important safety instructions

Air Innovations®
Ultrasonic Humidifier with Antibacterial Filter
Thank you for purchasing the Air Innovations ® Ultrasonic Humidifier with Antibacterial Filter. This product
comes with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY from the date of purchase as your satisfaction is our primary concern.
How it works?
The Air Innovations® Ultrasonic Humidifier with Antibacterial Filter uses ultrasonic technology to create instantaneous
humidity. The unit holds 3 liters of water and runs continuously for up to 62 hours on LOW and 12 hours on HIGH to help keep
your environment comfortable. The Air Innovations® Ultrasonic Humidifier contains an antibacterial filter with silver ion
technology which helps prevent bacteria & mold growth in the tank for your convenience. This sleek & compact humidifier is
perfect for small night stands and tables, yet powerful enough for the larger rooms in your home. The unit also features an
ionizing function which helps keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Other features include a soft blue LED light,
adjustable humidity control, completely silent operation, transparent water tank to view water levels and automatic shut off.
Filling the water tank
1. Hold the tank handle and pull up to remove the water tank from the base.
2. Flip the water tank upside down, unscrew the tank cap and put aside. Fill the tank with cool tap water.
3. Securely replace the water tank cap by twisting clockwise until tight.
4. Flip the tank right side up and place it back onto the base using the handle.
• To turn the unit ON, simply turn the dial clockwise.
The Power Indicator Light will be illuminated.
• To adjust the Humidity, turn the dial from left to right.
For Maximum Humidity turn the dial all the way to the right.
• To turn the LED Light On, simply press the LED Light button.
• To turn the unit OFF, turn the dial counter clockwise.
NOTE: When the power/water indicator filter light turns from blue to red,
it is time to re-fill the water tank.
Care Instructions
Directions for Usage
Operation Directions
Cleaning the Silver Ion Filter
• To clean, remove the tank from the base, set aside.
• Pull the Silver Ion Filter Holder out. Remove the silver ion
filter from the holder and rinse thoroughly with tap water.
Cleaning the Water Tank
• Hold the tank handle and pull up to remove the water tank from the base.
• Flip the water tank upside down,
unscrew the tank cap and empty out all water.
• Rinse the tank with warm water and wipe down
with a soft cloth.
• DO NOT USE any detergent.
• Do not attempt to repair or adjust the unit. Servicing must be performed by a professional or qualified personnel.
• DO NOT operate any appliances with a damaged cord or plug. Replacement must be done by manufacturer,
service center or qualified personnel.
• Discontinue use if unit makes loud noises or has a strange smell.
• When not in use, humidifier must be unplugged.
• Please hold the tank and base firmly with both hands when carrying unit with a full tank of water.
• Do not touch the water in the reservoir when in operation.
• Never operate unit without water in the tank.
• Never put any additives into the water.
• DO NOT wash, adjust or move the humidifier without unplugging the unit from the electrical outlet.
• For indoor use only. Please keep out or reach of children.
• Always place the unit on a flat, level surface.
• Never place the unit in an area where children can reach the humidifier.
• Never use the humidifier in an area where explosive gases may be found.
• Do not place the unit near hot surfaces such as a stove.
• Do not expose the humidifier to direct sunlight.
• Always place the unit in a room temperature environment.
• Place the unit far away from furniture or other home appliances.
• Do not allow the mist nozzle to face up against a wall or other home appliance.
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