Use a suitable RCD (Residual Current Operated
Device) to reduce the risk of electric shock.
Contact Event Furniture Limited for information
and advice on the suitability and safety of this type
of equipment. There is a risk of injury if you do
not follow the instructions printed in this guide.
This equipment should only be used by a
competent adult who has read and understood
these instructions. Anyone with a temporary or
permanent disability should seek expert advice
before using the equipment.
Keep all children, animals and bystanders away from
the work area. Ensure the floor of the work area is
free from trip hazards and non-slip.
Ensure the water boiler and power socket are
switched off before plugging in.
Never use the equipment if you are ill, tired
or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Never operate electrical switches with wet hands.
Always switch off and unplug the equipment
from the power supply before moving or
cleaning. Check the equipment before use, if it
shows signs of damage request a replacement.
Insert a new filter into the filter pan and fill it with the
desired quantity of ground coffee. Re-fit the filter pan
to the machine.
Product Code
The equipment is designed to plug directly into a
standard 240volt, 13 amp socket. Make sure the
equipment and power socket are switched off
before plugging into the power supply.
If the equipment fails to operate or the power cable
or plug becomes damaged, contact Event Furniture
Limited. Do not try to repair it yourself.
Keep the power cable out of harm’s way.
Extension leads should be unwound fully, never run
them through water, over sharp objects or where
they may be a trip hazard.
Position the unit where it is to be used and ensure that
it is level. The unit should be positioned to give easy
access to the user yet sufficiently out of the way to
reduce the risk of it being touched or knocked.
Connect to the power supply and switch the unit on at
the on/off switch, the power light will illuminate.
Use the decanter to fill the water container with
the desired quantity of water, the indicator light
will illuminate.
Place the bung on the decanter and position the
decanter under the filter immediately. The hot water
will start to circulate.
As soon as the indicator light has switched off, the
hot water will stop circulating and it will take another
minute for the coffee to pass through the filter. Only
then will the coffee be ready to serve.
If necessary the full decanter can now be placed on
the upper heating plate. Switch on the upper heating
plate, the indicator light will illuminate. It is now
possible to brew coffee with the second decanter.
Never attempt to move the unit with hot or cold
water inside, always drain the unit first, using
the dispensing tap.
Always ensure there is sufficient water to cover the
heating element, but never overfill or it could boil
Contact: Event Furniture Ltd. 01922 628961
Do not let the unit boil dry, the heater element may
burn out.
Once you have finished with the unit, switch off and
unplug. Allow the unit to cool completely before
draining off as much water as possible via the
dispensing tap. Any remaining water can then be
tipped out.
Disconnect from the mains supply before cleaning
and allow the unit to cool.
Do not use sharp objects, metal scrapers, wire brushes
or wire wool pads as they can scratch the steel.
Do not use bleach or any corrosive detergent as they
will damage the surface of the unit.
Rinse thoroughly and finally wipe the exterior with a
damp cloth.
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