Pneumatic Control Manual 717.1
Repair Parts for Discontinued Products Section
Instruction Bulletin T-460-B
Issue Date 06B1
Dual Room Thermostat
Control Pressure: The relay should be adjusted in
accordance with Instruction Bulletin R-351A. If the
control pressure from the thermostat does not build
up to equal the supply pressure when the control port
is closed, the lid alignment tools should be used to
align the lid with the control port.
Turn pointers to the side and lift guide and night
strip forward as far as possible.
Remove the two screws holding the plate and
then remove plate.
Remove damaged bellows.
Replacing the Indexing Bellows
Reassembling Instructions
Disassembling Instructions
Screw in new bellows and tighten.
Remove thermostat from pipehead.
Replace plate, Fig. 1.
Remove dial, control port lid, and indexing
Adjust stop screw so the plate rests on stop
screw with cam in position shown in Fig. 1.
Release spring holding the guide and night strip.
Turn center saucer plate screw until plate begins
to rise from stop screw. Turn saucer plate screw
back 1/2 turn.
Replace indexing springs.
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Adjustment of Indexing Springs
With the thermostat mounted in the wall and low
supply pressure for day control the springs should be
adjusted so the cam is positioned to hold the night
strip away from the control port lid. The spring
adjusting screws should stick out beyond the upper
part of the arm approximately 1/32 in. as shown in
Fig. 1. Switching the supply pressure to the high
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2 T-460 Instruction Bulletin
side night control the cam should rotate enough to
allow the night strip to operate the control port lid
without interference from the cam.
Pushbutton Control Adjustment
The pushbutton screws shown in Fig. 2 should be
turned in or out to properly match the button on the
thermostat cover.
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