front recirculate ck60frf slideout rangehood

clean air.
* The minimum distance is 750mm from the range hood to a gas hob, and
is 650mm to an electric hob. If the installation instructions for gas hobs
specify a greater distance, this must be taken into account.
NOTICE: Two or more people are required to install or move this appliance.
Failure to do so can cause physical injuries.
The range hood has been designed only for domestic use to
eliminate kitchen fumes.
Never use the hood for purposes other than what it has been
designed for. * Never leave high naked flames under the hood when it is in
operation. * Adjust the flame intensity to direct it onto the bottom of the
pan only; making sure that it does not engulf the pan sides.
Deep fryer fat must be continuously monitored during use:
overheated oil can burst into flame.
The hood should not be used by children or persons not instructed
in its correct use.
* Proper maintenance of the range hood will assure proper performance of
the unit.
* Disconnect the hood from the main supply before carrying out any
maintenance work.
* Clean and/or replace aluminum grease filters after specified period of
* Clean the hood using a damp cloth and a neutral liquid detergent.
* DISPOSAL: Do not dispose this product as unsorted municipal waste.
Collection of such waste separately for special treatment is necessary.
In certain circumstances electrical appliances may be a danger hazard.
* Do not check the status of the filters while the range hood is operating.
* Do not touch the light bulbs after appliance use.
Before beginning installation, to better handle the hood, we advise removing
the aluminum filter.
Before fixing, the outlet exhaust duct for air evacuation to the outside must
be installed. Use an outlet exhaust duct with: - minimum indispensable
length; -Minimum possible bends (maximum angle of bend: 90°); -certified
(according to local, building & fire
regulations); and as smooth as possible
inside. It is also advisable to avoid any drastic
changes in duct cross-section
(recommended diameter:
Drill the hole in the wall for the air outlet (133
mm diameter) referring to drawings here on
the right where the measurements for the
various possibilities are indicated.
Decide on the position of the hole for the air
outlet: The hole must be in the ceiling,
according to your requirements, but must be in
vertical line with your hood. Bear in mind that
the hood can expel air through the top air
outlet only.
Fitting under wall unit
1. Before fixing the hood to the wall unit, drill a hole of 130mm diameter
in the wall unit.
2. In any case, check the position of the
power outlet considers where the power
cable will run, since a hole might have to
be made in the wall unit to accommodate
3. Drill 4 holes in the wall unit,
respecting the distance indicated. Push the hood up against the wall
unit and insert the 4 screws operating from inside the wall unit
4. Make the electrical connection.
Installation is now complete.
-Exhaust air must not be discharged into a flue which is used for exhausting
fumes from appliance burning gas or other fuels.
-If the instructions for installation for the gas hob specify a greater distance
than 650mm, this has to be taken into account.
-The regulations concerning the discharge of exhaust air have to be
The hood is operated using the rock button on the front panel.
The light switch turns the lamps on and off.
The fan switch turns the fan on to two speed settings:
fan switch
The grease filters should be cleaned frequently (every two months of
operation, or more frequently for heavy use). Use a warm detergent
Grease filters are washable.
This range hood requires two normal lamps (AC 220V, 2W Max).
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