Brewing / Cleaning Guide
LCC Classic Select Roast Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee
Enjoy all the rich flavor you’ve been looking for from a liquid coffee with the added convenience and
flexibility of on-demand equipment. The following step by step guide will ensure your success with
the operation and maintenance of your Classic Select Roast shelf stable liquid coffee program.
Filling The Machine
Release Lever
1. Insert box into cooler with box
spout cut out and instructions
facing the front of the machine.
Follow packaging directions:
1) Remove Circle A and lift
flap B (do not tear off)
2) Slide bag spout into circular
3)Lock bag spout in place
with flap B
2. Remove the foil label from the
spout and 1) insert Quick-Clic
into spout until 2) it clicks with
the bag spout.
3. With a cup in position, set the
toggle switches to Run and Prime
positions. Press the regular coffee
selection until the liquid fills the
tube and then begins to fill the
cup. Do the same for the decaf
selection. After priming, set the
toggle to normal. It is now ready
for brewing.
4. When changing the Bag-in-Box,
press the release lever on the
Quick-Clic. Carefully remove and
wipe clean. Remove the empty
Bag-in-Box and replace with new
Classic Select Roast product.
Door Instruction
Brewing Guide
Note: If pump tubing needs to
be replaced call Kraft service
at 1-800-7-MAXWEL. The
replacement instructions are
on the interior of door.
1. When filling a cup, position
under the nozzle, press and hold
coffee or decaf selection until
the cup is 2/3 full and release
the selection. If needed, the stop
button can be pressed to keep the
cup from overflowing.
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2. When filling a glass bowl (carafe), place in position under spout. First
press the carafe selection, then press the coffee or decaf to fill the carafe.
The selection can be preset to automatically stop at 60 ounces. If needed,
the stop button can be pressed to keep the carafe from over filling.
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Brewing / Cleaning Guide
LCC Classic Select Roast Shelf Stable Liquid Coffee
Cleaning Unit
Air Filter
1. Open unit door. Remove Quick-Clic
from spout, wipe clean and place in a
container of clean hot water.
2. Set the toggle switches to the
Rinse and Run position. Press
the appropriate coffee or decaf
selection that the container is
in and dispense until the liquid
becomes clear.
3. Remove and wash the air filter, drip tray and
drip tray cover in a mild detergent. Rinse and
dry the items thoroughly.
4. With a clean damp cloth, wipe
down both the inside and outside
of the machine door, including
the nozzle and back splash.
NOTE: Follow Weekly Sanitizing Guide Instructions On Inside Of Door
For Service Call Kraft: 1•800•7•MAXWEL
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