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Owners Manual
© 2008 American Hi-Striker, Inc.
2 Player Twister Water Race Game
Power Requirements:
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Water System:
The water system is a self contained recirculating system, consisting of a:
12 VDC pump.
4-5 Gallon reservoir tank.
Screen mesh filter.
(2) 12 VDC water solenoids
Note: 4-5 Gallons of clean water in the holding tank is required for the water
system to function properly, frequent cleaning of the filter and changing the
water will insure a long life for the unit. It is recommended that distilled water
be used to help reduce game maintenance.
This unit is controlled by 1 main controller board.
The Twister poles are controlled by their drive motor.
All other functions are controlled by this main board.
Power for the electronics are located on a 12 VDC power supply unit
located in the rear of the game above the outlet box.
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Game Set Up
1. Select the location for game placement.
2. Remove the box covering the game.
3. Remove the seat floor plate from the back of the game and set aside for installation later on.
4. Remove the seat bench top from the front of the game and place it with the seat floor plate.
5. Carefully remove the game from it’s packing skid.
*Note- This operation may require three or, four people as this game is Heavy. To assist in
moving this game off of the skid it may require the use of a suitable dolly. Also, if the game
is to be moved more than a couple of feet it is recommended to use a four wheel dolly under
the center of the game.
6. Open the rear door and remove the (2) seat posts that are screwed to the game cabinet floor.
The game keys can be found “zip tied” to the bottom of gun #1.
7. Place game in the final location.
*Note- While most servicing is done through the front of the game it is recommended to
leave at least 12" in the rear of the game to allow access.
8. Carefully remove shrink wrap protecting game. Place the Lexan cover aside. This will be later
used in step 15.
9. Remove the 4 wood wedges securing the top into position.
*Note- Do not discard this hardware as it will be used to secure the top in the upright
10. Lift the front edge of the top marquee and carefully slide it forward until the first set of
mounting holes line up. When the holes are lined up have a second and/or third person place the
carriage bolts in the front holes. Place the washers and nuts but, do not tighten up at this time.
11. Once the front carriage bolts are installed. Carefully lift the marquee up into place. The
marquee will “hinge” up rotating on the front carriage bolts. The pack support pillow can be
discarded at this time.
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12. When the marquee is just about upright have someone carefully guide the wires of the
marquee through the hole in the lower cabinet.
13. Once the marquee is stood up in place. Install the back carriage bolts. Tighten all nuts at this
*Note- Some model games may have had a third hole in the center. If your game has a third
hole. Install the carriage bolts into this position. These extra carriage bolts can be found in
the coin drop box.
14. Remove the tape and cardboard supports that stabilize the top Twister columns.
15. Carefully position the plush toys onto the pins on top of the Twister columns.
16. Remove the protective film cover on the lexan and install into the “Z-rails” on either side of
the upper cabinet.
*Note- For ease of install. Place one end of the Lexan into the Z-rail and gently bow the
Lexan around the front of the columns and slide the loose side into the other Z-rail. The
notch must be placed towards the bottom when installed.
17. Slide the seat floor plate underneath the front of the game cabinet.
18. Open the lower coin box drop door. The will allow access to the mounting holes for the seat
floor plate.
19. Line up the holes in the cabinet with the holes in the seat floor plate. Install the (2) bolts
provided. This hardware can be found located in the coin drop box.
20. Bolt the seat posts to the seat bench using the hardware provided. This hardware can be found
located in the coin drop box.
21. Now place the seat bench onto the floor plate and line up the mounting hole. Install the (4)
bolts provided..
22. Plug the power cord into a suitable AC outlet.
23. Remove the black grate covering the tank reservoir.
24. Throughly clean tank of any debris.
25. Using a bucket fill the reservoir with 4-5 gallons of water.
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*Note- While any water can be used. It is recommended that distilled water be used. This
will help reduce maintenance and spotting as distilled water has less minerals that cause
build up.
26. Replace black grate.
27. Open the front door to access the water pump system.
28. Attach a small garden hose to the fitting located on the front of the water pump assembly. The
other hose end should be run into a bucket.
29. Turn the game on. The power switch is located in the rear of the game behind the access door.
30. At this point it will be necessary to “purge” the water system of air.
31. To purge the system simply coin up both player stations for operation. When the game starts
slowly open the blue handle valve. This will allow water to run through the hose into the bucket.
Run the water till it comes out with a smooth stream with no air. When you have a smooth stream
slowly close the blue valve. This will start transferring the water to the guns.
Run the water through the guns until they stop “sputtering’ and a smooth steady stream comes
from the nozzle.
*Note-This operation may require one or, two game plays to completely purge the system of
32. Remove the garden hose from the game.
*Note-To reduce the chance of spilling. It is recommended to place a folded paper towel
underneath the fitting when removing the garden hose. Also, once the hose it removed
immediately lift the hose away from the game and to a level higher than the bucket. This
will allow all water to run from the hose into the bucket.
33. Turn game off as soon as pumping action stops.
34. Set game play “dip switch” options for your required use. These setting can be found in the
programming area following these set up instructions.
35. Power game up and test game play.
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Redemption Default
Dip Switch Settings for Twister
Switch #1 and #2 Coins Per Play:
1 Off, 2 Off
1 On, 2 Off
1 Off, 2 On
1 On, 2 On
= Free Play
= 1 Quarter per play*
= 2 Quarter per play
= 3 Quarter per play
Switch #3 and #4 Win Tickets
and Mercy Tickets
3 Off, 4 Off
3 On, 4 Off
3 Off, 4 On
3 On, 4 On
= 5 Tickets to Winner, 3 Mercy*
= 10 Tickets to Winner, 5 Mercy
= 15 Tickets to Winner, 8 Mercy
= Programable Ticket Payout
(see procedure)
Switch #5
Switch #6 Track Length
Factory Set Do Not Alter
= 2980
= 2000*
Switch #7
Water attract mode On/Off*
Switch #8 Attract Sound
= Enable*
= Disable
*Indicates factory defalts
Page 5
Setup procedure for programmable software for the redemption games.
Version # RDEMPTL.1.80 is set up for a ticket payout from 0 to 30 for the winner and a ticket
payout from 0 to 30 for mercies.
Procedure for setup of the new software:
1. Power the game down and set the dip switches on the main board to the following
settings: #3 ON #4 ON
2. Hold down on the trigger button for player #1 and turn the game on.
3. The buttons will flash a few times, when they stop flashing release the trigger button.
4. The game is now in configuring mode ready for ticket payout changes.
5. To change to payout for the winning player press the trigger button (on player #1)
once, the lamp inside of the trigger button will flash indicating the amount of payout.
6. Each subsequent press of the button will advance the ticket count by one. The lamp
will flash the number of times that the ticket payout is set for. You must wait for the
lamp to finish flashing before you can increment the ticket payout.
7. Continue to do so until you have reached the desired payout maximum of 30 tickets. If
you go beyond your payout amount you will need to cycle through the ticket count. It
will roll over when you reach 30 tickets.
8. To set the amount of mercy tickets you will use the same procedure for setting the
winning tickets by pressing the trigger buttons on player #2.
9. Once the desired amount for winning and mercies are reached power down the game
wait 10 seconds and power the game back up. After the posting process finishes you
are now ready to play games with the new ticket payout.
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Parts List
Main Control PCB
Drive Motor Twister
Main power “IN” fused by a 1.25” X .25” 7.5 amp glass tube fuse.
Water pump is fused by 2 automotive mini blade 7.5 amp fuses.
Top header back lamp is fused by an automotive mini blade 7.5 amp fuse.
Water solenoids are fused by an automotive mini blade 3 amp fuse.
Individual players are fused by an automotive mini blade 2 amp fuse.
Player ready lamps (located in the gun switch assembly)
Top chase lamps.
Low ticket lamps
Trigger push-button
Target switch actuator
Target switch sensor
On/Off Switch
Water System:
Water solenoids
Gun tip
Gun cover w/switches
Page 7
Possible Cause
Game starts but no water
comes out of the guns
Tank water level may be low
Valve on filter may be closed
Filter may be clogged
Tip of gun barrel may be clogged
Fuse to water pump may be blown
Fuse to water solenoids may be blown
Faulty water pump
Faulty solenoids
Faulty main board
Check level and fill if necessary
Check valve
Inspect filter clean or replace
Clean nozzle using paper clip
Check fuse replace if necessary
Check fuse replace if necessary
Check and/or replace
Check and/or replace
Check and/ or replace
Twister Columns won’t go
Faulty target switch
Faulty main board
Faulty or disconnected target harness
Faulty or disconnected drive motor
Check target switch & spring
Check and/or replace
Check and/or replace
Check and/or replace motor
Game starts by itself
PCB memory corrupt
Reset memory by powering game
up with player #2 buttons
Sound Problems
No Sound
Low Sound
Low volume
Faulty speaker
Faulty main board
Speaker harness disconnected
Check and adjust volume
Check and/or replace
Check and/or replace
Check and/or repair
Game does not power up
Game not plugged into AC outlet
Main game power switch turned off
Main fuse blown
Faulty power supply
Faulty main board
Check cord, plug in if necessary
Check switch, turn on if needed
Check and/or replace
Check and/or replace
Check and/or replace
If you have any questions or comments, please contact our service department
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