Coiled-Tubing Conveyed ESeal HP Patch Restores

Case Study
Coiled-Tubing Conveyed ESeal™ HP Patch
Restores Integrity - Prevents Redrill in Marcellus Shale
A major Operator in the Marcellus required a solution to seal squeeze perforations which would have to
withstand high pressure frac operations. The area Regulatory Agency had suspended operations, not
allowing completion of the well due to poor cement behind the production casing. The Operator was
required to perforate the production casing and squeeze cement. The cement squeeze alone would not
hold up to the high pressures required to frac the well. A solid expandable ESeal High-Performance (HP)
Patch was the only solution that would meet the requirements and enable the Operator to complete the
well. Sidetracking or a replacement well was not an economic option.
Added Value
Coiled-tubing was on site to perform the required
cement squeeze. Since the ESeal HP Patch could be
run on coiled-tubing, it eliminated the need to mobilize
additional equipment, saving the Operator time and
money. The ESeal HP Patch was installed in the 87
degree angle wellbore and tested to 9,900 psi
following installation – more than enough to withstand
the planned frac pressures. Installation of the coiledtubing conveyed ESeal HP Patch restored wellbore
integrity, satisfied regulatory requirements, ultimately
saving the well.
Completion Date:
February 2015
Washington Co., PA, USA
Marcellus Shale
Well Type:
Base Casing:
5-1/2 in. 20 lb/ft
4-1/4 in. ESeal HP Patch
8,314 ft (2,534 m)
Liner Length:
24 ft (8 m)
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