Food Guard
Attractive enough for any table.
The inconspicuous design for the Clear Food Guard makes it ideal
for home use or when dining out in a restaurant. Clear
polycarbonate plastic is strong and functional, yet attractive. A
perfect tool for persons who need a little extra assistance when
A snug fit means that the Clear Food Guard stays on the plate
securely when food is scooped up against it so that no food slips off
the plate. Tapered ends prevent the food guard from interfering with
utensils. The Food Guard can be attached quickly even by clients
with the use of just one hand. The grooved edge simply slides onto
the plate, forming a gapless fit. Fits plates ranging from 210 to
250mm (8 Qw " to 10") in diameter. Designed to nest together, taking
up less storage space. Top rack, household dishwasher safe. Sold
individually or in a package of 10.
PR65029 Individual
PR65574 Pack of 10
Plates & Cups
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Food Guard
This flexible food guard can be fitted to ordinary plates to
assist with one handed eating. Three clips attach it to the rim
of the plate and create a high inward sloping face to help
with food collection and prevent spillage. Colour White only.
Plate size 190 to 254mm (7 Qw to 10”) external diameter.
Microwave and dishwasher safe. Weight 45g.
2 Stay Warm Feeding Dish
Keep food warm for longer using this convenient dish. A chamber
under the plate is easily filled with warm water, keeping food warm
for longer. The dish also has a non slip ring which keeps the dish in
place, reducing the risk of spillage. Do not fill the plate with boiling
3 Melamine Dish
This melamine dish measures 8'' in diameter and is designed to
help with food collection. The dish is not suitable for microwaves,
but is dishwasher safe.
4 Teapot Beaker
This white plastic feeding cup with two handles has a partially
covered lid to prevent spills. The teapot style spout enables the cup
to be used at a less steep angle when drinking.
Capacity 250ml (9fl.oz).
5 Two Handled Mug
Each mug has two handles to assist control, and is supplied with
two lids, one for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout. The mug is
dishwasher safe, but not the lid. Colours may vary. Capacity 250ml
(9fl.oz). Weight 110g.
6 Clear Mug with Handle
A tough, clear plastic mug, with large, open handle to grip round or
under without making a fist. This mug is supplied with two lids, one
for anti-spill and one with a drinking spout. It is of a simple design,
stackable and easy to clean. The mug is dishwasher safe however
the lids are not, but can be used in the microwave. Capacity 300ml.
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Plastic Cup With Lid
Choose the lid that suits your clients specific needs.
The sturdy, textured Plastic Cup with Lid is available with either a
Snorkel Lid or Snap On Lid. Holds 237ml (8fl.oz.). Replacement lids
are available in a package of 6. Institutional dishwasher safe.
PR65054 Cup w/ Snorkel Lid
PR65035 Snap On Lids (6)
Cups & Beakers
2 Nose Cut-Out Beaker
Unique design enables drinking without tilting the head.
The Nose Cut-Out Beaker is ideal for people who choke easily or
cannot tilt their heads back due to neck injuries. Useful for children
who have cerebral palsy. The cut-out fits around the nose when
drinking. The 73mm (2 Ui ") wide opening allows the therapist to
observe the liquid going into the clients mouth. Available in a
regular or clear model. The regular model is made of unbreakable
plastic. The clear model is made of polypropylene plastic. Holds
237ml (8fl.oz.). Household dishwasher and microwave safe.
PR65051 Single Beaker
PR65052 Pkg. of 10
PR65067 Clear
3 Flexi Cut Cup
Drink without neck extension.
Unlike other cut cups, the Flexi Cut Cup can be squeezed gently to
change the shape of the cup lid. Made of flexible plastic with a cutout
design. Top rack household dishwasher safe. Sold in a package of 5.
Pink 1 fl. oz. (30ml)
Blue 2 fl. oz. (59ml)
4 Spill Proof Kennedy Cup
Designed specifically for rehabilitation use.
This lightweight, easy-to-grip Spill Proof Kennedy Cup has a sturdy,
screw-on lid. This cup will not spill and can be used in either a
reclined or seated position. Liquid level is visible and can be
monitored easily. Holds up to 207ml (7fl.oz.). Household dishwasher
safe and autoclavable.
5 Feeding Cup With Flow Control
Regulate drink flow and intake.
The soft rubber button release on the Feeding Cup allows control of
liquid flow and intake. Cup holds 237ml (8fl.oz.). Replacement
buttons are available in a package of 12. Institutional dishwasher
safe and autoclavable.
PR65045 Cup
PR65046 Buttons (12)
Eating & Drinking Assistance
Cups & Beakers
1 Feeding Cup and Base
Sturdy base prevents tipping.
Prevent dribbles and spills with the Feeding Cup and Base. The
mouthpiece hole will accommodate a drinking straw. The cup is
securely positioned with a 130mm (5") diameter base. Cup holds
237ml (8fl.oz). Made of sturdy polyethylene plastic. Cup and base
are sold separately. Institutional dishwasher safe and autoclavable.
PR65043 Cup
PR65044 Base
2 Dysphagia Mug
Unique shape provides control for persons with dysphagia.
This mug is designed to direct the flow of liquid to the centre of the
mouth. Allows for drinking liquids or thickened liquids without tilting
the head back. Large handle is easy to hold. Hand easily fits
through the handle, making it ideal for persons with weak grasp.
Holds 237ml (8fl.oz.). Weighted base adds stability. Household
dishwasher and microwave safe. Autoclavable. Colour may vary.
3 Doidy Cup
Unique angle reduces the need to tilt the head when drinking.
Children will love drinking from the Doidy Cup. The unique shape is
appealing to children while making drinking easy. Two handles fit
small hands. Holds up to 192ml (6 Qw fl.oz.). Household dishwasher
safe. Colour may vary.
4 Drinking straws
Adaptable straws are reusable.
These versatile drinking straws are available in large and small
Plexiglas, and flexible polyethylene. All straws measure 460mm
(18"). The small straw has a 3.2mm ( Qi ") hole and the large straw
has a 6.4mm ( Qr ") hole. The Plexiglas can be adjusted to any angle
using a heat gun. The flexible straws have a 4.95mm (3/16") hole
and can be shaped easily by hand.
PR65040 Large (5)
PR65039 Flexible (10)
5 One-Way Straws
Reduce air intake with these straws.
Liquid will not flow back down these straws after the user removes
lips. The one-way valve eliminates sucking air from an empty straw.
Ideal for persons with Parkinson's disease. Attach to glasses and
mugs with the included clips. Each package includes one 250mm
(10") and one 170mm (7") straw.
6 Novo Cup
Perfect for people who want to drink without having to be helped.
The Novo Cup allows you to drink comfortably while lying down.
Your are in complete control of the rate of flow and don’t need to be
propped up by pillows or helped by carers. Ideal for those with
restricted movement of the head and neck.
• Spill-proof when tipped over, so fewer changes of bed linen.
• Takes both hot and cold liquids
• Transparent so contents are visible
• Measurement markings
• Holds 250ml of liquid
• Dishwasher, Microwave and autoclave safe
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Thumbs Up Cup
Ideal for people with arthritic hands
Two thumb rests make this a uniquely designed cup ideal for the
arthritic hand. Insulated, moulded plastic keeps liquids hot or cold
longer, while keeping the outside of the cup comfortable to the
touch. Includes lid. Holds 325ml (11fl.oz). Weighs 118ml (4oz).
Household dishwasher and microwave safe.
Cups & Beakers
2 Sure Grip Cup
This stackable, polycarbonate mug features deep grooves allowing
a comfortable grip in the hand and resists slippage. It is suitable for
all age groups, hot and cold liquids and the virtually spill-proof,
patented valve in the lid prevents spillage. Only a small drop
escapes before the vacuum seals off the main flow. The Sure Grip
Mug has a spout, angled to facilitate easy use. Another feature of
this cup is the inclusion of a 100ml and 200ml measure guide on
the outside, this comes in useful when volumes of liquid need to be
recorded. Microwave and dishwasher safe, available in three
colours. The optional lid changes colour if the contents are in
excess of 50°C. in temperature.
PR65571 Clear
PR65572 Blue
PR65573 Pink
PR65580 Temperature regulated lid
3 Plastic drinking straw holders
Spring clip fits any size cup.
Snap this straw holder to the edge of any glass. Designed to hold
all straws of all sizes at comfortable angles. The plastic drinking
straw holder has eight holes and attaches easily with a spring
clamp fastener.
PR65041 Plastic
4 Two Handled Mug
Monitor liquid levels with this see-through mug.
Use this clear plastic mug with or without the included lid. The spout
in the lid directs the flow of liquid. The two large handles provide for
an easy grasp and the wide base helps prevent accidental tipping.
Holds 10 fl. oz. (295ml). Household dishwasher and microwave
safe. Replacement lids sold separately.
PR65616 Mug
PR65617 Replacement Lid
5 Handycup
The rim of the HANDYCUP is angled so that a person can drink
without tipping their head back to drain the glass. It can be tipped
beyond the point where a normal cup would hit the bridge of your
nose. The cup is transparent so that the level of the contents is
always visible. The cup has large handles so that the person can fit
their hand inside for better grip or can hold handles. The large base
helps to prevent tipping. Designed for people with a poor grip,
limited neck movement, a bed patient, or a person in a wheelchair
with a head-rest.
PR65646/LID Clear lid
Cups & Beakers
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 Melaware Cup
Persons with limited grasp can hold this cup confidently.
The thumb and index finger slip easily around the narrow stem of
the Melaware Cup. Ideal when finger strength is decreased. Holds
237ml (8fl.oz.). Melamine cup is institutional dishwasher safe but
cannot be microwaved.
2 Insulated Mug
Keep drinks at the right temperature.
The Insulated Mug With Lid helps keep liquids hot or cold longer.
Large handle makes grasping easier and the sealing lid helps
prevent spilling. Straw hole directs the flow of liquid. Made of
durable polypropylene. Holds 142ml (12fl.oz.). Household
dishwasher and microwave safe.
The Weighted Insulated Mug With Lid has the same features as the
insulated Mug With Lid, with the added feature of a weighted rubber
base that helps prevent accidental tipping. Ideal for people with
tremors. Weighs 269g (9 Qw oz.). Household dishwasher safe but
cannot be microwaved. Replacement lids for both mugs are
available in a package of 6.
PR65030 Insulated Mug
PR65630 Weighted Insulated Mug
PR65035 Replacement Snap On Lids (6)
PR65068 Snorkel lids (6)
3 Insulated Mug
A quality insulated mug at a great value.
This polypropylene mug keeps liquids hot or cold as necessary.
Foam insulated and break-resistant. Holds 237ml (8fl.oz.). Can be
used with the Snorkel or the Snap On Lid, sold separately in a
package of 6. Household dishwasher and microwave safe.
Insulated Mug
Snap On Lids (6)
4 Feeding Cup With Long Spout
Large spout for intake without dribbling.
The Feeding Cup with Long Spout features a mouthpiece that is
large enough to hold a straw. The spout can be cut down as skills
improve. Place a finger over the air vent to easily regulate the flow
of liquid. Holds 237ml (8fl.oz.). Made of polypropylene plastic.
Available with or without handles. Replacement lids are sold in a
package of 3. Household dishwasher safe.
Cup with handle and 2 lids narrow and wide spouts
PR65033-3L Lids (3)
Cups (20)
Eating & Drinking Assistance
1 China Cup and Saucer
This lightweight attractive bone china cup and saucer is suitable for
those with poor grip. The cup has handles on both sides to provide
additional stability. Microwave and Dishwasher safe.
Weight Cup: 190g (6.7 oz) Saucer: 130g (4 Qw oz)
Volume: 160ml
Cups & Beakers
2 Easi 2 Drink
Difficulty with drinking? Problems with tremors? This innovative
device has been specially designed to aid drinking without spilling.
A plastic insert placed in the mug restricts wave motion and the
tendency for the liquid to spill. Inserts are manufactured in food
quality plastic and will withstand 0-100°c temperature range. Inserts
are easily removed for cleaning and can be used over and over
again. Additives such as sugar and milk can be added and stirred
before pushing the insert into the mug. Each ceramic mug comes
complete with insert and stainless steel extractor. The mug and
insert are dishwasher safe.
3 Nosey Cup
The rim of the Nosey Cup is angled so that a person can drink
without tipping their head back to drain the glass. It can be tipped
beyond the point where a normal cup would hit the bridge of your
nose. The glass is transparent so that the level of the contents is
always visible. The bottom of the bowl is rounded to assist draining
the contents and to make washing easy. The short stem and
tapered cup make the glass easy to grasp. The large base helps to
prevent tipping. Designed for people with a poor grip, limited neck
movement, a bed patient, or a person in a wheelchair with a headrest. Capacity 8oz (260ml).
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