Dahua IR Wi-Fi Bullet Camera Quick Start Guide
V 1.0.1
Zhejiang Dahua Vision Technology CO., LTD
1 Packing List
Device × 1
Screw Package ×1
QSG ×1
2 Product Appearance
Figure 2-1
Please refer to the following sheet for more details about the device.
Network port
Power port
Unit device
Sheet 2-1
Figure 2-2
Please refer to the following sheet for more details about each component.
Reset/ WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button
Indicator light 1
Lower cover
Micro SD card slot
Indicator light 2
Waterproof ring
Wifi antenna
Locking screw
Sheet 2-2
For reset, long press for 8 seconds and then the light off; For WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup), one
quick press.
Please refer to the following sheet for more details about status of indicator light.
Indicator light status
Red light normally on
Green light slow flashing
Device status
Booting completed, await wifi config,
enter smart config status;
Wifi smart config in progress, including
Green light quick flashing
WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup),
management frame and etc.
Green light normally on
Wifi connection succeeded, operate
Red and green lights flash alternately
Device upgrade
Red light slow flashing
Network connection failure or
disconnection after network connection
Red light quick flashing
Device malfunction, fail to boot up; alarm
or SD card malfunction
Sheet 2-3
3 Operate by Easy4ip APP
Step 1
Power on the device with power adapter.
Step 2
Connect your smart phone to your WiFi network. Scan the “Easy4ip APP” QR on the packing
box, download and install the Easy4ip APP.
Step 3
Open Easy4ip APP (take IOS as an example), tap login to login the APP (Please register for first use).
Step 4
Tap “+” to add devices.
Figure 3-1
Step 5
Please select “Wired” when the network cable is connected, select “Wireless” for wireless connection.
Here is an example of wireless connection.
Figure 3-2
Step 6
Name the camera and scan the QR code on camera.
Figure 3-3
Figure 3-4
Step 7
Input the Wi-Fi password.
Figure 3-5
Step 8
Waiting for 60s to finish the Wi-Fi connection.
Figure 3-6
Note: If you want to change the Wi-Fi signal, please reset the camera to factory default and
repeat step 5-8;
4 Device Installation
Before the installation, please make sure the installation environment can at least support 3x weight of
the camera.
Figure 4-1
Please see Figure 4-1 and Figure 4-2.
Step 1
Dig holes on the installation surface (wall or ceiling).
Step 2
Open accessories bag, take out expansion bolt and insert it into the hole you just dug.
Step 3
Open accessories bag, take out installation screws. Tighten the screws to fix the device on the
installation surface (wall or ceiling). You can move device sunshade back and forth. When you have
fixed the device, you must tighten screws on sunshade.
Step 4
Plug external wiring of the device properly.
Figure 4-2
Step 5
Use cross screwdriver (in accessories bag) to loosen adjusting screw.
Step 6
Adjust the device in all possible directions, and set its monitoring direction according to the
Step 7
Use cross screwdriver to tighten the adjusting screws.
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