160825.2WUSb - Pall-Aquasafe™ Water Filter

160825.2WUSb - Pall-Aquasafe™ Water Filter
Pall-Aquasafe™ Water Filter
In-Line Disposable Water Filter with Quick Connect Inlet
and Outlet Ports (Reorder Code: AQINA) – 31 Day Use
Barrier against waterborne contaminants including
Legionella spp. and Pseudomonas spp.1
Validated double layer sterilizing grade filtration with
integral pre-filter
Enhanced bacteriostatic efficiency of 99.99 % for
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Quick connectors on inlet and outlet ports
Reduces exposure to waterborne contaminants
Fully recyclable materials
Compatible with common systemic heat and
chemical disinfection
Documented performance, validated according to
international requirements
Bacteriostatic additive throughout housing materials,
minimizes risk of retrograde contamination
Easy connection and disconnection for
change-out logistics
Environmentally friendly
Complementary to standard sanitization programs
70 mm
Actual Size AQINA
Technical Data
The Pall-Aquasafe In-Line Disposable Water Filter with Quick
Connect Inlet and Outlet Ports (AQINA) provides filtered water
suitable for washing and drinking*, superficial wound cleansing,
cleaning of equipment used in medical procedures and washing
of surgeon's hands for up to 31 day use. The double layer
sterilizing grade Supor® membrane is rated and validated at
0.2 µm2-4, and may aid in infection control by acting as a barrier
to waterborne particulates and pathogens.
To minimize the risk of retrograde contamination, the filter
housing material utilizes silver technology as an enhanced,
non-leaching bacteriostatic additive.
In-line applications such
as cleaning of equipment
Pall-Aquasafe In-Line Disposable
Water Filter (AQINA)
510(k) Cleared Device
Membrane area
Membrane rating
Approx 85.3 in2 (550 cm2)
Sterilizing grade** membrane2-4
0.2 µm Supor with integrated
pre-filtration layer (approx 1.0 µm)
2.8 in. nominal
75 psi @ 140 ºF
Length (including inlet and outlet)
Maximum upstream operating pressure
and temperature
Normal upstream operating pressure
Maximum lifetime
Maximum continuous influent
water temperature
Maximum temperature exposure
Approximate water flow rate
Water for ice production
30 – 60 psi
31 days
140 °F
158 °F at 75 psi for a total cumulative
period of 30 mins over the life of
the filter
0.9 gal/min at 15 psi
2.1 gal/min at 45 psi
3.4 gal/min at 75 psi
AQINA is compatible with up to 1.0 mg/L ClO2 (1 ppm) for use over the indicated
life, solutions of 100 ppm active chlorine or pH 12.82 for one hour at ambient
temperature (68 °F ± 41 °F) and chemical treatments utilizing 1000 ppm peracetic
acid at 140 ºF for two hours.
** Pall-Aquasafe Water Filters are not to be used for producing water for infusion
or injection, or substitute USP grade sterile water.
1 Pall-Aquasafe Water Filter In-Line Disposable Water Filter Validation Guide GN15.9608
2 American Standard Test Method (ASTM) F838-05. “Determining Bacterial Retention
of Membrane Filters Utilised for Liquid Filtration”.
3 Health Industry Manufacturers Association (HIMA) Document No.3, Vol. 4. Microbiological
evaluation of filters for sterilizing liquids.
4 FDA, “Guidance for Industry: Sterile Drug Products Produced by Aseptic Processing – Current
Good Manufacturing Practice”, September 2004, http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/.../
*Where local practices allow.
Ordering Information
Reorder Code
In-Line Disposable Water Filter
with Quick Connect Inlet and Outlet Ports
510(k) Cleared Device
Quick Connect Adaptors
⁄2 inch, male thread, valved
⁄2 inch, female thread, valved
12 units
per case
1 unit
1 unit
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The information provided in this literature was reviewed for accuracy at the time of publication. Product data may
be subject to change without notice. For current information consult your local Pall distributor or contact Pall directly.
© 2016, Pall Corporation. Pall,
, Pall-Aquasafe, and Supor are trademarks of Pall Corporation. ® indicates
a trademark registered in the USA and TM indicates a common law trademark.
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