Thank you for Volunteering for duties at The Capri Candy Bar. Candy Bar Staff are very much
‘Front of House’, so your appearance, attitude and service, reflect not only on yourself, but also on
the total ‘Capri’ management / volunteer ethic. As you volunteer, you will be accountable to, and
report to, the Theatre Manager or, in his absence, the Duty Manager. Please be aware that, for
safety and security reasons, surveillance cameras linked to monitors and recorders are positioned
throughout the theatre.
There are important matters that have legal and safety implications, as outlined in our Workplace
Health and Safety Guidelines (Appendix 1 in the Volunteer Guidelines Folder located in the
Switch Room and Candy Bar). Please make sure you are familiar with this document.
There are also routine tasks (listed 2. below) which you will be expected to perform. It is essential
that you familiarise yourself with these requirements, as detailed in the relevant instruction sheets
attached. If you have any questions, these should be referred in the first instance to the Duty
As it is not possible to cover every eventuality / requirement, there will be times when you will need
to seek guidance or use your own initiative. In the event that there are two or more volunteers
working in the Candy Bar, the Duty Manager will direct as to the person to be in nominal charge
for that work period.
There is always ‘something to be done’ in the Candy Bar!
2.1 – General Tasks
2.2 – Point of Sale
2.3 – Coffee Machine/Tea
2.4 – Popcorn
2.5 – Stock Management
2.6 – Alcohol Service
2.7 – Choc Tops
Issue: 2 « Date: 7/11/17
2.1 – General Tasks
Turn on the lights for the candy bar area, which can be found in the cupboard next to the drinks
fridge. There are 6 switches in total that look like standard light switches.
Beer & Wine Fridge
At the beginning of your shift, please remove the brown wooden trays and stack them neatly
under the drawers. Turn on the light inside the fridge. The switch for this can be found on the
power point at the end of the counter by the EFTPOS machine. It is the middle switch.
The remote control for the air-conditioner can be found on the counter top by the EFTPOS
machine. The settings are automatic so simply point the remote at the unit on the wall and press
the power button. Please remember to turn the system off if you are on the closing shift. In
Summer, if the temperature in the daytime is 36 degrees or over, please leave the air-conditioner
on overnight so the Haigh’s chocolates don’t melt.
At all times it is important to keep tables, chairs and counters clean and tidy. We have green
cloths that are to be used for cleaning surfaces only and blue cloths that are to be used for
cleaning the popcorn machine. Surfaces must be cleaned using warm water and an all purpose
disinfectant cleaner. The cloth should then be rinsed in warm soapy water for re-use. Cloths
should be disposed of weekly at the end of close on a Sunday night. Please make sure all dishes
are washed by the end of your shift.
End Of Shift
If you are on the closing shift then you should pull down the security screen when you leave. There
is a pole with a hook hanging above the Candy Bar telephone that you can use to pull the screen
Issue: 2 « Date: 7/11/17
2.2 – Point of Sale
There is a fixed POS terminal in the Candy Bar located above the cash drawer. For busy sessions
and events, the Duty Officer or Manager will bring out a second portable terminal to use. During
school holidays, a register will be setup outside the Candy Bar, along with a bollard system to
guide guests along, so that they pay after collecting their goods, similar to a canteen setup.
1. Collect your float from the Duty Officer in the tin provided.
2. Check that the breakdown of denominations is correct, as listed below:
8 x $20
25 x $2
10 x $10
20 x $1
10 x $5
20 x 50c
3. If it’s not correct, please advise the Duty Officer.
4. Place the money in the cash drawer.
5. The Duty Officer will have already logged you in to the Point of Sale system. If the screen is
black, simply press the white window icon on the right of the screen, then swipe upwards.
6. You are now ready to sell items.
1. Start by scanning the barcode of the item/s the customer wishes to purchase.
2. You can also select an item/s by pressing the corresponding button for the product on the
screen. The products are listed over 5 pages. The home page lists Popular items and the other
pages group products into the following categories, Confectionary/Chips, Haighs, Drinks and
Ice Creams. You can navigate between the pages by using the grey navigation buttons
towards the bottom of the screen.
3. Once all of the customer’s chosen items appear in the order list on the right of the screen,
press the Veezi button in the bottom right corner of the screen to go to the payment screen.
If you accidentally scan/enter an item twice, simply press on the item in the order list to
highlight it, then press Delete.
If a customer decides they don’t want the items, simply press Abort.
To sell multiples of the one item, press Multi, then press the button for the item you want, enter
the amount of items required, then press Enter.
1. On the payment screen you have three choices:
Press the Cash button to pay the exact
amount in cash (i.e. no change). Press the appropriate Tender Icon(s) to receive a cash
payment. If change needs to be given, the amount will be displayed.
Press the Amount to Pay
button to enter the specific amount the customer has given you. Press the Enter button to
Issue: 4 « Date: 7/11/17
return to the payment screen and then the Cash button to receive a cash payment of the
specified amount. 2. Press the Veezi button to complete the transaction. PROCESSING ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS
1. On the payment screen you have two choices:
Press the Credit/Debit button to pay the exact
amount. Press the Amount to Pay button and enter a specific amount. Press the Enter button
to return to the payment screen and then the Credit/Debit button to receive payment for the
specified amount.
2. Press the Veezi button to complete the transaction. 3. Go to the EFTPOS machine and touch the screen to activate or press the Enter key.
4. Select Purchase from the menu on the touch screen.
5. Enter the amount, then press Enter.
6. The terminal will prompt for cash out amount. We do not offer this service from the Candy
Bar so simply press Enter.
7. The terminal will prompt to present a card.
a. For chip cards with PayWave technology:
i. Have the customer present the card over the screen until the four indicator lights
illuminate green.
b. For chip cards without PayWave technology or cards with a magnetic stripe only:
i. Insert the chip card into the terminal as far as it will go and leave it there. For
magnetic stripe only cards, swipe the card down the side of the terminal.
ii. The terminal will prompt to select the account type. Select this by pressing the
Cheque, Savings or Credit button on the screen, as indicated by the customer.
iii. Have the cardholder enter their PIN and press enter when prompted.
8. The terminal will process the transaction and print the merchant’s receipt. Place this in the
cash drawer. Please keep the receipts in chronological order.
9. If the cardholder would like a copy of the receipt, select Yes on the screen. If not, press No.
1. On the payment screen you have three choices:
a) Press the Voucher button to pay the exact amount with a voucher. b) If the customer is using a voucher as a part payment, press the Amount to Pay button and
enter a specific amount. Press the Enter button to return to the payment screen and then
the Voucher button to receive a voucher payment of the specified amount.
c) If the customer is not using the full amount of their voucher, then press the Voucher
button to pay the full amount owed, then record on the voucher how much has been
used, then add the date and your signature.
2. Press the Veezi button to complete the transaction.
Issue: 4 « Date: 7/11/17
1. Press Discount.
2. Select or scan the item/s the volunteer would like.
3. Select the type of discount:
a) Staff Discount 25% - for when a volunteer is attending a movie session and buying
b) Staff Free Item – for when a volunteer is working and is owed their food and drink items.
4. Press the Veezi button to complete the transaction.
If stock is past its ‘best before’ date then we sell it at a marked down rate. This will generally be at
25% off the standard price. At the beginning of your shift, please check the front counter for any
mark-down deals. Process any sales as above by pressing the discount button first, select or scan
the item, then select the ‘out of date stock’ as the type of discount.
Please find the Duty Officer or Manager to process the refund as a code is required.
If a customer says ‘keep the change’ then please put through the amount as a donation by
pressing the ‘Donation’ button on the first screen and entering the amount.
1. At the end of your shift, take a shift docket out of the cupboard under the ‘handwash’ sink and
fill in the top section with your name, the day, the date and signature.
2. Please make up the float in the following denominations and place in the tin. If you don’t have
enough to make the denominations below you can ask the Duty Officer to exchange money
for you from the safe.
8 x $20
25 x $2
10 x $10
20 x $1
10 x $5
20 x 50c
NB. Please place a rubber band around bundles of 10 notes, i.e. 10 x $10 and 10 x $5. The
$2 and $1 coins should be placed in separate plastic money bags and the 50c pieces should
be in 2 plastic money bags, each containing $10. Place the money in the brown tin and leave
behind the Candy Bar so that the Duty Officer can use this for any further sales.
3. The remaining money is your takings for your shift. Write the total cash amount on your shift
4. If customers have paid with vouchers, please add these to the total on your shift docket.
5. Hand your shift docket along with the cash, receipts, vouchers and float to the Duty Officer.
They must count the money in front of you to double check that it matches what you’ve
written on the docket.
6. Please leave the Point of Sale system logged in so that the Duty Officer can process any
further sales.
Issue: 4 « Date: 7/11/17
2.3 – Coffee & Tea
Turn the machine on at the power point and then press the power button on top of the machine.
NB. The milk fridge should be left on at all times.
If a customer asks for a strong or weak coffee, this can be controlled using the dial on top of the
machine. Immediately after you’ve pressed the buttons for your desired cup of coffee, turn the
dial either to the left or to the right to select the strength using the guide below. This must be done
whilst the beans are being ground.
Extra strong
Why bother?
Between Sessions
In between each session the milk line must be cleaned.
1. Remove the tube from the milk container
2. Place the tube into a jug of filter tap water
3. Place a container under the dispensing spout
4. Press the “P” button, turn the dial to “1” and press the button at the centre of the dial 4
times, then select “Clean the milk system”
5. Wait until the cycle is complete
6. Remove the tube from the water jug and place back into the milk jug
At the end of your shift
1. The coffee grounds must be removed from the grounds tray when the machine indicates it
is full. It must also be done at the completion of your shift
2. The drip tray must be emptied when required and also at the completion of your shift
3. Run a cleaning cycle (see above) with the addition of 1 cap full of cleaning fluid to the jug
of water
4. Run another cleaning cycle with just water
Issue: 3 « Date: 7/11/17
1. Press the button in the middle of the dial at any point to stop making a coffee
2. Always use filtered water and make sure you take the tank to the tap to fill it. Never take a
jug of water to the machine as it can spill into parts of the machine and stop it working.
For the following drinks, simply place the cup under the spout on the right and press the button for
the customer’s desired type of coffee.
Flat White
Machiato (this is a short black with a dash of milk)
Hot Water - place the cup under the spout on the left and press the ‘hot water’ button
Long Black – place the cup under the spout on the left and press the ‘hot water’ button, then move
the cup to the spout on the right and press the ‘espresso’ button.
Hot Chocolate – place 1 tablespoon of hot chocolate powder into the cup, then place under the
spout on the left and press the ‘hot water’ button. After the cup has filled with approximately half
a centimetre of water, press the button in the middle of the dial on top of the machine to stop the
water. Use a wooden stirrer to dissolve the powder in the water, then place under the spout on the
right and press the ‘1 milk portion’ button.
Mochaccino – place 1 tablespoon of hot chocolate powder into the cup, then place under the
spout on the left and press the ‘hot water’ button. After the cup has filled with approximately half
a centimetre of water, press the button in the middle of the dial on top of the machine to stop the
water. Use a wooden stirrer to dissolve the powder in the water, then place under the spout on the
right and press the ‘cappuccino’ button.
Making Teas
Boil the kettle and make as per the customer’s wishes, using the prompting questions below:
Ask what type they would like, offering the choice of Breakfast, Earl grey, green or
Would they like the bag in or out?
Would they like milk? If not, would they like some cold water added?
Issue: 3 « Date: 7/11/17
2.4 – Making Popcorn
At the beginning of your shift, make 2 batches as per the instructions below and let it sit in the
bottom of the machine where it will keep warm and fresh for the entire shift. Make additional
batches as required throughout the shift. For a group/event sessions, if so directed by the Duty
Manager, make 4 or more batches to begin with and more as you go along if required.
If the session is busy and you cannot keep up with demand, you may use one of the backup bags
of pre-popped corn from the Candy Bar store room. Simply tip a bag of pre-popped corn into the
warmer and continue to serve.
There should always be two large bags of popped corn sitting in the store cupboard as a backup
for busy periods. Once sealed airtight in the big clear plastic bags, popped corn stays fresh for 23 months. Seal it by twisting the top of the bag tightly, fold the twist over and then secure with a
thick elastic band. Use quiet times in the candy bar to replenish/replace bags as necessary. At the
end of the shift, check storeroom backup and if backup stock is not required, throw any leftovers in
the bin. Please date the bags using a large felt tip pen.
2. Wait until the Yellow Light and Audible Signal activate.
3. Load a full oil charge by pressing the Red Button once.
4. CAUTION! The kettle will now be hot. Open the lid of one side of the kettle using the small
metal tab provided.
5. CAUTION! Measure a portion of corn in the metal cup provided and place into the kettle. Do
not try and pop more than one batch at a time. The kettle is designed for 1 cup only. The corn
and measuring cup are kept in the drawer in the cupboard under the popcorn machine.
Excess stock can be found in the Candy Bar store cupboard next to the gent’s toilets.
6. CAUTION! Being careful to only touch the tab, close the lids of the kettle. Do not lift the kettle
lid(s) after the popcorn is placed in the kettle.
7. When the corn has finished popping, the Yellow Light and Audible Signal will “tell you” to
dump the kettle.
If the Yellow Load – Dump light is turned on and the Signal is sounding, one of the following
actions should be taken:
1. Load the corn and oil or
2. Dump the popped corn from the kettle or
3. Turn off the kettle heat switch when popping of corn is complete
Issue: 3 « Date: 7/11/17
8. Repeat the cycle starting from step number 7 to make the desired number of batches.
9. On the final kettle of corn, it is a good idea to turn the KETTLE HEAT switch OFF just as the lids
are forced open by the popping corn. This procedure eliminates smoke/odour from any oil
residue that remains after you have finished popping. When the KETTLE HEAT switch is OFF,
the Yellow Light and Audible Signal will not come on to signal that it’s time to dump the
popcorn so please do this once all popping has ceased.
10. When you are finished popping, make sure the KETTLE MOTOR switch is turned OFF.
11. Use the small scoop provided to sprinkle butter salt over the popcorn in the bottom of the
machine. (1 scoop per batch of popcorn. i.e. if there are 3 batches in the tray of the machine,
use 3 scoops.) There is a plastic container of butter salt on the counter next to the popcorn
machine and the excess is in the small cupboard under the popcorn machine.
12. Mix well using the large popcorn scoop and serve as required in the cups provided.
13. Leave the LIGHT/WARMER switch ON to keep the popcorn warm.
14. Switch the light off when the machine is empty.
The Oil System Master switch must always be left ON! This keeps the oil at the correct
temperature so that it is in a liquid state and can pass through the pump system. If turned off,
it can take up to an hour for the oil to return to a state where we can use it. If you try to use
the pump when the oil is solid or partly solid then it can break the pump system.
Each time you finish a series of batches, let the kettle cool for at least one hour and then wipe
the outside with a soft cloth or paper towel to remove any oil drippage.
After you finish popping for the day, allow the kettle to cool until it is not too hot to handle, but
still warm.
Unplug the popcorn machine from the power source.
Unplug the kettle by twisting the plug and pull it down.
Remove the kettle from the machine by tipping it to the side and lifting it off the brackets.
Never immerse the kettle in water, this will ruin the electrical components and automatically
void the warranty.
You may want to wear gloves for the following steps as the smell of popcorn can stay on your
With a cloth, wipe out the inside of the kettle, kettle lid, crossbar, outside and underneath of
the kettle.
Clean the cabinet with a clean cloth by wiping any excess grease from the glass, inside and
Use the same cloth to wipe out the bottom of the machine.
Issue: 3 « Date: 7/11/17
Note! It is best to clean the glass before the bottom as otherwise you end up transferring oil
residue from the tray on to the glass.
The ‘Movietime’ Inside and Outside Kettle Cleaner should be used when there is an excessive
amount of grime / build up inside the kettle and wiping out the kettle will not get rid of it.
To use the ‘Movietime’ Inside Kettle Cleaner, put about half a cm (be careful not to put too
much in) of water in the kettle and add half a teaspoon of the Inside Kettle Cleaner. Then run
a popping cycle, once this is finished remove all the water from the kettle and wipe out. Give
it another wipe out just to make sure the inside is clean and that no kettle cleaner remains in
the kettle. ‘It doesn’t taste that good’.
To use the ‘Movietime’ Outside Kettle Cleaner, wet the surface with hot water, scrub with
paste, rinse with water and buff when dry.
Never use a glass or plastic cleaner that contains ammonia. It will crack the plastic on the
The popcorn machine is equipped with an efficient and durable filtration system. However, the
filter should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks to maintain efficiency. This should be done by the Candy
Bar volunteer on a Sunday night, as per the instructions below.
1. The filter is located on the inside of the popcorn machine, directly above the popping kettle.
2. Remove the filter by gripping the filter itself and pulling straight down.
3. Clean the filter in warm soapy water and allow to dry overnight.
4. Replace the filter by putting it into the slot and pushing upwards. Make sure the filter frame is
flush with the roof of the machine.
Issue: 3 « Date: 7/11/17
2.5 – Stock Management
Please unpack each Candy Bar order on the day that it arrives.
• On the invoice, please tick all of the items that were delivered, sign your name and put the
• If there are any items missing, please record this on the Candy Bar Order Form found in the
Volunteer Guidelines Folder for the team to reorder. This folder is kept in the Candy Bar.
• The invoice should then be given to the Duty Officer to place in the Manager’s office.
• If you are unsure where items are stored, please refer to Appendix 6 of the Volunteer
Guidelines Folder.
• Barcodes have been printed onto sticky labels for the Haigh’s Chocolates and the Cookies.
These can be found in a plastic sleeve at the back of the Volunteer Guidelines Folder. If you
run out, please ask the Duty Officer to print some more.
This should be done before the first session and then between sessions when necessary to
ensure the shelves and fridges look full and inviting.
Please make sure that new stock is put to the back and old stock placed at the front to ensure
we aren’t left with out-of-date stock.
Remember when taking stock from the cupboards, please check the expiry dates and take the
oldest dates first.
Stock for the shelves can generally be found in the cupboard directly below and if not there,
check the store room by the gent’s toilets marked Staff Only. If you cannot find what you’re
looking for, please refer to Appendix 6 of the Volunteer Guidelines Folder.
Make sure when you’re stocking the freezer that you don’t stack it too high or the ice creams
on top will melt. To the top of the basket is high enough. Excess ice cream stock can be found
in the freezer in the second candy bar in the upper foyer or in the freezer in the workshop to
the left of the cinema screen.
It is the Usher’s responsibility to restock the drinks fridges.
Issue: 3 « Date: 7/11/17
2.6 – Alcohol Service
Before serving any patrons, it is essential that you have read ‘The Capri House Policy’ for the
service of alcohol, as found in the Volunteer Guidelines Folder.
Here are some notes to help you with service:
As customers may have questions about our wine range, please ensure that you are
familiar with the product notes. A copy of these is kept in the Volunteer Guidelines Folder.
You don’t need to be an expert, just know enough to be able to answer basic questions and
describe the wine.
Before opening a new bottle, always check the fridge for an already opened bottle.
Once a bottle has been opened, please mark the label with the day’s date.
Before pouring from an already opened bottle, please check the date on the label and if it
is 4 or more days old then pour it down the sink and open a new bottle.
A standard serve of wine at the Capri is 200ml for still and 150ml for sparkling. To ensure
you serve this amount, there will always be a wine glass and champagne flute behind the
Candy Bar with a line drawn on it that you can use as a guide.
At the end of the day, please put the red wines in the fridge as this will increase the shelf
life of the wine. Just remember at the beginning of your shift to take any opened reds out
of the fridge to come to room temperature.
Patrons may use the glassware in the main foyer, but their drink should be transferred in to
plastic if they would like to take it in to the auditorium to watch the movie.
Issue: 2 « Date: 7/11/17
2.7 –Choc Tops
The Capri choc tops are made with premium Golden North ice cream and the flavours we
currently produce are Vanilla, Boysenberry and Honey.
The Golden North Ice Cream is stored in three freezers, distributed within the Theatre as follows:
Southern Ticket Box – this holds completed stock ready for sale and the bulk 10 litre ice cream
tubs that are to be used next for manufacture.
Upper Foyer Candy Bar - may hold bulk 10 Litre flavours but usually has finished choc-tops
and the commercial reserve stock from Streets and Golden North.
Workshop – located on the left of the screen and to the rear of the theatre, this holds newly
delivered bulk stock of the 10 litre tubs. This is progressed up to the front as required, keeping
an eye on used by dates.
The equipment for making choc tops is listed below by location:
Bottom of the cupboard to the left of the sink in the Candy Bar
Cellophane (Cello) Packets
Ice Cream Scoops
Chocolate for Dipping
Stainless Steel Jugs
Chocolate Dipping Bowls and Jug
Candy bar store cupboard located next to the gent’s toilet in the main foyer
Further stocks of cones, cello bags and chocolate for dipping
The first cupboard on the left before you enter the ladies’ toilets
Trays with holes cut out to hold the cups
Hygiene: Please follow the Theatre’s hygiene policy as outlined in section C1.3 of this folder when
making choc tops. If you would prefer to wear rubber gloves, these can be found in the cupboard
below the sink.
1. Place a tray with holes in it on the right hand side of the sink in the candy bar.
2. Fetch a 10 litre tub of ice cream from the freezer in the second ticket box and place it in the
right hand sink in the candy bar. It’s best to take one that is sitting close to the top of the
freezer as the ice cream will be softer and easier to manage.
3. Place cones in each of the holes in the tray.
4. Use the small scoop available to fill the cones. It is important to fill to brim and spread out to
the edges of the cone. This will assist when placing the scoop of round ice cream on the top.
Issue: 2 « Date: 7/11/17
5. Fill the tray (18) and place back in the freezer in ticket office.
6. Repeat with second tray.
7. When the second tray is completed, the first tray will be ready to have the top put on.
8. Using the half circle ice cream scoop with the release handle, scrape it towards the edge of
the 10 litre tub until full and flat.
9. Place centrally over the cone and press the release handle pressing down a bit as you release
to make it stick.
10. Continue until you have completed to two trays. You may have a remainder of ice cream
over so fill cones and tops until all gone.
11. Remember to wipe any spillage or runs off the cones as you fill using paper towel.
You will get 36 to 40 ice creams out of each 10 litre tub.
1. Spoon the chocolate from the bucket into a bowl or glass jug filling it to 80% of its capacity.
2. Place it in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds.
3. Stir the chocolate and then heat for another 10 seconds and so on until the chocolate is
o Note: Do not overheat the chocolate as it will melt the ice cream when it is dipped in the
o Note: To achieve melting point and temperature it may be best to spoon stir the melted
chocolate until all lumps dissolved.
4. When ready, retrieve the made ice creams, one tray at a time and commence dipping them
up to the top of the cone.
5. Hold them even to achieve best results.
6. Hold upside down over the bowl until the chocolate has all but set.
7. Place the dipped ice cream back in tray and continue until the tray is completed.
8. Repeat with other made ice creams.
9. When the first tray is set, it is then ready to bag.
10. Write the first letter of the flavour on the amount of cello bags you are going to fill.
11. Place ice cream chocolate head first into the cello bag.
12. Roll over the other end of bag twice and ice creams are sealed and ready for sale.
13. Store in baskets in the second ticket box.
14. Place a card with them stating date of manufacture and a letter for flavour. (V) (B) (H)
15. Always replace the 10 litre tubs up to the top of the pile as found as this makes them slightly
softer for the next person who makes ice creams.
Temperatures during the day will fluctuate and effect the ice cream. Hot days will of course melt
the ice cream and you may need to replace it into the freezer and start a fresh tub.
Issue: 2 « Date: 7/11/17
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