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Read this manual before operation of the appliance!
Dear Customer,
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Defy appliance!
Please read this manual carefully before using your appliance for the first time and then store it
within easy reach for future reference. We trust you will enjoy years of trouble free use.
The user manual:
x This manual will provide you with information on how to safely operate and care for your
appliance in order that you gain the maximum benefit from it.
x Pay particular attention to any safety instructions.
Controls and parts
1. Power cable
2. Iron base plate
3. Temperature adjustment knob
4. Soleplate
5. Water spray nozzle
6. Water refill lid
7. Lime removal (self clean) button
8. Shock steam button
9. Water spraying button
10. Thermostat indicator and Auto-Off light
The manufacturer strives for continuous improvement. For this reason, the
text and illustrations in this manual are subject to change without notice.
If the appliance is damaged in any way do not use it. Report the damage to
your dealer who will take the necessary corrective action.
Page 2
1 Safety and set-up
Please read this instruction
manual thoroughly prior to using
this appliance! Follow all safety
instructions in order to avoid
damages due to improper use!
Keep the instruction manual for
future reference. Should this
appliance be given to a third party,
than this instruction manual must
also be handed over.
General safety
x Do not use the appliance
outdoors or in the bathroom.
x No responsibility shall be
assumed for damages arising
from misuse or improper
handling of the appliance.
x Do not leave this appliance
unattended while it is in use.
Extreme caution is advised when
the appliance is being used
nearby children and people with
limited physical, sensorial or
mental capacities.
x Do not open the casing of the
appliance under any
circumstance. No responsibility
shall be assumed for damages
arising from improper usage.
x In case of any damage to the
appliance or power cord, it
should be repaired or replaced
by the dealer, service centre or
an authorised specialist to avoid
any danger. Faulty or unqualified
repair work may be dangerous
and cause risk to the user.
x Only use the original parts or
parts recommended by the
x To ensure safe operation of the
appliance, do not attempt to
change the safety features in
any way.
Electrical safety
x Never submerge the iron in
x Never use this appliance with
damp or wet hands.
x Always disconnect the iron from
the electrical outlet when filling
with water or emptying and when
not in use
x Ensure that your supply power
source complies with the
information on the rating plate.
To disconnect the appliance from
the power source unplug it.
x For additional protection, this
appliance should be connected
to a household residual current
device with a rating of no more
than 30 mA. For
recommendations, consult your
x Pay attention not to step or trip
on the power cable when using
the appliance.
x Place the appliance so that the
plug is always accessible.
x Completely unwind the mains
x Never touch the plug of the
appliance with damp or wet
x Always unplug the iron when not
in use ,even if only for a short
period of time. Unplug it from the
mains and leave it standing on
its rear base.
x Always unplug the iron before
filling the water or when
removing the excess water form
Page 3
Safety and set-up
To avoid damage to the power
cord, do not allow it to be
squeezed, twisted or rubbed
against sharp edges. Keep the
power cord away from hot
surfaces and naked flame.
Do not pull on the power cable
of the appliance to disconnect
it from the power supply and
never wrap the power cable
around the appliance.
Do not use this appliance with
an extension cord.
Do not immerse the appliance,
the power cord or the plug in
water or in any other liquid.
To avoid overloads , do not
plug any other high-power
appliance into the same
electricity line.
Product safety
x Do not put the appliance on hot
surfaces (gas, electric or coal
stove, etc.). Keep this
appliance away from all kinds
of hot surfaces.
x To avoid injury or material
damages, always keep your
hair, clothes and all other
belongings away from the
appliance when it is in use.
x Warning - Risk of Burning! Do
not touch the hot base plate of
the iron. Do not lean on the iron
when it is in use. Hot air will
come out from the appliance
during operation! Hold the iron
only by its handle.
x If this appliance drips or leaks
water or has other failures, it
must be checked and repaired
by an authorized service
specialist. Do not use this
appliance until it is repaired.
Do not allow the iron to come
into contact with zippers, metal
buttons or other metal parts as
these may damage the base
plate of the iron.
x Make sure that the iron is
always placed on a storing
stand and switched off before
leaving the appliance
unattended. The iron is
designed to rest on the heel.
Do not leave the iron
unattended when switched on.
Do not place the iron on an
unprotected surface even if it is
on its heel rest.
x Never direct the hot base plate
of the appliance to people, pets
or other electrical appliances
when steam is coming out.
x The surface on which you will
use and place the iron should
be stable. The iron shall be
used on a stable ironing board.
x Before placing the iron onto an
ironing board, make sure that
the floor where you will place
the ironing board is stable.
x After use, leave the appliance
to cool down completely in a
safe place away from reach of
children and people with limited
physical, sensorial or mental
capacities. Wait until the
appliance cools down
completely before storing it.
Unattended hot irons may
cause burns and injuries!
x The iron should always be
turned to “min” before plugging
or unplugging from the mains
outlet. Never pull the cord to
disconnect from the mains:
instead, grasp plug and pull to
Page 4
Do not allow the cord to touch
hot surfaces. Allow the iron to
cool completely before putting
x Do not operate the iron with a
damaged cord or if the iron has
been dropped or damaged. To
avoid the risk of electric shock,
do not disassemble the
iron .take it to a qualified
service agent for examination
and repair. Incorrect reassembly, can cause a risk of
electric shock when the iron is
x Burns can occur from torching
hot metal parts, hot water or
steam, use caution when you
turn a steam iron upside downthere may be hot water in the
x If the iron is not operating
normally, disconnect from the
power supply. And contact the
nearest authorized service
Child safety
x Danger of suffocation! Keep all
the packaging materials away
from children.
x This appliance is not intended
for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities
or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or
instruction concerning the use
of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
x Children should be supervised
to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance.
x When the appliance is in use or
left to cool down, keep children
away from the device and its
power cord.
x Ensure that children can not
touch the hot iron and that they
can not pull on the mains wire.
Ensure that packing
material is disposed of in
a responsible manner
and that any plastic
bags are cut up to
prevent children playing
with them and
accidentally suffocating.
Intended use
x Use the iron only for its
intended use. This appliance is
intended for household use
Record in the space below the listed information
for future reference.
Please register your product at
SERIAL NUMBER……………………………..
P.O.BOX 12004
PURCHASED FROM…………………………..
Page 5
Initial use
1. Remove all package materials, labels and
protective foil and dispose of them in
accordance with the applicable legal
2. Please clean the outer parts of the
appliance as described in the section
"Cleaning and Maintenance".
3. Place the appliance on an even, stable,
dry and non-slip surface.
Prior to initial use, fill twice and vaporize to
remove the manufacturing residues.
Meanwhile, use shock steam button (8)
During first use a light odor may
arise from the iron or you may
see white sediments coming out
of the soleplate holes. After
performing the vaporizing
process twice, the odours and
sediments will disappear. Water
droplets may also form within the
water reservoir; this is normal.
WARNING: When your iron is
filled with excessive water, it may
overflow. To avoid this, when you
hold your iron horizontally, make
sure that the level of water in the
appliance does not exceed the
MAX. line.
Ironing tips
x In order to learn the appropriate ironing
x Do not use the steam function when
ironing colored silk clothes. This may
cause stains.
x Garments made of 100% pure wool can be
ironed using steam. Preferably set the
temperature control button to the MAX
setting and lay a dry towel between the
garment and the iron.
x Ironing wool garments can cause them to
‘shine’. It is therefore recommended to iron
such garments inside out.
x Iron your garments which require a low
temperature first and then those requiring
high temperatures. If the temperature is
reduced when the appliance has a high
temperature setting, it might be necessary
to wait for 3 to 4 minutes for the heat to
come down to the set level.
WARNING: Never iron on metal
parts, such as zippers, rivets, or
metal buttons as they could
damage the base plate of the
iron. Always iron around these
metal parts.
Energy saving
To save energy
x Always use an appropriate temperature
setting. If you do not know the appropriate
temperature setting, start from the lowest
setting and increase the temperature until
the fabric is ironed well.
x For best ironing results, try to use the
steam at intervals. Using steam
continuously will cause more surplus
humidity on your garments which may lead
to re-creasing of your garments.
temperature to be used for the garment,
always read the care label on your
garment before setting the temperature.
x As the iron gets warmer in a shorter time
compared to the time elapsing to cool it
down, synthetics, silks and other fabrics
alike should be ironed at the beginning by
using lower temperature settings.
x If the garment is made of a blend of
different fabrics, always start ironing by
using the lowest temperature setting first.
x Silk and other textiles which tend to
brighten must be ironed on the reverse
side. Velvets and other lustrous fabrics
must be ironed under little pressure and in
one direction only. Always keep the iron
moving during ironing.
Page 6
WARNING: Read the care label
on your garment before setting
the temperature of the iron.
Refilling the water reservoir
1. Unplug the appliance.
2. Fill the water cup provided with the
3. Open the water refill lid (6) and fill the
appliance with water up to MAX level.
4. Close the water refill lid (6).
Your appliance is designed for
use with tap water. If your tap
water is excessively hard, we
recommend you to use a mixture
of tap water with potable water.
Do not fill the water tank with
perfume, vinegar, laundry starch,
lime removers or other products
or chemicals which facilitate the
ironing process.
Steam ironing
1. Fill the water reservoir.
2. Set the appropriate temperature with the
temperature adjustment knob (3)
Setting the temperature
1. After the appliance is plugged in, set the
temperature according to the type of your
fabric by turning the temperature adjustment
knob in clockwise direction.
Thermostat indicator light (10) will light up.
2. When the appliance reaches the set
temperature, thermostat indicator light (10)
will switch off and the appliance is ready to
Temperature and steam settings table
When setting the temperature of the
appliance, refer to the following table.
Fabric Type
Steam Setting
Without steam
Without steam
Without steam
With steam
Linen - Jean
With steam
WARNING: For ironing with
steam, temperature adjustment
knob should be at “•••” or “max”
WARNING: Set the temperature
adjustment knob to a position
where the steam symbol will be
between the
Shock steam
1. Fill the water reservoir.
2. Set the temperature adjustment knob (3)
to steam range by turning it in the clockwise
- Thermostat indicator light (10) will light up.
3. When the appliance reaches the set
temperature, thermostat indicator light (10)
will switch off.
4. After the thermostat indicator light (10)
switches off, you can iron the garments with
a powerful shock of steam by pressing the
shock steam button (8).
WARNING: If this process is
maintained for a prolonged time
water may come through the
soleplate (4) together with
If you don’t know the fabric of
your garment, first iron an
invisible part of your garment and
determine a correct ironing
temperature for it.
WARNING: In order to use the
shock steam feature the
thermostat indicator light (10)
should be switched off.
In order to prevent bright stains
that may form on synthetic
fabrics such as silk, iron on the
reverse side of the fabric. To
prevent stain formation, do not
use the spray feature.
Page 7
Vertical steam
You can also use the shock steam in upright
position. You can apply steam to your
curtains and your garments on the hanger
with the steam you will get by pressing the
shock steam button (8). Hold the appliance
15-30 cm away from the garment and
WARNING: During the ironing if
the thermostat indicator light (10)
switches on, before proceeding
with the shock steam process
wait for the light to switch off.
WARNING: Never direct the
steam to clothes on people or
garments on pets.
Spraying water
1. Fill the water reservoir.
2. Set the temperature.
3. Press the water spraying button (9) to
spray water.
You can easily remove creases
using the water spraying feature.
Dry ironing
In order to make dry ironing, set the steam
setting button (8) to the OFF
Having water in the appliance
would be advantageous; you
may use the water spraying
button (9) when necessary.
NOTE: For the best steam
quality, do not use more than
three successive bursts each
time. Several pumping actions
are needed to activate this
Page 8
Cleaning & maintenance
1. Switch off and unplug the appliance
before each cleaning process.
2. Wait until the iron cools down completely.
3. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the
outer surface of the iron, then wait until the
iron dries completely.
4. Wipe the sediments and residues on the
base plate with a slightly damp cloth and
soft, nonabrasive liquid cleaner as
WARNING: When you have
finished ironing, unplug the
appliance. Drain the water in the
reservoir. Drain the water in the
reservoir by opening the refill
cover F and tilting the iron to the
WARNING: Never use gasoline,
solvent and abrasive cleaning
agents or a hard brush to clean
this appliance.
Lime removing feature (Self-Clean)
Lime removal function cleans the lime
particles accumulated in the steam generator
reservoir of the appliance. Use this function
once in every 2 to 3 weeks. If the tap water
is very hard (if lime particles fall down from
the soleplate (4) of the appliance), use the
lime removal function more frequently.
1. Unplug the appliance.
2. Refill the appliance with water.
3. Plug in the appliance and set the
temperature adjustment knob (3) to max.
by turning it in the clockwise direction.
4. When the thermostat indicator light (10)
switches off, unplug the appliance.
5. Keep the appliance in a horizontal
position over the sink and shake the
appliance while pressing and holding the
lime removal button (7). Continue until the
water in the reservoir is depleted.
6. After the reservoir becomes fully empty,
release the lime removal button (7).
7. If there is still sediment, repeat this
8. Following the lime removal process, let
the appliance cool in the upright position.
After the appliance cools down, wipe off
the soleplate (4) with a cloth.
Do not add vinegar etc. and other lime
removing substances into the water tank.
x If you do not intend to use the steam iron
for a long time, please store it responsibly.
x Make sure that the iron is unplugged and
cooled down completely before storing it.
x Empty the water reservoir.
x Please keep the steam iron and its
accessories in their original packages.
x Store them in a cool and dry place.
x Make sure that the appliance is stored in a
place out of the reach of children.
Handling and transportation
x During handling and transportation, carry
the appliance in its original packaging. The
packaging of the appliance protects it
against physical damages.
x Do not place heavy loads on the appliance
or the packaging. The appliance may be
x Dropping the appliance will render it nonoperational or cause permanent damage.
Environmental note
This appliance has been made from high
quality materials and parts which can be
reused and are suitable for recycling.
Do not dispose of the appliance with normal
household waste at the end of its service life.
Consult your local authorities for disposal
information and facilities available.
Help protect the environment by
recycling used appliances.
Page 9
Although the iron is plugged in, base
does not heat up.
x The appliance may be improperly
connected. >>> Check the plug and power
cable of the iron.
x The temperature setting button may be at
the Min. position. >>> Turn the
temperature setting button up to the steam
Iron does not generate steam.
x Water reservoir may not contain a
sufficient amount of water. >>> Fill the
water reservoir with water up to Max level.
x The steam adjustment button may be at
the “0” position. >>> Turn the steam
adjustment knob to the steam position.
Shock Steam – Vertical Steam does not
x These functions may have been used too
frequently in a very short period of time.
>>> Keep ironing at a horizontal position
and wait for a while before using the shock
steam function again. >>> Soleplate (4)
may not be hot enough. Turn the
Temperature adjustment knob (3) in the
clockwise direction up to the steam sign.
Seat the appliance in a vertical position
and wait for the soleplate to heat up.
Water drops fall down onto the fabric
during ironing.
x You may not have fully closed the water
refill lid . >>> Close the water refill lid
x You may be using the shock steam at
temperature level • or ••. >>> Increase the
temperature level
Sediments and particles drop off from the
base during ironing.
x If the water you use for your iron is too
limy, such sediments may form. >>> Use
the self-clean function once and repeat if
necessary. In your next ironing session, fill
the water reservoir of the appliance with a
mixture of tap water and potable water.
The appliance drops water after it cools
down or is stored.
x You may have left the iron in a horizontal
position while there is water in its
reservoir. >>> Empty the water reservoir.
Stains on the soleplate.
x Wet garments might have been ironed and
the iron base has lime stains. >>> After
the appliance cools down to a satisfactory
level, wipe the soleplate with a microfiber
knitted or cotton cloth soaked in vinegar.
Iron emits an odor or smoke
Iron gives off an odor when switched on for
the first time. Oils used during manufacture
need to be burnt off allow ten minutes for
odor to disappear.
Iron does not heat
The iron should be plugged into a 230 Volt,
AC electrical outlet only. The temperature
dial must be set at the desired temperature.
Iron does not steam
The water tank many be empty. Add water
as per instructions on page 7. Allow the iron
to heat, and then set the steam dial to the
steam setting.
Burst of steam feature does not work
The water tank must be at least 1/4
full .Temperature must be set to steam
position. Iron should be in the horizontal
position. Prime pump briefly. Allow a short
pause between shots. Be sure to fully
depress the burst of steam button.
Spray mist feature does not work
The water tank must be at least 1/4 full. Fill
the iron as described in the section “how to
fill the water tank”.
Iron is leaking
The variable steam dial must be set on low
until the iron is hot. The temperature setting
is too low to produce steam. If the burst of
steam is used too much, allow iron to reheat.
Technical data
Power supply: 220-240 V~, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 1460W - 1750W
Technical and design modifications
Page 10
If you have followed the instructions and still have a problem, contact the
customer care line on 086 100 3339. They will be able to advise you on any aspect
of the appliance.
South African branches:
Sub-Saharan Africa branches:
160 Long Street, Hilton, Bloemfontein 9301
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Cell: +258 84 44 61 234
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Av: da Industrias, Parcela No.735 * 735A
Machava, Maputo
Page 11
This certificate is issued by DEFY APPLIANCES (PTY) LIMITED manufacturers of Defy
and Ocean products, hereinafter the Company, to the original purchaser only, of the
appliance described on the certificate and shall constitute the only warranty given in
respect of this appliance.
The Company warrants to the original purchaser that for a period of ONE YEAR from date
of purchase the appliance is free from defect under normal domestic use, both in
workmanship and material, subject to the following conditions.
1. Carry-in service. Small appliances are repaired in our service centres and are not
collected from the customers home. Faulty units must be delivered to the purchasing
dealer or to the nearest Company Service Centre for warranty repairs.
2. Vitreous enamelware, fuses and lamps are specifically excluded from these warranties. It
is an express condition of these warranties that the purchaser takes due care and
attention in the use and maintenance of the appliance. Abuse, misuse in conflict with
operating instructions, connection to incorrect voltages and subjection to commercial use
shall release the Company from its obligations.
3. This warranty shall become void and cease to operate if the appliance is dismantled by,
or any repairs to the appliance are effected by any persons not duly authorised by the
Company, or if substitute parts not approved by the Company are used in the appliance,
or if the serial number of the appliance is removed.
4. The Company shall not be responsible for damages resulting from fire, flood, civil
disturbances or any Act of God. The Company shall not, in terms of these warranties be
responsible nor held liable for any consequential loss or damage of any kind caused by or
due to the failure or malfunction of the appliance. The Company shall not be responsible
for damages caused by insect and/or animal infestation.
5. The Company shall not be responsible for transportation or other costs other than those
incurred within the provisions of Point 1 of this Certificate.
6. For warranties in the Republic of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, please
contact your nearest Defy office. Please refer to the previous page for respective
South African branches and Sub-Saharan Africa branches.
7. Where service is requested under warranty and no fault or defect can be found by the
Company, all costs incurred will be for the purchaser's account.
8. This Certificate as well as your invoice will serve as proof of purchase. For the purpose
of warranty, it will be essential to produce this Certificate and invoice. Failure to do so, will
render the purchaser liable for service costs.
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