Technical data
IMPRESSA key technologies and standards
Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.
Two cups in a single brewing operation
Two six-setting grinders
Two high-performance pumps, 15 bar
Display dialogue system
Maintenance programme display
Key features
10 coffee specialities, eight of them individually programmable
Pot of coffee in espresso quality
Auto-Cappuccino for milk froth
Auto-Cappuccino for warm milk
Simultaneous draw off of hot water and steam
Graphic display
Active bean monitoring
Integrated combined cleaning system (milk and coffee systems)
Code-based user identification
Individual, resettable cup counter
Programmable coffee mixture and brewing temperature
Amount of water programmable
Programmable automatic switch-on and switch-off time
Integrated rinsing-, cleaning- and descaling-programme
Preparation times
1 E spr esso ( 6 0 ml )
appr ox . 3 0 sec
2 E spr essi
appr ox . 4 5 sec
1 cof f ee ( 1 2 0 ml )
appr ox . 4 0 sec
2 cof f ees
appr ox . 6 5 sec
1 C appuccino ( 6 0 ml of cof f ee)
appr ox . 4 0 sec
1 M il k cof f ee ( 1 0 0 ml )
appr ox . 3 4 sec
1 L atte M acchi ato ( 3 5 ml )
appr ox . 3 4 sec
Daily capaci ty
appr ox . 1 0 0 cups
Vol ume of bean container
6 5 0 g each
Vol ume of gr ounds container ( por tions)
appr ox . 4 0
Vol ume of water tank
5. 0 l
Accessories (all optional)
Permanent connection to water supply
Cup warmer
Milk cooler
Var i abl e-vol ume br ewing uni t
H eight-adj ustabl e dual -pur pose di spenser
Unit No. E 3-8, 3rd Floor, Block E, Plaza Tanjung Aru, Jalan Mat Salleh,
Tanjung Aru, 88150 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia.
Tel: +6088-456100 / 456200 Fax: +6088-241600
W eight
Dimensions ( W x H x D)
C abl e l ength
F use / Vol tage / P ower
5 –1 6 g
6 0 –1 4 2 mm
2 0 . 5 kg
4 3 x 5 8 . 5 x 5 1 cm
1. 8 m
10 A / 230 V AC / 2200 W
A r ti cl e number
IMPRESSA X9 chrome
Art. 65646 – 08/05
Swiss made
IMPRESSA X9 chrome:
A polished performance all-round
Regardless of where you put the IMPRESSA X9
chrome, no one can fail to notice it. The highly read-
The chrome-plated flap slides elegantly upwards to
able display perfectly complements the polished front
reveal the programming field with a vast range of pos-
panel, proving that high performance and outstanding
sible settings. This is also where you can start the
contemporary design are not mutually exclusive. All
various cleaning, maintenance and descaling pro-
the programme keys are discreetly concealed behind a
grammes or activate the integrated cup counter. And
flap, making the machine ideally suited for self-service
if you prefer to restrict programming authorisation to
use.The display dialogue system takes you swiftly and
a limited circle of users, nothing could be simpler. All
surely through all the various programming stages,
you need to do is generate code groups.
and the clearly indicated dispenser keys ensure that
even unpractised users obtain precisely the result they
The IMPRESSA X9 chrome is designed for a range
of applications as wide as our customers’ require-
Two high-precision grinders
ments and can be combined with a large number of
For coffee lovers who care about flavour, the
accessories. These include a water mains connection,
IMPRESSA X9 chrome comes with two precision
various cashier systems, a matching cup warmer or a
grinders. The two bean containers, each with a capa-
miniature fridge for the milk. Ask for the separate
city of 650 g, can be filled with different coffee blends
accessories catalogue and obtain professional advice
and combined to suit your own individual taste – and
from an authorised dealer.
for every different type of coffee. Needless to say, you
can select how finely you want your coffee ground for
the two coffee blends individually and thanks to the
active bean level monitoring system, you’ll know
exactly when you have to refill your favourite blend.
Coffee specialities
Although the IMPRESSA X9 chrome is able to conjure up more than 20 coffee specialities, each of them
adapted to your own personal taste, the machine is
child’s play to operate. The backlit keys and switches
produce the desired coffee speciality in seconds –
literally giving you enjoyment at the push of a button.
Whether it’s Ristretto, Espresso, Café au Lait, coffee
served in a glass, Cappuccino or a fashionable Latte
Macchiato, your taste is all that counts. And preparing up to 100 cups of coffee a day presents absolutely no problem, either.
Two high-precision grinders
Coffee specialities
User friendliness
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