Installation Instructions for the Lisna Waters LW27 Steam Shower

Installation Instructions for the
Lisna Waters LW27 Steam Shower Enclosure
Important Notes
Important Notes
Thank you for your recent purchase of this shower cabin.
Please read this manual with great care to ensure you get
the best out of your build and have a shower that will last
for many years to come!
• Recording that a water tightness test has been
performed – 24 hours after all silicone sealing has
been done and before the unit is installed into place.
It is very important to report any missing parts within 48
hours of receiving your shower. Please make sure you
If your are assembling this unit, then please take the time
have made enough time to open all of the boxes,
to read this manual thoroughly.
carefully inspect each item and check them off against
If you are not assembling this unit, you are still responsible the parts list in your manual.
We cannot replace any missing or damaged items free
of charge unless they have been reported within 48
• Reporting any missing or damaged items within 48
hours of delivery
• Ensuring the competency of the installer
Please Note: This shower is free standing. Please do not
attach to any walls. Ensure you use flexible water hoses at
least 1000mm long and also use a flexible waste. This is
necessary to be able to perform the water tightness test at
the end of the assembly.
The best advice we can offer our customers when they ask
“what is the best way to build this” is to follow the
instructions and perform a dry run to ensure you are confident with the build and you understand fully how the unit is
It is also strongly advised that you fit “easy to get to tap
valves” on both the hot and cold water connections. These
are essential to prolong the life of the valves used in your
shower, as you will need to isolate the unit from the mains
water & electrical supply when leaving it unused for any
length of time.
When we use the term “DRY RUN” this means you do not
silicone anything, just simply construct the shower, align,
drill and screw everything together. Once you are happy
with the build take the unit apart and carry out the full
installation, using your silicone sealer at all points outlined
in the manual.
If you find any items are not to your satisfaction or are
missing then please contact your retailer immediately.
Water Tightness Testing
To ensure that you will have no leaks from your shower it is
essential to perform a water tightness test.
• With all connections fully tightened, hoses checked, jets
fully sealed, your shower still roughly 18 inches from its
designated space and the silicone sealer fully cured for
at least 24 hours.
• Switch on the overhead shower using both the cold &
hot water settings
• Now on the outside inspect each joint, hose, clip, jet,
from one side going round to the back and then the other side finishing at the front.
• Then check all of the shower functions, jets for back
massage, and finally the hand shower, check your joints
to these functions at the rear again.
If you have a small leak (normally caused through
insufficient sealer or an air bubble) Follow the instructions
Dry area thoroughly and reseal on the outside, leave a
further 24 hours to cure & then repeat the water tightness
Again remember where you see water may not be exactly
where the leak is as it could have run round to a low point.
We at Lisa Waters are happy to provide a
limited warranty in the UK and the Republic of
Ireland lasting 12 months to you our customer.
This warranty applies to all of our units when
in a single family household, it does not apply
when the unit is used in a commercial setting
(Hotels, Holiday Rental Accommodation etc)
When does your warranty begin?
Your Lisna Waters Warranty begins on the day
your unit was delivered (as shown on the
Dispatch Note signed when your unit was
delivered) This can be done via post or online
Your installer is responsible for ensuring a
proper connection to your drainage system
– this includes ensuring all connections have
been inspected for damage and are water
tight. Some connections such as the waste are
fitted for transport but not sealed. This
warranty does not cover drain leakage.
If in the rare event of a fault being discovered
after installation Lisna Waters will not be
responsible for the cost of removing or
reinstalling the unit or for any costs arising
from this work.
Any modifications to the unit will void this
warranty unless agreed with Lisna Waters and
set out in writing.
What does the Lisna Waters Warranty
This warranty covers all supplied parts
excluding light bulbs, batteries or fuses.
The Lisna Waters Warranty does not cover
any damage or defects caused by or due to:
Failure to install the unit according to
Local regulations or per the instructions
contained in this manual or any separate
notes as supplied.
Parts which do not form part of the units structure.
Non – Consumer Use
Standard Wear & Tear
Misuse or Abuse
Limitations to this warranty:
During the installation a water tightness test
must be conducted. Any leaks found at this
time must be attended to by your installer –
the unit should be water tight before general
use commences. We will not be held liable
financially or otherwise for leaks that should
have been rectified during the installation
This warranty does not cover defects, failure
or damage caused by user, installer,
common carrier, or other person. Chips,
cracks & scratches if not reported within 48
hours of delivery can be repaired by a
qualified expert at the owners expense.
Any fault arising from careless handling must
reported, improper installation,
electrical supply, water supply, misuse,
improper maintenance or extraordinary acts
such as but not limited to: Earthquakes,
Hurricanes, lightning, floods, explosions etc. is
not covered by this warranty.
This warranty terminates after transfer of
ownership or if the unit is relocated outside of
the boundaries of the United Kingdom. or
Republic of Ireland
Display Models & Overstock Sale units are
excluded from this warranty.
We are not liable for any costs associated or
incurred through delays caused by sending
replacement parts.
Damage that occurred in transit is the
responsibility of the carrier. The consignee
must open and inspect the goods for damage
when it is delivered. 20 Minutes is
allocated at the time of delivery to check the
goods and to sign according to their condition.
A further 48 hours or 2 working days is
given to enable a reasonable amount of time
to open all of the boxes and check that all
items are in good order & present. If you feel
that any items have been damaged as a result
of the delivery you must notify your retailer
within 48 hours of the delivery. It is typical for
us to request photographs of the damage, this
is to ensure a swift resolution of any claim.
It is noted through the installation notes that
this unit is freestanding and should not be
attached to any wall – this is to ensure good
access for periodical maintenance. Damage,
including but not limited to scratches or chips,
occurring to the unit during installation or
maintenance is the responsibility of the
installer and after installation is the
responsibility of the user / owner. Installation is
acceptance of condition.
If a problem arises and you need to place a
claim, the issue will be handled by the Lisna
Waters customer care team – their main aim
will to be to solve your issue(s) as quickly as
possible. Whilst helping you to submit a claim
they will ask you if the unit has been built in
accordance with local regulations, our
instructions and standard plumbing & electrical
practice. They will also ask about the maintenance of the unit and if it is our
opinion that the unit has been modified,
misused, abused or accidently damaged we
will not accept any liability for the unit failure.
We may also request to inspect the unit in it’s
installed position.
Warranty Disclaimer:
Damage caused through unit failure or faulty
installation to carpeting, flooring or ceilings is
not covered by this warranty. Optional extras
not manufactured by Lisna Waters are not
covered. Damage or defects that should be
detected and remedied before or during
installation are not covered.
This limited warranty does not include labour,
transportation or any other costs incurred as a
result of making repairs to the unit.
This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all
other warranties including any other warranty
of quality, express or implied, and including
any warranty of merchantability, or any
warranty of fitness for any particular purpose.
Like any system with complex parts, your steam shower
will need a regular maintenance program to ensure a long
service life. We are always happy to discuss this and have
an appropriate range of tools & compounds to help you.
Here are our recommendations.
Every 3-4 months
• Isolate all electrical & water connections to your unit.
• Pull your shower away from the wall.
• Check supply water pipes for corrosion from lime scale,
calcium build up
• Check tightness of all joints tighten where required.
• Check electrical connections for any obvious signs of
poor original connection or other. If a repair is needed
then please use a qualified electrical contractor.
• Check all flexi pipe hose clips
• Check for signs of water leaks under the product or
where it has been standing.
Remove overhead shower head and clean out any
calcium build up from the water holes.
Repeat with hand shower.
Check hand shower hose for wear.
Check door runner wheels for wear. Vaseline (or any
light clean grease) lightly inside the runners to keep a
smooth action on your doors.
Visually inspect all hoses all fixtures and all fittings.
Tighten or replace where required.
The data, examples and diagrams in this manual are
included solely for the concept or product description and
are not to be deemed as a statement of guaranteed
All persons responsible for applying the equipment
addressed in this manual must satisfy themselves that
each intended application is suitable and acceptable,
including that any applicable safety or other operational
requirements are complied with. In particular, any risks in
applications where a system failure and/ or product failure
would create a risk for harm to property or persons
(including but not limited to personal injuries or death) shall
be the sole responsibility of the person or entity installing
the product, and those so responsible are hereby
requested to ensure that all measures are taken to exclude
or mitigate such risks.
Table of Contents
This document has been carefully checked by Lisna
Waters but deviations cannot be completely ruled out.
In case any errors are detected, the reader is kindly
requested to notify Lisna Waters
Other than under explicit contractual commitments, in no
event shall Lisna Waters be responsible or liable for any
loss or damage resulting from the use of this manual or the
application of the equipment.
Please inspect all parts carefully before assembly. BY
Important Notes 3
Pre - Installation Notes, 4
Pre - Installation Notes
Pre - Installation Notes
Sealing, Continued
Water Tightness Testing
Warranty 8
Table of Contents
Tools you will need
Parts List 14
Pipe and Drain Diagram
Building up the enclosure frame. 17
Building the Doors
Fitting the Glass Panels
Constructing the Enclosure
Hanging the Doors
Door Handles & Seals
Installing the Back Panel
Completing the Enclosure
Fitting the Accessories 26
Attaching the Roof
Connection to water & power
Copyright © 2013 Lisna Waters
Tools you will need
Electric Drill
6mm Steel Bit
3mm Steel Bit
Pilot Drill
Heavy Duty Scissors
Spirit Level
Rubber Mallet
Accurate Tape
Silicone Sealant
When cutting the nib keep
it as small as possible to
ensure neatness
Parts List - Please check to ensure you have all of these before commencing installation.
Adjustable Spanner
Phillips Head
Shower Tray (1.1)
Back Panel (1.2)
Roof (1.3)
Side Glass Panel (2.1)
Fixed Glass Panel (2.2)
Sliding Glass Panel (2.3)
Outer side column (3.1)
Outer side column (3.2)
Down Rails (3.3)
Small upright Column (3.4) x2
Door Handle (4)
Hot & Cold Water Pipes (6) x2
Hand Shower Hose (7.1)
Hand Shower Head (7.2)
Top Shower Head & Nut (7.3)
Door Rollers (8)
Magnetic Strip (9.1)
Waterproof Seals(9.2)
U Shaped Seals (9.3)
Glass Positioning Fixtures (10)
M6 x 30mm Bolt (11.1)
Washers (11.2)
Nuts (11.3)
16mm Screws (12.1)
12mm Screws (12.2)
10mm Screws (12.3)
OZONE BOX (white&chrome) x8
Pipe and Drain Installation Diagram
Installation Procedure
The Measurements shown are only a guide
Place the Shower Tray on a solid surface near to the
installation site. Using your spirit level make the tray
level by using the adjustable feet. (Simply turn the thread
carefully using an adjustable spanner.)
Connect the soil pipe, trap and any couplings to the
flexible waste under the tub. You may choose to
fit either a HEPV0 trap with the appropriate couplings or
choose to fit a McAlpine ST28M coupling to a
McAlpine 28-NRV trap. Now fill the tray/tub with some
water and check that the water flows adequately to the
plug and exits satisfactorily. If the water does not flow to
the plug fully, then you will need to increase the fall on
the tray by adjusting the legs. If the water does not exit
the waste section fast enough, then ensure there is
suitable fall in the waste pipe and/or no blockage or kinks
in the pipe work. Check and attend to any leaks.
This product is freestanding so you do not need to fix the
Always use protection against electrical surge and
ensure the shower is earthed via its chassis frame.
Installation Procedure
Building up the enclosure frame.
Installation Procedure
Building the Doors
Fit the plastic sealing strips to both sides of the fixed
pieces of glass (these 2 pieces of glass have no holes)
In package 1 of 4 you will find the aluminium frame
Identify the top and bottom rails, and side sections.
You may need to trim the seal to fit. Make sure it is no
longer than the glass to avoid problems with the fit.
Align them as shown in the diagram and screw
together using the 16mm screws. Then put the finished
frame onto the tray with “UP” label at the top.
Carefully insert the two glass panels with seals into the
NOTE - do not screw these together too tightly just yet,
you will need some slack to insert the glass panels in the
next step.
Installation Procedure
Fitting the Glass Panels
Installation Procedure
Fitting the Glass Panels (Continued)
Fit the U shaped rubber seal to the other side of the glass.
Connect the side glass panels with the front glass
frames using the outer upright columns.
Then using your rubber mallet gently tap the small
aluminium cover into place top cover the glass as shown
in the diagram.
Then affix this using the supplied 16mm screws.
Installation Procedure
Constructing the Enclosure
Installation Procedure
Hanging the Doors
Using the 10mm screws provided affix the parts of the
enclosure together as shown in the diagram opposite.
Put the rollers into the glass door holes and adjust the
roller screws with your adjustable spanner to ensure a
solid fit.
A bead of sealant along the tray where the panels
will sit will provide a watertight barrier.
Remember to remove any excess sealant once the
panels have been seated into position.
Then hang the door on the rails.
Take your time with this to ensure you get a nice easy
sliding action.
Installation Procedure
Door Handles & Seals
Installation Procedure
Installing the Back Panel
Fit the handles into the sliding doors. The handle is
comprised of several parts. Position the main handle part
on the outside of a door ensuring the Chrome Washer
and a Clear Washer are positioned also on the outside
face over the thread. Push the threaded ends through
the glass.Next place another clear washer on the threads
and then screw on the two different Chrome Knobs
to the inside of the glass door.Tighten until secure. DO
Using the 16mm screws provided attach the back panel
to the enclosure.
A bead of sealant along the tray where the panels
will sit will provide a watertight barrier.
Remember to remove any excess sealant once the
panels have been seated into position.
Fix the glass positioning fixtures to the top and bottom
rails as shown
Fit the magnetic seal and waterproof belt.
Installation Procedure
Completing the Enclosure Assembly
Installation Procedure
Fitting the Accessories
Connect the hand shower hose to the hand shower
Once the enclosure and back panel are on the tray, align
it with the tray edges and then affix using the 30mm Nut
& Bolts supplied.
Then affix the hand shower assembly to the back panel.
Installation Procedure
Attaching the Roof
Installation Procedure
Connection to water & power
Please ensure all the cables for the ozone, light, fan
and speaker are hanging down the back of the
shower ready to connect.
Put the roof on the enclosure and attach it using the
30mm nuts & bolts. Pass the top shower head fitting
through the roof panel and affix using the large nut for
this. The speaker, fan, and light will be pre-fitted.
Ensure all the cables are unraveled to enable location
and connection at a later stage. Put the roof on the enclosure and attach it using the 30mm nuts & bolts The
ceiling is fixed in position at the REAR ONLY by screwing
up through the re-drilled holes in the rear panel, into the
ceiling. Fixing requires 4 of the 16mm screws, two along
each flat section of the ceiling
Pass the top shower head fitting through the roof panel
and affix using the large nut for this. if not pre-fitted
Connect to Water & Electrical Supply as shown in
diagram. Connect the white insulated hose to the white
steam pod within your shower. Make sure these are
fitted in the correct position as they are only attached for
transportation reasons only.
Connect a braided hose from the shower valve’s centre
feed to this opening
The White Ozone unit is supplied separately and will
need to be fitted. Unscrew the chrome end from the
main body of the ozone. Position the white unit on the
up (outside) of the roof and fasten in place by screwing
the chrome end into it.The Ozone will be located over
the hole in the roof towards the back corner.You can now
place the ceiling onto the shower.
Drain: Connect the grey rubber hose from the steam
generators drain opening to the nozzle on the shower
Pre - Installation Notes,
This product comes with 13 amp plug(s) fitted with RCD
unit. We leave the way you prefer to connect this to
yourself due to continued additions to current regulations.
As at July 2013 we offered the following alternatives.
1) Connect within current laws and IP directives using plug
and RCD provided with steam version or supply one for
non steam version
2) (Preferred) Wire into isolated fused feed connecting
directly to the house consumer / service box. Remove the
plug / RCD fitted and ensure the consumer unit has
capabilities to replace RCD feature.
Pre - Installation Notes
Always use suitable protection against electrical surge.
Your shower should be treated the same as a home
computer. A surge protector should eradicate the
possibility of either the transformer or computer control
being burnt out because of this reason.
Please note earth is required and found on chassis of
shower tray. If a steam generator is included a further
earth is required from Steam Generator unit. Each earth
must ground through the power supply line.
Follow these steps to ensure you have a perfectly watertight unit.
• Remove the plastic protection cover and loosen all of
the body jets. These are only set into place to avoid
damage during transport. Apply some sealer to the back
of each jet before tightening, please be careful and do
not over tighten these.
• Now check ALL hose clips as these will be loose as well,
tighten until the hoses cannot move.
• Now remove the 3x flexi braided hoses and check the
clear neoprene washers are in place and tighten into
position. At the bottom of the column check the steam
pod and tighten this in position. Leave plastic transport
protection cover off.
IMPORTANT! Run a bead of silicone where all the panels
meet each other. I.e. back panels to the base and the
central column. The shower is only made waterproof by
correctly applying silicone to all panels
When sealing please note columns are made from
aluminium box section. If your model provides no plastic
cap, seal the hollow end fitting to shower tray completely.
Your bed of silicone situated on the tray may not otherwise
give the desired seal you require.
Side & back walls are pre made. The glass is inserted in
most cases into rubber tube grip. These are to hold the
glass firm but not necessarily to seal (although in many
cases they will) Be prudent, having fitted these panels to
each other and the shower tray first, use a very fine nozzle
outlet, cut at 45 degrees on your silicone gun and run a fine
bead along the bottom of each glass panel and up each
side for approx 150mm.
Pre - Installation Notes
Sealing, Continued
Now take each clip and place over jet / pipe connections and
tighten fully with pliers by crimping them. Note: Should you break
one by over tightening NEVER leave this, Replace with a jubilee
clip if necessary.
Now fully tighten the metal braided flexi hose at “water in” brass
valve position making sure the inner seal is not damaged.
Connect the opposite end to the steam generator “Water In”
position. Towards the bottom of the panel place the steam outlet
pod through the hole supplied and tighten in position. If you have
the slide type make sure the slide position is “UP” others point
upwards also. Taking the insulated flexi steam hose from steam
generator “OUT” connect to the pod (Using PTFT tape on all
water and steam joints) and tighten. You will now have only one
position left on the steam generator this is “WASTE OUT” Connect the hose tightly.
Then you will love the Lisna Waters
Range of Whirlpool Baths!
After using silicone sealer it i.e. essential to leave the unit for 24
hours to allow the seal to ‘cure’ Allowing the sealer to come into
contact with water before this will cause problems later on.
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