The Use of Compostable Cups on Campus

The Use of Compostable Cups on Campus
This Union Notes:
1. That the coffee cups currently used by Student Union outlets are not recyclable because:
a. A conventional coffee is made with cardboard lined with plastic; although these are
recyclable separately they are not when combined.
b. Coffee residue contaminates the cup
2. That non-recyclable coffee cups add an extra 25000 tonnes of waste to landfill each year.1
3. That worldwide12 billion gallons of water are used and 20 million trees are cut down during the
process of manufacturing a paper cup.2
4. That the Student Union Environment Policy states that they aim to reduce waste sent to landfill
by 20% by 2019/2020.3
5. That the University of Cambridge has introduced Vegware and now save 1.5 tonnes of carbon
per month.4
6. That between April 2015 and November 2016 Student Union outlets ordered 68500 nonrecyclable takeaway cups5
This Union Believes:
1. That we have a duty to reduce waste and could implement this by using compostable coffee
2. That compostable coffee cups would benefit the environment due to their biodegradable
This Union Resolves:
1. To mandate the Democracy and Development Officer (DDO)and Environment and Ethics (EE)
Officer to work with SU commercial services to explore the feasibility of introducing compostable
cups in all of its outlets as soon as practically possible.
2. To mandate the DDO & EE Officer to lobby the university to introduce compostable cups in all its
outlets across campus.
3. To mandate the DDO & EE Officer to lobby the university for the introduction of compostable
bins acoss campus, simultaneously with the compostable cup introduction.,-LGA-says/41313
Warwick Students Union Staff
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