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BWT bestmax PREMIUM – filter system for water optimisation in t
A booming sector
The coffee sector is one of the booming areas
of business in the catering industry. Coldfiltered coffees are providing new taste experiences; carefully-brewed French press coffees
are trendy; espresso etc. are well established;
premium vending is growing; and fine teas are
also making an impact. Many young people
and coffee and tea enthusiasts are turning their
love into a profession by training as baristas
or tea sommeliers and opening their own
businesses. If you work with coffee and tea
specialities professionally, then you know that
good ingredients, the right technical equipment,
good craftsmanship, knowledge, expertise, and
above all a real passion are the very best foundation for earning money with tea and coffee.
Premium water
One ingredient is increasingly attracting the
attention of professional baristas and tea sommeliers. That’s right: we are talking about water
– the process medium and extraction agent that
makes up a not-insignificant 90–98 % of every
coffee or tea. BWT water+more plays a crucial
role in providing you with the right technologies
and products for water optimisation.
BWT bestmax PREMIUM is the filtration solution
that allows you to refine raw water into a premium water that satisfies the high standards of
professional baristas and tea experts in every
Technology goes Flavour
Magnesium is not only extremely significant physiologically, but is also considered an important flavour carrier – a fact that you can use to your advantage
with BWT bestmax PREMIUM. Scientists at the University of Bath, UK, studied
the influence of the Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentration on coffee extraction1. They
found that a higher Mg2+ content in water allowed the goodness of the coffee to
be extracted much more effectively. Incidentally, this first scientific evidence is in
line with experience gathered in practice. Customers report that their coffee and
tea specialities taste even better when they start using BWT bestmax PREMIUM
filters. These allow the flavours to sing out better and the crema on espressos
becomes more homogenous, with finer pores and a good, deliciously melt-in-themouth consistency.
Relative cation content
in water
+25 %
BWT bestmax PREMIUM alters the mineral
balance in favour of magnesium (Mg2+)
Up to 25 % better coffee extraction with gourmet water from BWT bestmax PREMIUM
T he Role of Dissolved Cations in Coffee Extraction, Christopher H. Hendon et al., J. Agric. Food Chem. 2014, 62, 4947−4950
Innovation Prize of the State of Upper Austria, 2011
the catering industry
Limescale source – no thanks!
Off flavour – no thanks!
Just like all our filter solutions, BWT bestmax PREMIUM also
has a multi-stage design. With multiple filter levels arranged
in series, you can remove not only particles such as sand
and rust but also dissolved organic compounds, as well as
reducing the heavy metal, chlorine and chlorine compound
content. Even the finest particles and colloidal suspended
matter are filtered out of the raw water. Another truly special
feature: BWT bestmax PREMIUM also optimises the water
fed in through the blend partial flow, in order to completely
remove all off flavour components from the water.
In addition to the outstanding sensory qualities that BWT bestmax PREMIUM undoubtedly
brings to the coffee and tea community, it still
begs the question of whether this filter system
also produces the necessary performance in
terms of calcium minimisation. Is it really a
good idea to release Mg2+ – a limescale former
just like Ca2+ – into the water?
This concern is entirely unfounded: BWT
bestmax PREMIUM has sufficient capacity to
sequester Ca2+ and remove it from the water
in the correct quantity. In addition, the Mg2+ it
is replaced with is much less prone to forming
difficultly-soluble carbonates than its equivalent
Ca2+. Nature helps us here, as magnesium
carbonate is approximately ten times more
soluble than the equivalent calcium compound.
BWT bestmax PREMIUM thus undoubtedly
has the necessary limescale prevention power
to protect your coffee and vending machines
reliably against limescale deposits and their
High-performance ion exchanger in the
BWT bestmax PREMIUM filter system
Raw water
Removes calcium (Ca2+,
causes hardness) from the
raw water
Optimised water
Mineralises the optimised
water with magnesium
(Mg2+, flavour carrier)
Customer benefits at a glance
Outstanding technology
Excellent in practice
A highlight economically
Multi-stage filter with BWT Magnesium
Mineralises water with the flavour carrier
Adjusts the mineral ratio in favour of
Removes all unwanted off flavour by-products
Integral optimisation of main flow and blend
water in partial flow
For coffee, coffee specialities and tea in the
catering and vending industries
Premium water with high extraction power
Efficient and reliable limescale prevention for
all machines
High sensory quality of the water and the
products made with it
Flexible: just one universal filter head for all
filter types and sizes
Comprehensive service from trained support
point dealers and partner companies
High capacity, infrequent
filter replacement
Lower energy costs
High availability and
uninterrupted machine
running times
Value retention for
Huge leverage
With BWT bestmax PREMIUM, you have a
unique tool that gives you a crucial advantage
for water optimisation in the catering industry:
the optimised extraction will be able to
develop its typical flavours in full. This allows
the natural taste nuances in your speciality
coffee in particular to stand out much more
clearly. If you would like to try BWT bestmax
PREMIUM for yourself, please contact your
local service partner or visit us at
BWT Magnesium Technology
BWT bestmax PREMIUM is the only filter system in the
world to use the patented BWT Magnesium Technology,
which has been awarded an innovation prize2. One of the
filter levels of BWT bestmax PREMIUM contains a highperformance ion exchanger that carries out two functions at
the same time. It is able both to remove the calcium (Ca2+)
– which is responsible for limescale in coffee machines –
from the water and to mineralise the water with magnesium
(Mg2+, see graphic). This is a good exchange, as
BWT bestmax PREMIUM not only adjusts the mineral
ratio in favour of magnesium, but also pays off in a wide
range of ways in beverage preparation in the catering
and vending industries.
Product solutions from BWT water+more
BWT water+more offers the catering industry filtration systems
with which you can optimise water: for limescale prevention in
your machines and for the high sensory quality of the water
and the products you make with it. With our products
BWT bestmax – the all-rounder,
BWT bestprotect – the protector,
BWT bestmax PREMIUM – der the taste expert and
BWT bestmax BALANCE – the natural one,
you can optimise almost any water, anywhere, for any catering
application. Use the experience and technologies of
BWT water+more to supply your business and your processes
with the perfect water efficiently! Find out more at
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