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Sweet Scent of Success
On the 32nd floor of L’Oréal USA’s new headquarters in New York’s Hudson Yards, a marketplace-style
servery features high-performance food stations, gorgeous views and multiple delivery formats.
By Janice Cha, Fe3 || Photos by Madison Winey, Garrett Rowland Photography
s planners were rushing to meet
tight design deadlines for the
amenities floor of L’Oréal USA’s
new headquarters in New York’s Hudson
Yards district, L’Oréal USA President and
CEO Frédéric Rozé requested a last-minute layout change.
“We had positioned L’Oréal’s
executive dining room at the southeast
corner of the building, overlooking New
York’s skyline, and employee dining on
the opposite corner with limited views,”
says James N. Davella, FCSI, President of
Davella Studios, New York, and the lead
designer on the L’Oréal project. “Rozé,
who has an architectural background,
instead had us flip the design to give
employees the best vantage point.”
Rozé’s decision came only 10 days before the designers were due to provide
drawings indicating flooring penetrations
to the manufacturer who would be
creating the pre-formed, “filigree-style”
concrete floor slab. “Making large cutouts after the slabs arrived would have
compromised the entire system,” Davella
continues. “But Rozé is committed to
making sure his team gets only the best.
So, we scrambled to re-draw all the plans
to indicate the new penetrations. We
were also programming food platforms
and doing conceptual designs at the
same time.”
The cosmetics company leaders’ goals
for the foodservice project included
increasing employee productivity, boosting recruitment and retention by enhancing employee satisfaction, enhancing the
company’s health and wellness program,
and contributing to L’Oréal’s image and
brand, which includes sustainability
The mad rush paid off. In June 2016,
L’Oréal USA’s 1,300 staff members
moved from Midtown Manhattan offices
into their new home in Hudson Yards,
itself part of a larger urban renewal
project. There they found a top-floor,
top-notch employee dining area oper-
ated by pros from foodservice management company Restaurant Associates.
Floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding a
posh 200-seat dining room, an outdoor
terrace with views of the Hudson River,
a marketplace-style servery anchored
by a stone-hearth pizza oven and food
offerings sophisticated enough to rival
New York restaurants. One year into
operations, participation has doubled
compared with the previous building,
Davella reports.
Touring The Amenities
L’Oréal’s amenities floor consists of three
main areas: a marketplace servery and
support kitchen, the executive dining
room, and a juice and barista bar.
The largest, the servery called Le
Café, covers 3,800 sq. ft., supported by
a 4,000-sq.-ft. kitchen that also handles
catering. The second key area is the
70-seat full-service executive dining
room, served by a 1,000-sq.-ft. executive
dining kitchen. And a 220-sq.-ft. juice
and barista bar serves terrace visitors.
“Le Café emphasizes from-scratch
cooking that engages customers, reinforces the farm-to-fork market-driven
menu and allows plenty of interaction
between cooking staff and guests,”
Davella says.
The marketplace food hall concept
took shape almost from the beginning
thanks to the building’s sleek design.
“The windows slant inward, which led us
to pursue a large island servery design
rather than placing stations along the
ÑA spacious 32nd floor terrace overlooking
the Hudson River gives L’Oréal a spot for
al fresco dining.
ÑÑThe café sports clean, spare lines,
dramatic lighting and a monochrome
palette that make food colors really pop.
Ï Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking
NYC, plus a juice and espresso bar in the
corner, have made L’Oréal’s amenities floor
a destination.
At A Glance
Dish Drop
Main Kitchen
Bulk Cooking
Pot Wash
Exec. Kitchen
Fusion Grille
Hot Fare
Trash Room
Sushi/Made-To-Order Salads
Salad Bar
Facility: L’Oréal USA, New York
Project: Staff Café, Executive Dining, Floor
Design Consultant: James N. Davella, FCSI,
Principal, Davella Studios, New York
Total Budget: $120 million
Foodservice Equipment Portion:
$2.5 million
Scope of Work: Concept Development,
Master Planning, Space Allocation, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Specification
Writing, Site Inspections, Construction
Management, Pre-opening Inspections
Architects: Jean Anderson, Principal &
Design Director; Hinna Kapoor, AIA, CDT,
Associate; Laurent Lisimachio, Principal;
Thomas McGoldrick, AIA, Gensler, New York
Engineers: Lilker Associates, New York
Interior Designers: Gensler, New York
Fabricator: Carbone Metal Fabricators,
Chelsea, Mass.
Dealer/Foodservice Equipment
Contractor: Baring Industries, New York &
Parsippany, N.J.
Operator: Restaurant Associates
Espresso/Juice Bar
Equipment List
Fusion Grille & Hot Fare
Hestan cooking suite
Henny Penny fryer battery
Halton hoods, fire suppression system
True reach-in heated cabinet, refrig.,
dual-temp cabinet
Montague convection oven
Vollrath hot/cold drop-in wells
CookTek/Middleby induction range, hot
food wells
Rotisol drop-in heated shelves
Hearth, Soup & Deli
Wood Stone hearth oven
RPI drop-in cold food pans
Vollrath hot/cold drop-in wells
Electrolux high-speed grill
Hobart/ITW FEG meat slicer
American Food Service work top refrig.,
cutting table
Hatco conveyor toaster
Rotisol drop-in heated shelves
Vollrath hot/cold drop-in wells
CookTek/Middleby hot food wells
Alto-Shaam hot food holding cabinet
Sushi & Salad Bar
RPI drop-in cold food pans
American Food Service worktop refrig.
Halton hood, fire suppression system
Vollrath hot/cold drop-in wells
CookTek/Middleby induction range
Main Kitchen
Electrolux tilt skillet, tilt kettle, combi oven
Jade/Middleby range, charbroiler
Cres Cor mobile heated pan cabinet
Halton hoods, fire suppression system
Hatco bain marie heater
American Panel blast chiller/freezer,
walk-in coolers
American Food Service counters,
worktables, shelving
Back-Of-House, Scullery, Tray Return
MEIKO dishmachines, pulper
American Food Service dishtables, racks,
duct risers
Cambro dish cart
Metro/Ali Group rack dolly
Follett/Middleby ice machine, ice bin
Vizion/Antunes water filter assembly
Spray Master high-pressure cleaning system
American Panel walk-in cooler
Coldzone refrig. system
Traycon soiled dish conveyor system
Champion/Ali Group food digester
Cold Prep
Electrolux food processor
American Food Service worktables, sinks
Hobart/ITW FEG meat slicer, planetary mixers
True reach-in refrig.
IMC Teddy hand sink
Executive Dining Kitchen
Hestan cooking suite
Electrolux combi oven
Hatco heat lamp, display light
American Food Service chef’s counter,
island counters
Fetco coffee brewer
ÑL’Oréal’s executive dining area, with
dramatic city views and its own dedicated
kitchen and serving staff, rivals any
Manhattan restaurant.
Espresso & Juice Bar
Rancilio/Ali Group espresso/
cappuccino machine
Structural Concepts refrig. drop-in case,
self-service u/c case
BUNN coffee brewer
Fetco coffee grinder, brewer, dispenser
Merrychef/Welbilt microwave convection oven
Zumex orange juicer machine
Juiceman bar blender
edge, blocking views and light,” Davella
recalls. By contrast, L’Oréal USA’s previous
employee dining area had been in an
underground level with no natural light.
The island serveries are situated to the
right and left of the main entrance. “As
you walk down the hallway from the
elevators, you see the New York skyline,”
Davella says. “Then, when you enter, it’s
the platforms that draw attention.”
The platforms—two island cooking
areas and one line backed by the main
kitchen—were created with enough hot
and cold storage to allow attendants to
work and resupply during busy meal
The first island, closest to the cashier
stations, offers a self-service salad bar
on two sides, a sushi bar on the third
side and an exhibition cooking station
facing the windows. A work station in the
center and plenty of undercounter cold
storage fill in the center.
The second, larger island is anchored
by a stone-hearth Wood Stone pizza
oven (hand-tossed pizza, baked pastas,
casseroles, roasted meats and vegetables) on one corner, with pizza prep
along one side and hot food served
from the other side. A deli and soup
area anchor the island’s other two sides.
In the center is a prep area with slicer,
prep sinks and work space.
The Fusion station is backed by a
Hestan cooking suite, equipped with
burners, plancha, bain marie, wok range,
fryers and a convection oven. Deep fat
fryers and a convection oven round out
the cooking lineup. “The suite would be
at home in any com-mercial restaurant
kitchen,” Davella says. “The platform offers
a variety of ‘street’ eats, and flavors from
around the world. Many offerings are finished in view of the customer, reinforcing
our commitment to freshness.”
In addition to its outward beauty,
Davella’s design includes state-of-the-art
behind scenes equipment. For example:
Ventilation for the servery, main
kitchen and executive kitchen is provided by an interconnected Halton
M.A.R.V.E.L. demand control ventilation system that links all hoods into a
single exhaust fan. “Benefits include
reduced air flow through the exhaust
hoods when foodservice is operating
in off-peak hours,” Davella notes. “This
saves considerably on costly air-conditioning and make-up air.”
Walk-in coolers and freezers, the
custom fab refrigerators at cooking
platforms and even a trash cooler get
their chill power from a closed-loop,
water-cooled refrigeration system
made by Coldzone.
A waste handling system from
Champion Industries helps reduce the
amount of food waste going into trash
All three of these advanced technologies help L’Oreal operate with conservation and sustainability at the fore.
ÒA “Grab & Stay” display (left) was
included for L’Oréal employees in a hurry.
On the right, the Deli and Soup stations
offer plenty of variety.
ÒÒThis island servery features DIY salads,
sushi, composed salads, and, on the side
nearest the windows, an exhibition cooking
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