Minipresso is the world’s most compact espresso machine.
Being hand-operated, Minipresso requires no batteries or electricity.
All you need is boiling water and your favorite ground coffee.
The semi-automatic piston injects water through the coffee adapter,
delivering a rich & bold espresso. Minipresso has been
designed for people with active lifestyles.
Minipresso GR
Doesn’t matter if you’re going
away for few hours or a fortnight,
space and weight are major
factors when you select your
travel equipment. Minipresso
has been designed to be the
smallest, lightest and most versatile
handheld espresso machine.
Innovative & Powerful
Minipresso ease of use lies in its
conception. With the help of
the semi-automatic piston, small
quantities of water are injected
into the coffee adapter. After few
pushes, the optimal extraction
pressure is achieved. A rich and
bold espresso is extracted.
Efficient & Easy to use
Besides being aesthetically
pleasant with its modern and
slick design, Minipresso contains
an ingenious core, the semiautomatic piston. Unlock it from
its carrying position and press it
at will to control the amount of
extracted coffee.
Overall length
6.89 in / 175 mm
Overall weight
0.8 lbs / 360 grams
Average pressure
116 psi / 8 bars
Minipresso NS
Minipresso NS uses Nespresso®*
capsules to prepare espresso.
The advantage is that the coffee
is ground, measured, tamped,
with a higher precision than we
are capable of doing. There is very
little left for error, so your espresso
is great every time. It’s also more
convenient, mess free and easier
to clean after use. Minipresso
NS is compatible with the large
variety of capsules proposed by
Minipresso NS is your best choice
to quickly enjoy up to 45ml of
delicious espresso at home, in the
office and on the go.
175x70x60 mm
6.89x2.75x2.36 in
350 g 0.78 lbs
Water capacity
70 ml 2.35 oz
Average pressure
8 bar 116 psi
Cleaning brush and built-in
espresso cup
Minipresso NS is very simple and
intuitive to operate. Add any
compatible capsules into the
outlet head. Add hot water into
the water tank. Unlock the piston
from its travel position and pump
a few strokes to pressurize and
extract delicious espresso with
generous crema. control the
amount of extracted coffee.
*Nespresso® is a third-party brand
that has no connection with
Wacaco Company Limited.
Minipresso Case
Minipresso Case is made of durable
EVA material and soft fabric interior
lining. It is specially designed to
fit around the Minipresso GR or
CA and helps protect it from any
bumps, scratches and dust. With
the addition of the Minipresso
Case be ready for your next big
200x80x70 mm / 7.90x3.15x2.75in
80gr / 0.18lbs
Overall length
6.89 in / 175 mm
Built-in attachment loop
for carabiner
Minipresso Kit
Minipresso Kit is a combination
of the Minipresso Tank+ and
three additional Minipresso GR
filter baskets with caps. The filter
baskets, filled with ground coffee,
can be stored inside the large
water tank. It’s an easy way to
carry all you need to prepare
espresso shots for you and your
friends during a long day hike.
Note that the portable espresso
machine, Minipresso GR, showed
on some of the pictures nearby is
sold separately.
152x60x60 mm /
6.00x2.36x2.36 in
220gr / 0.49lbs
Water capacity
120ml / 4.05oz
Contain 3 filter baskets with cap
and a built-in
espresso cup.
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