Multifunction Pan
Use & Care
Your Wolf oven has a six-level rack guide. Position 1 is the
lowest and position 6 is closest to the top of the oven. Install
the multifunction pan at the desired level.
The multifunction pan is perfect for roasting or broiling meats
and vegetables. Please familiarize yourself with this use &
care information for the best way to use and care for your new
multifunction pan.
the two rear tabs onto the rack guide (one tab above
and one below). Refer to the illustration below. Angle
the rack slightly and slide back until the front rack notch
engages the front rack guide.
the multifunction pan onto the full extension rack as
shown in the illustration below.
•For meats or vegetables, use rack position 3 or 4 in
convection or convection roast mode.
•For large roasts, use rack position 2.
•If two multifunction pans are used in the same oven, use
rack positions 2 and 5 in convection mode.
•Use parchment paper to aid in food removal.
•For meats or vegetables, use rack position 5 or 6.
•Line the pan with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. Do not
use parchment paper when broiling.
•Preheat is not necessary.
•The oven door should remain closed.
•Turn food halfway through cooking time.
Install rack.
Place multifunction pan.
•Wash the multifunction pan after each use. Use a soft
sponge or nylon brush and hot, soapy water. Clean the
pan within 8 hours of use.
•For stubborn soils, soak the pan for 30 minutes and use a
non-scratch scrubbing pad to clean.
•The multifunction pan is dishwasher safe, but may be too
large to fit most dishwashers.
•Do not use cleaning agents for ceramic cooktops,
scouring agents, pot scouring pads or heavy-duty wire
wool or metal scouring pads.
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