Coffee Shop Director Job Summary: Store Operations:

Coffee Shop Director
Job Description
Job Summary:
The Coffee Shop Director is responsible for leading all team
members in the efficient and profitable operation of The Pour.
Responsible for managing the day-to-day store operations,
maintaining high store standards and conditions, and fostering a
positive environment. Strives to always provide consistent fast,
efficient, and friendly service ensuring a quality experience for
both our customers and team members. The store manager
creates the tone and personality of the store by being a
proponent of training, customer service, product knowledge,
encouraging safe work practices, and a demonstrated
commitment to our mission statement.
Store Operations:
• Develops and executes sales and profit plans in order to reach
ministry goals.
• Ensures and is accountable for profitability of the store by
growing sales and controlling costs of goods, inventory
levels, labor, supplies and expenses.
• Maintains and utilizes financial reporting tools, and works
closely with the Financial Director to ensure accurate
• Hires/coordinates and trains quality team members and
volunteer staff. Facilitates ongoing training and
development for current staff.
• Manages labor costs by staffing and scheduling appropriately,
according to seasonal needs.
• Oversees all cash and media management functions. Proficient
at performing all POS duties, front and back of house
functions including opening and closing procedures.
• Maintains proper loss prevention standards, reviewing cash
handling procedures, deposits and safe procedures.
• Creates and maintains a clean, well-merchandised store.
• Plans, executes and communicates all promotions and new
product information effectively and efficiently.
• Promotes and practices safe work habits, identifying and
resolving potential safety hazards. Works with staff to
correct any inconsistencies to eliminate safety concerns.
• Creates and communicates store service, product, and safety
policies. Holds team members to that standard, and uses
disciplinary actions when needed.
• Is responsible for modeling customer service standards that
consistently exceed customer expectations. Monitors,
coaches, and encourages team members to meet these
• Pro-active in solving customer problems and satisfying
customers in various situations.
• Ensures that all team members are committed to the highest
level of service, and can execute that service on a
consistent basis.
• Maintains high cleanliness standards consistently throughout
the store in the areas of store appearance, merchandise
and equipment.
Training & Development:
• Provides ongoing training and development to all team
members in the areas of operating standards, customer
service and product knowledge.
• Demonstrates the ability to lead and effectively communicate
our mission.
• Builds morale and team spirit by fostering a work environment
where team members input is encouraged and valued.
• Ensures each team member has received proper training to
perform as a barista or shift supervisor efficiently.
• Continually develops team members by establishing specific
performance goals and measuring progress.
• Coaches and counsels team members for improved
performance, and documenting disciplinary actions as
• Plans and implements an efficient and cost-effective marketing
program, directed at bringing in a wide customer
• Works with Ark staff to effectively communicate our mission
and goals to the public.
• Reaches out to community leaders in order to raise awareness
for Pour/Ark projects
• Uses social media to promote and connect with customers,
while presenting the progress of projects and residents.
Special Projects
• Plans (in conjunction with The Ark staff and Board, when
appropriate) special projects aimed at fundraising for either
The Ark or a specific cause that would funnel through The
• Coordinates volunteers to hold fundraising events or programs
happening in The Pour.
• Oversees all cash handling, and works with the Financial
Director to direct funds to the appropriate place.
• Partners with community and church leaders to reach
fundraising goals
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