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(Original instructions)
(Original instructions)
(Original instructions)
Technical Data
Pendulum action
Bevel cut
Cutting capacity
800 - 3000 /min
4 Stages
Stroke length
first contact your local STANLEY Office
or nearest authorized service center.
b. Do not operate power tools in explosive
atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable
liquids, gases or dust. Power tools create sparks which
may ignite the dust or fumes.
c. Keep children and bystanders away while operating
a power tool. Distractions can cause you to lose control.
2. Electrical safety
a. Power tool plugs must match the outlet. Never
modify the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter
plugs with earthed (grounded) power tools.
Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will reduce risk of
electric shock.
b. Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded
surfaces such as pipes, radiators, ranges and
refrigerators. There is an increased risk of electric
shock if your body is earthed or grounded.
c. Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions.
Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of
electric shock.
General Safety Rules
d. Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord for
carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool. Keep
cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges or moving
parts. Damaged or entangled cords increase the risk of
electric shock.
Warning! Read and understand all instructions.
Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may
result in electric shock, fire and/or serious
personal injury.
e. When operating a power tool outdoors, use an
extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Use of a cord
suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric
Save These Instructions
f. If operating a power tool in a damp location is
unavoidable, use a residual current device (RCD)
protected supply. Use of an RCD reduces the risk of
electric shock. Note: The term “Residual Curent Device
(RCD)” can be replaced by “Ground Fault Circuit
Interrupter (GFCI)” or by “Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Safety instructions
General power tool safety warnings
Warning! Read all safety warnings and all
instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and
instructions listed below may result in electric shock, fire
and/or serious injury.
Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.
The term "power tool" in all of the warnings listed below
refers to your mains operated (corded) power tool or battery
operated (cordless) power tool.
1. Work area safety
a. Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or dark
areas invite accidents.
3. Personal safety
a. Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use
common sense when operating a power tool. Do not
use a power tool while you are tired or under the
influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. A moment
of inattention while operating power tools may result in
serious personal injury.
b. Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye
protection. Protective equipment such as dust mask,
non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection
used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal
(Original instructions)
c. Prevent unintentional starting. Ensure the switch is
in the off-position before connecting to power
source and/or battery pack, picking up or carrying
the tool. Carrying power tools with your finger on the
switch or energising power tools that have the switch on
invites accidents.
d. Remove any adjusting key or wrench before turning
the power tool on. A wrench or a key left attached to a
rotating part of the power tool may result in personal
e. Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance
at all times. This enables better control of the power
tool in unexpected situations.
f. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Properly
maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges are less
likely to bind and are easier to control.
5. Service
a. Have your power tool serviced by a qualified repair
person using only identical replacement parts. This
will ensure that the safety of the power tool is
6. Labels on tool
The label on your tool may include the following symbols:
f. Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or
jewellery. Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away
from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewellery or long
hair can be caught in moving parts.
g. If devices are provided for the connection of dust
extraction and collection facilities, ensure these are
connected and properly used. Use of dust collection
can reduce dust-related hazards.
4. Power tool use and care
a. Do not force the power tool. Use the correct power
tool for your application. The correct power tool will do
the job better and safer at the rate for which it was
b. Do not use the power tool if the switch does not turn
it on and off. Any power tool that cannot be controlled
with the switch is dangerous and must be repaired.
c. Disconnect the plug from the power source and/or
the battery pack from the power tool before making
any adjustments, changing accessories, or storing
power tools. Such preventive safety measures reduce
the risk of starting the power tool accidentally.
d. Store idle power tools out of the reach of children
and do not allow persons unfamiliar with the power
tool or these instructions to operate the power tool.
Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained
e. Maintain power tools. Check for misalignment or
binding of moving parts, breakage of parts and any
other condition that may affect the power tools
operation. If damaged, have the power tool repaired
before use. Many accidents are caused by poorly
maintained power tools.
Use Eye
Hz ....... Hertz
W ........ Watts
min ..... minutes
..... Alternating
Use Ear
V ........ Volts
A ........ Amperes
..... Direct
...... Class II
Safety Alert
or Reciprocation per
n 0 ....... No-Load
Position of date barcode
The Date Code, which also includes the year of
manufacture, is printed into the housing.
2014 XX JN
Year of manufacturing
7. Electrical safety
Your tool is double insulated; therefore no earth
wire is required. Always check that the main voltage
corresponds to the voltage on the rating plate.
Warning! If the power cord is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manufacturer, authorized
STANLEY Service Center or an equally qualified
person in order to avoid damage or injury. If the power cord
is replaced by an equally qualified person, but not authorized
by STANLEY, the warranty will not be valid.
Additional Jigsaws Safety Warning
Warning! Additional safety warnings for jigsaws.
Hold the tool by the insulated gripping surfaces
when performing an operation where the cutting tool
may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Contact
with a “live” wire will make exposed metal parts of the
tool “live” and shock the operator.
(Original instructions)
Use clamps or another practical way to secure and
support the workpiece to a stable platform. Holding
the work by hand or against your body leaves it unstable
and may lead to loss of control.
Keep hands away from cutting area. Never reach
underneath the work piece any reason. Do not insert
fingers or thumb into the vicinity of the reciprocating
blade and blade clamp. Do not stabilize the saw by
gripping the shoe.
Keep blades sharp. Dull or damaged blades may cause
the saw to swerve or stall under pressure. Always use
the appropriate type of saw blade for the workpiece
material and type of cut.
Even with the application of the relevant safety regulations
and the implementation of safety devices, certain residual
risks can not be avoided. These include:
Injuries caused by touching any rotating/moving parts.
Injuries caused when changing any parts, blades or
Injuries caused by prolonged use of a tool. When using
any tool for prolonged periods ensure you take regular
Impairment of hearing.
Health hazards caused by breathing dust developed
when using your tool (example:- working with wood,
especially oak, beech and MDF.)
When cutting pipe or conduit, make sure that they
are free from water, electrical wiring, etc.
Do not touch the workpiece or the blade immediately
after operating the tool. They can become very hot.
Be aware of hidden hazards, before cutting into
walls, floors or ceiling, check for the location of
wiring and pipes.
1. Variable speed control knob
The blade will continue to move after releasing the
switch. Always switch the tool off and wait for the saw
blade to come to a complete standstill before putting the
tool down.
3. Lock-on button
Warning! Contact with, or inhalation of dusts arising
from cutting applications may endanger the health
of the operator and possible bystanders. Wear a
dust mask specifically designed for protection against dust
and fumes and ensure that persons within or entering the
work area are also protected.
This tool is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible
for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
The intended use is described in this instruction manual.
The use of any accessory or attachment or perfor mance
of any operation with this tool other than those
recommended in this instruction manual may present a
risk of personal injury and/or damage to property.
Features (Fig. A)
2. On/off switch
4. Blade storage compartment cover
5. Shoe plate locking lever
6. Dust extraction outlet
7. Shoe plate
8. Saw blade support roller
9. Pendulum stroke selector
Additional features (Fig. A)
Additional features may be applicable depending upon the
product purchased. The additional features applicable to the
catalogue number purchased are shown in Fig. A.
Warning! Before attempting any of the following
operations, make sure that the tool is switched off
and unplugged and that the saw blade has
stopped. Used saw blades may be hot.
Residual risks
Fitting and removing the saw blade (Fig. C and D)
Additional residual risks may arise when using the tool which
may not be included in the enclosed safety warnings. These
risks can arise from misuse, prolonged use etc.
Warning! Before attempting any of the following
operations, make sure that the tool is switched off
and unplugged and that the saw blade has
stopped. Used saw blades may be hot.
(Original instructions)
Fitting the saw blade (Fig. C)
Hold the saw blade (10) as shown, with the teeth facing
Push and hold the blade clamp (11) down.
Insert the shank of the saw blade into the blade holder
(12) as far as it will go.
Release the blade clamp (11).
Pull the shoe plate (7) forward and set the required bevel
15°, 30° and 45° indicated in the bevel angle window.
Push the shoe plate locking lever (5) back towards the
saw to lock the shoe plate (7).
To reset the shoe plate (7) for straight cuts:
Pull the shoe plate locking lever (5) outwards to unlock
the shoe plate (7).
Saw blade storage (Fig. D)
Saw blades (10) can be stored in the storage compartment
(4) located on the side of the tool.
Set the shoe plate (7) to an angle of 0º and push the
shoe plate backwards.
Push the shoe plate locking lever (5) back towards the
saw to lock the shoe plate (7).
Open the cover of the saw blade storage compartment
(4) by holding the tab on the top of the cover and pulling
it outward.
The blades are retained in the compartment by a
magnetic strip. To remove a blade, press down on one
end of the blade to raise the other end, and remove.
Close the cover of the saw blade storage compartment
(4) and make sure that it is latched closed.
Warning! Close the storage compartment door
securely before operating the saw.
Connecting a vacuum cleaner to the tool (Fig. E)
An adaptor (13) is required to connect a vacuum cleaner or
dust extractor to the tool.
Push the adaptor (13) into the dust extraction outlet (6).
Connect vacuum cleaner hose (14) to the adaptor (13).
Setting the pendulum stroke (Fig. I)
Set the pendulum stroke selector (9) to the required
Position 0: metal and aluminium and sheet metal.
Position I: for laminates, hard wood, work tops.
Position II: for plywood and PVC/Plastics.
Position III: for soft wood and fast cutting.
Variable speed control
Set the variable speed control knob (1) to the required
speed range.
Use a high speed for wood, medium speed for
aluminium and PVC and low speed for metals other than
Cut line blower (Fig. F)
Switching on and off
To switch the tool on, press the on/off switch (2).
To switch the tool off, release the on/off switch (2).
For continuos operation, press the lock-on button (3) and
release the on/off switch (2).
To switch the tool off when in continuous operation,
press the on/off switch (2) and release it.
To aid visibility when cutting, your jigsaw is equipped
with a cut line blower (15) which will keep the work area
clear of dust as you saw.
Adjusting the shoe plate for bevel cuts (Fig. G and H)
Warning! Never use the tool when the shoe plate
is loose or removed.
The shoe plate (7) can be set to a left or right bevel angle of
up to 45°.
Pull the shoe plate locking lever (5) outwards to unlock
the shoe plate (7) from the 0 deg position.
Hold the tool firmly with both hands while cutting. The shoe
plate (7) should be held firmly against the material being cut.
This will help prevent the saw from jumping, reduce vibration
and minimise blade breakage.
(Original instructions)
Let the blade run freely for a few seconds before starting
the cut.
Apply only a gentle pressure to the tool while performing
the cut.
Hints For Optimum Use
Sawing laminates
When cutting laminates, splintering may occur which can
damage the presentation surface. The most common saw
blades cut on the upward stroke, therefore if the shoe plate
is sitting on the presentation surface either use a saw blade
that cuts on the downward stroke or:
Use a fine-tooth saw blade. Saw from the back surface
of the workpiece.
To minimise splintering, clamp a piece of scrap wood or
hardboard to both sides of the workpieces and saw
through this sandwich.
Sawing metal
Be aware that sawing metal takes much more time than
sawing wood.
Use a saw blade suitable for sawing metal.
When cutting thin sheet metal, clamp a piece of scrap
wood to the back surface of the workpiece and cut
through this sandwich.
Spread a film of oil along the intended line of cut.
Your tool has been designed to operate over a long period
of time with a minimum of maintenance. Continuous
satisfactory operation depends upon proper tool care and
regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance, switch off
and unplug the tool.
Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool using a
soft brush or dry cloth.
Regularly clean the motor housing using a damp cloth.
Do not use any abrasive or solvent-based cleaner.
The performance of your tool depends on the accessory
used. STANLEY accessories are engineered to high quality
standards and designed to enhance the performance of your
tool. By using these accessories you will get the very best
from your tool.
Service Information
STANLEY offers a full network of company-owned and
authorized service locations. All STANLEY Service Centers
are staffed with trained personnel to provide customers with
efficient and reliable power tool service. For more
information about our authorized service centers and if you
need technical advice, repair, or genuine factory
replacement parts, contact the STANLEY location nearest
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. This product must not be
disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Stanley product needs
replacement, or if it is of no further use to you, do not
dispose of it with household waste. Make this product
available for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and packaging
allows materials to be recycled and used again.
Re-use of recycled materials helps prevent
environmental pollution and reduces the demand for raw
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of
electrical products from the household, at municipal waste
sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Stanley provides a facility for the collection and recycling of
Stanley products once they have reached the end of their
working life. To take advantage of this service please return
your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect
them on our behalf.
You can check the location of your nearest authorised repair
agent by contacting your local Stanley office at the address
indicated in this manual. Alternatively, a list of authorised
Stanley repair agents and full details of our after-sales
service and contacts are available on the Internet at:
(Original instructions)
One year warranty
If your Stanley product becomes defective due to faulty
materials or workmanship within 12 months from the date of
purchase, Stanley Europe guarantees to replace all defective
parts free of charge or – at our discretion – replace the unit
free of charge provided that:
The product has not been misused and has been used in
accordance with the instruction manual.
The product has been subject to fair wear and tear;
Repairs have not been attempted by unauthorised
Proof of purchase is produced.
The Stanley product is returned complete with all original
If you wish to make a claim, contact your seller or check the
location of your nearest authorised Stanley repair agent in
the Stanley catalogue or contact your local Stanley office at
the address indicated in this manual. A list of authorised
Stanley repair agents and full details of our after sales
service is available on the internet at:
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Hyderabad, Pin: 500037, Mob: 9391062607, Tel: 30906810. Balaji Mini Tools, Plot No. 1-9-1/2, Beside Venkateshwara Temple, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad, Pin: 500062, Mob:
9246203990/91, Tel: 040 2716663, Lakshmi Sivaram Enterprises, #43-1-48, Opp: Idbi Bank, Main Road, Kakinada, Branch:sarpavaram Junction, Beside Police Station, Kakinada,
Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 533001, Tel: 9848317859. Revathi Enterprises, D. No. 43-7-25, Old Post Office Str, Jagannadhapuram Bride, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 533003, Mob:
9848133585, Tel: 0884-2387328. City Engineering Company, Shop No-14,15,16, Sai Durga Towers, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 523001, Mob: 9848144919, Tel: 08592-221090. Srk
Power Tools Corporation, Door No: 7-30-15, Opp:bata Show Room, Near Santhi, Main, Road Rajahmundry, Pin: 533101, Tel: 9966644555. Maharaja Spares,No. 42, Nethaji Road,
Tirupati, Pin: 517501, Mob: 9440079249, Tel: 0877 2253426. Ganesh Trading Co., 12-10-46, Convent Street, P Box No 83, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 520001, Mob: 9849082241,
Tel: 0866-425241 / 426401. Gopalakrishna Engineering Co, Door No 12-6-15, Hart Street, Tarapet, Vijayawada, Pin: 520001, Mob: 0866-2425942, Tel: 9848156713, Sri Shirdi Sai
Enterprises, Door No 12-3-32, Peena Mahamod Street, Tarapet, Vijayawada, Pin: 520001, Mob: 0866-2426333, Tel: 9848139633. S B Enterprises, 28-16-14, Suryabagh,
Visakhapatanam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 530020, Mob: 9440191723, Tel: 0891-2562208 / 2569917. Sri Ganesh Hardware & Electricals, No. 7-16-73, Old Gajuwaka Jn, Visakhapatanam,
Andhra Pradesh, Pin: 530026, Mob: 9393100146, Tel: 0891 515524. Sri Sai Srinivasa Electricals, Door No.58-1-392, Gat, Butchiraju Palem, vizag, Visakhapa, Butchiraju
Palem, Pin: 530027, Mob: 9885494398. KARNATAKA: Hindustan Tools, No-22, Kiadb Complex, Tvs Cross, Peenya, Bangalore, Karnataka, Pin: 560002, Mob: 91 9341244149, Tel:
51271028. J V Marketing Corporation 1, Ist Floor, Kssidc Special, Plot No 19, Tvs Cross 1st Stage, Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore, Pin: 560058, Mob: 9741295446. Kshipra
Engineering&services, Fathima Eligance, 16, cabin No 3 &5 3rd Floor, 2nd Cross S.G Narayana Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, Pin: 560027, Mob: 9886502505. Mini Sales And Tools
Service, No 12, 1st Floor, r.k.building, 1st Cross, N.R.Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, Pin: 560002, Mob: 91 98450 36264, Tel: 26702375. New Bangalore Power Tools No-637/4,first Floor,
Muniyappa Complex, Opp.i.b.p.petrol Bunk, Jalahalli Cross, Bangalore, Karnataka, Pin: 560057, Mob: 9980013389, Tel: 25900650. Patel Trading Corporation, 1st Floor, No. 57/3, Sardar
Patrappa Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, Pin: 560018, Mob: 98452 92883 Tel: 41247774. Vishal Enterprises I Floor, No.5 Mandi Veerappa Lane, S.J.P. Road Cross, Bangalore, Karnataka,
Pin: 560002, Tel: 080-2236187. Vikrant Sales Corporation, Khanapur Road, Udyambag, Belgaum, Karnataka, Pin: 590008, Mob: 9480422522, Tel: 441256. City Tools Center, Ismail
Complex, N H-17 Main Road, Bhatkal, Karnataka, Pin: 581320, Mob: 9448791748. Sagar Electricals, Shop No. 55 Cmc Complex, Bagalkot Cross, Bijapur, Karnataka, Pin: 586101, Mob:
9448440229, Tel: 08352-22637. A B Agencies Razak Building, Koppikar Road, Koppikar Road, Hubli, Karnataka, Pin: 580020, Mob: 990016001, Tel: 0836-2366812. Lakshmi Sales
Corporation, Lakshmi Towers, Main Road,kulai, Manglore, Pin: 574196, Tel: 0824-2407836.
KERALA: Tool Tech Inc, Door No. 16/931 & 932b, Aradhana Tourist Home, Kallai Road, Calicut, Pin: 673002, Mob: 9388485464, Tel: 0495 4025071. Powertool Enterprises, 44/2133e,
Freedom Road, Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, Pin: 682017, Mob: 9895405593, Tel: 0484-4047593. Tool World, 44/2708c Karukappilly, Deshabhimani Road, Kochi,kerala, Pin: 682017, Mob:
9388485378, Tel: 0484-3295546/2409745. Vindia Enterprises, 39/3686, Ravipuram Road, Ernakulam, Cochin, Kerala, Pin: 682016, Mob: 9847219831, Tel: 0484-2356924. Kolar Mill
Stores Pvt. Ltd., 18/1819 Kolar Buildings, Opp Police Station, Up Hill P.O. Mallapuram, Pin: 676505, Mob: 9497 32 00 00, Tel: 0483-2730603. Vulcan Metals, 17/327, Nh 47,
Manappullikkavu, Palakkad. Pin: 678013, Tel: 0491 2506200/2506300. Tool Mec, Xii/689/27, Mars Complex, Poothole Road, Thrissur, Kerala, Pin: 680004, Tel: 0487-2389739. TAMIL
NADU: B. R. Enterprises, No. 147, Broadway, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pin: 600108, Mob: 9381071188, Tel: 044 - 42620709 / 42620710. Chennai Power Tools And Electricals, No-648, 1st
Floor, Mth Road, Mannurpet Padi, Chennai, Pin: 600050, Mob: 9841402911, Tel: 044-26251663. K.S.Engineering Equipments, 16, Trunk Road, Poonamallee, Chennai, Pin: 600056,
Mob: 9840986541, Tel: 044 - 26492223. M/s.royal Tools Agencies,,, Errabalu Street, Chennai. Pin: 600 001, Mob: 044 – 2538 3048, Tel: 9884176366. Professional
Power Tools Sales &service, No 77/155, Broadway, Chennai, Pin: 600108, Mob: 9841186478, Tel: 044-64555872. Shrimma Power Tools, No. 13, Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Kandanchavadi,Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pin: 600096, Mob: 9884489709, Tel: 044-64534203. Sri Kathyayeni Enterprises, H-24, Central Avenue, Korattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pin:
600080, Mob: 9841810789, Tel: 044 - 26873550 /42878495. Aardwolf Engineering Co., No. 180 A/9, Dr. Nanjappa Road, Nsp Complex, Coimbatore, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Pin:
641018, Mob: 9363101650, Tel: 0422 - 2301884 / 2380974. Orient Equipment & Services, P.B. No. 3795, Shop No G-5, V. R. Arcade 295, Dr. Nanjappa Road, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu,
Pin: 641018, Mob: 9842265222, Tel: 0422 - 2236432 /2238507. Banu Tools, Plot No 7, Amaravathi Towers, Vasavi Street, near Kvb Bank, Nh 7, Bye Pass Road, Hosur, Pin: 635109,
Mob: 9443242102, Tel: 04344 - 242102. Sri Balamurugan Agencies, No.100, t.k, nambi Street, Kanchipuram, Pin: 630501, Mob: 7200726026, Tel: 044-27223444. Sanker Sales
Corporation, No. 270, West Masi Street, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Pin: 625001, Mob: 9994135241, Tel: 0452 - 2341803. Sri Andal Agencies, 47/10e Devangapuram Extn St, Shevapet,
Salem, Pin: 636002, Mob: 9362755919, Tel: 0427 2223718. Sri Andal Power Tools, No. 5, A Block, Sree Complex, Madurai Road, Trichy, Pin: 620008, Mob: 9944262656, Tel: 0431
4544271. GOA: Mech-tech Enggineering Systems, G-2, Emerald Towers, M.G. Road, Opp State Bank Zonal Office, Panji, Goa, Pin: 403001, Mob: 9822122921, Tel: 0832-223601. S.K
.Trading, Shop No 4 Esteeve Apartment, Near Alua Hotel, Merces, Panjim Pin:403005, Mob: 9270143918. S.S.Hitech Engineers, Shop No-2, Laxjot Appts, Near Ktc Bus Stand, Vasco-da
Gama, Goa. Pin: 403802, Mob: 9822904784/9422743330, Tel: 0832-6483256. GUJARAT: Mark Engineering, No. A-13, Jay Raj Complex, opp B.P Petrol Pump, Suni Ni Chawl Chur
Rusta, Odhav, Ahmedabad, Pin: 382415, Tel: 079-29092442. Rushabh Traders, Mira Chember, Opp.syndicate Bank, Kadia Kui, Relief Road, Ahmedabad, Pin: 380001, Mob:
9327070493, Tel: 079 22180265. Shivam Sales & Service, No. 28, Kalpesh Rang Upvan Soci, opp Vastrapur Railway Station, Boot Bhavani Mandir Road, vejalpur, Ahmedabad Pin:
380007, Tel: 079-69501111. Shree Maruti Tools, B/5,new Shivkripa Apartment, Opp, Agiyaras Mata Mandir, Nava, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Pin: 380013, Mob: 9724313764 & 9426513764,
Tel: 079-7643580/7. Shyam Trading 34, Green Villa, Nr. H.B. Kapadia School, Gurukul Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarath Pin: 380052, Mob: 9825050794, Tel: 079 66522025.
Chintan Electricals, Plot No-1006, gidc Estate, Ankeleshwar,dist-bharuch, Pin: 393002, Mob: 9033533735. Khatri Engineering Company, D.B.Z. - S - 139, Near Pitman's Gas,
Gandhidham, Gujarat, Pin: 370201, Mob: 9898250681, Tel: 02836 - 222921 / 236466. Jay Enterprise, Dhebar Road, Near Ashok Guest House, Rajkot, Pin: 360001, Mob: 9824456452,
Tel: 0281 – 2236235. National Power Tools ( Surat ), Hg41-42, Rushabh Towers, Near Jain Temple, Adajan Patia, Rander Road, Surat, Pin: 395009, Mob: 9898034200. Soham Reparing
Center, 11,rameshwar Society, Beside Rudraksh Residence,kapodra Crossing, Varucha Road Surat, Mob: 9898231287. Vikram Engineers, M.G.Road, No-4, Sanghavi House,
Udyognagar, Udhana, Pin: 394210, Mob: 9427137657, Tel: 0261-2274025. Hariom Enterprise, C1/b 888/1, gidc, Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat, Pin: 390001, Mob: 9974027579, Tel:
0265-6543678. B H Traders, No. C-37, Busy Bee Complex, Hanumna Mandir, Bhadakmora, G.I.D..C. Vapi, Pin: 396195, Mob: 9825803227 Tel: 0260-2450808. MADHYA PRADESH:
Bhopal Tools, No. 64, Hamidia Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, Pin: 462001, Mob: 9826335611, Tel: 736173. Pioneer Marketing Services, 223, Shastri Market, 2nd Floor, Indore,
Madhya Pradesh, Pin: 452007, Mob: 9826053800, Tel: 0731-2538007, Reliable Power Tools, #12 Jawahar Marg, near Patel Bridge, Shalimar Plazza, 1st Floor, shop No.9, Madhya
Pradesh, Pin: 452007, Mob: 9425317352, Tel: 0731-2366352. Vaishno Enterprises, Birla Road, Kolgawan, Satna, Madhya Pradesh, Pin: 485001, Mob: 9425173350, Tel: 251450,
509750. MAHARASHTRA: Datta Enterprises, N-16, Nimbalak Road, Midc Industrial Area, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, Pin: 414111, Mob: 9225300400 / 9225310081, Tel: 0241-6611130 /
6611131. R B Machinery, Malipura Chowk, Akola, Maharashtra, Pin: 444001, Mob: 9850280021, Tel: 0724-2424354. Machine Tools Centre, Safed Pool Andheri, Kurla Road, Next To
Petrol Pump, Andheri, Mumbai, Pin: 400072, Mob: 9820827827. Spa Technical Services Pvt Ltd, 21-22 Navketan, Mahakali Caves Road Andheri (E), Mumbai, Pin: 400093, Mob:
9867259858. Unique Agencies, Marol Maroshi Road, Marol, Mumbai, Mumbai, Pin: 400059, Mob: 9224295450. Aniket Enterprises, X-324, Near Hdfc Bank, Maharana Pratap Chowk,
Balaji Nagar, Midc, Aurangabad, Pin: 431005, Mob: 9552769194, Tel: 0240-2563312 Padmavati Electricals, Opp. Ramanand Colony, Kranti Chowk, Aurangabad, Pin: 431005, Mob:
9823093783, Tel: 0240 - 2323033. Shaco Sales & Services-aurangabad, X-128,babaji Commercial Complex, Bajaj Nagar Midc Waluj, Aurangabad, Pin: 431005, Mob: 9823466426 /
9028028763, Tel: 0240 2555171. Yash Vinayak Electrical, Shop No 9, Rishabh Apart-1, Near- Ostwal English Academy School, Ostwal Empire, Boisar, Maharashtra, Pin: 401501, Tel:
8407989777. J B Machinery & Tools, Near St Joseph School, Botha Road, Buldhana, Pin: 443001, Mob: 9422881158, Tel: 07262-46159. Sadaguru Power Tools And Electrical, Kohinoor
Centre, Shivaji Chowk, Chakan, Pune, Pin: 410501, Mob: 9822351008, Tel: 02135-645361. Mistry Enterprises Near Prakash Talkies, Parola Road, Dhule, Maharashtra, Pin: 424003,
Mob: 9422787930, Tel: 02562-234429. Vardhman Machine Tools, Shop No 6, Old Maneklal Chawl, L.B.S Marg, Near Telephone Exch, Ghatkopar (W) Mumbai, Pin: 400086, Mob:
9820534052. Sapana Enterprises, Panchganga Factory To Shahpur Road Near Kothari Sizing, P O - Gangan, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, Pin: 416116, Mob: 9371678843, Tel:
0230-2495157. S.P. Shah & Sons, Mutta Building, Near Natraj Cinema, Jalana, Maharashtra, Pin: 431203, Mob: 9422215827. Kaurenu Industrial Enterprises, No. 5, Laxmi Tower, Neri
Naka, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, Pin: 425001, Mob: 9422780632, Tel: 0257-2227384. Shri Gajanan Electricals & Machiner, 327-a, Main Gate, Basement, New B.J.Market, Jalgaon,
Maharashtra Pin: 422001, Mob: 9422184432, Tel: 0257-222 4198. Mahavir Electricals, Shop No 8, Inside B.M.C Market, Khar (W), Mumbai, Pin: 400052, Mob: 9867060793. Sushito
Enterprises, B,Under Ground - 1, Prabhakar Plaza, Station Road, Kolhapur, Maharastra, Pin: 416001, Mob: 9423258000, Tel: 0231-667433. Yash Enterprises, 1446 B/c, Empire Tower,
Shop No.lg-1, Dasara Chowk, Laxmipuri, Kolhapur, Maharastra, Pin: 416002, Mob: 9422414211, Tel: 0231-644811. S D Traders, Jamdade Building, Behind Old Power House, Latur,
Maharastra, Pin: 413512, Mob: 9422071082, Tel: 02382-252127. Super Agencies, G' Ward, Shop No - 6, Gurunanak Co-opp Hsg Society, Lonawala, Maharashtra, Pin: 410401, Mob:
9823052516, Tel: 02114-273279. Anil Traders, Shop No 2 Paralkar Wadi, R.C Marg, Chembur Naka, Mumbai, Pin: 400071, Mob: 9322183201. Chaudhary Tools, 33-a, Jayendra Bhuvan,
S.K.Bole Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai, Pin: 400028, Tel: 022-66625190. K.Z.Trading Co., 29/12, abid Manzil, 139, Nagdevi St, Mumbai, Mob: 9029024015. Manoher Electric Stores, 10,
roshni Building, s.v.road, Oshiwara,jogeshwari (West), Mumbai, Maharastra, Pin: 400102, Tel: 022-26784783. Nirav Traders, No. 42, Nagdevi Cross Lane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pin:
400003, Mob: 9820127192, Tel: 022-3428672/3422928. Raj Machine Tools, Ii Nd Floor, 71/73, Nagdevi Street, Mumbai, Maharastra, Pin: 400003, Mob: 9323910798, Tel:
022-65213643/2035. S. A. Traders, 76, Nagdevi Cross Lane, Shop No 3. Mumbai, Maharastra, Pin: 400003 Mob: 9870084598, Tel: 022 - 23400988. Shree Sidhivinyak Machine Tools,
Shop No 1, Vishwa Mohini Building, Opp Kamla Nehru Shoping Centre, N.S Road , Mulund, Pin: 400080, Mob: 9594015345. Swastik Machine Tools P Ltd, Sambali Nagar,near Savli
Hotel, Akurli Road,kandivali (E), Mumbai, Pin: 400101, Mob: 9892269974. Rathi Engineering Company, 31 A, Radke Layout, Opp- Saint Xaviers High School, Nagpur, Maharashtra, Pin:
440016, Mob: 9373107555, Tel: 07104-232221. Union Hardware Stores, Central Avenue, Darodkar Chowk, Near Itwari High School, Nagpur, Pin: 440002, Mob: 9971068950 /
9822564150, Tel: 2769620, 2777729. Essel Engineers, No. 6/7, Khetwani D, Near Donde Bridge, Untwadi, Cidco, Nashik, Maharashtra, Pin: 422009, Mob: 9423093243. Meson Traders,
No. 994, Main Road, Nashik, Nashik (M.S.), Pin: 422001, Mob: 09970166552, Tel: 0253 2507862. Vidad Engineering & Electricals, Mahadev Nagar Corner, Near Satpur Bus Stop,
Satpur - Trimbak Road Satpur, Nasik, Pin: 422007, Mob: 9822049760, Tel: 0253 2363567, Fine Electrical Works, Shop No -3 ,janta Market, Plot No 3 & 4 ,Sec-23, Nr Sadguru
Hotel,turbhe ,navi Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pin: 400705, Mob: 9322290574. New Bombay (Hardware) Traders Pvt, Plot No 107, Sector-23, Turbhe Service Industries, Near Janta Market,
Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Pin: 400705, Mob: 9820127192, Tel: 022-67973977 / 27835529. Shree Ambica Machine Tools, Shop No 26, Shivaji Chowk, Osmanabad, Maharashtra, Pin: 413501,
Mob: 9881096188, Tel: 0242-227281, Everest Enterprises, Sukhwani Nest, Shop No. 7, Vidhyam Nagar, Pimpri, Pune, Pin: 411018, Tel: 27433522. Faith Machinery Stores, Tip Top Bldg,
Shop No-6&7, 550b, Nanapeth, Near Chacha Halwai Chowk, Laxmi Road, Pune. Pin: 411002, Tel: 020-26137868 / 26137663. K Z Trading Co., Shop No 2, Padamjee Palace, Bhawani
Peth, Pune, Pin: 411042. Max Corporation, No. 95, Ganesh Peth, Laxmi Road, Dulya Maruti Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra, Pin: 411002, Mob: 9371006743, Tel: 020-6341647 / 6344945.
Maharashtra, Ram Electricals, Shagun Chowk, Pimpri, Pune, Pin: 411017, Mob: 9850223068. Solanki Enterprises, No. 288/b, Rasta Peth, Opp M.S.E.B, Near Sai Motors, Pune, Pin:
411011, Mob: 9822002976, Tel: 020 26120268. Superweld Sources Pvt Ltd., Near,Century Enka, Midc Bhosari, Pune, Maharashtra, Pin: 411026, Tel: 020-30681560. Techno Tools, 1 & 2,
P.J. Chambers, Near Ambedkar Statue, Pimpri, Pune, Pin: 411018, Mob: 9822040744, Tel: 020 27421967. Tool Max, "Mauli" 738, Budhwar Peth, Ganesh Road, Nr. Phadke Houd, Pune,
Maharashtra, Pin: 411002, Mob: Tel: 020 32319333. Arc Power Tools & Equipments, Off Chougule Complex, Kupwad Road, Near Railway Gate, Sangli, Maharashtra, Pin: 416415, Mob:
9423871513, Tel: 0233-302185, Shree Sales And Services, Plot No. P-90, Chakan Oil Mill Road, M.I.D.C . Sangli, Maharashtra, Pin: 416436, Mob: 9423871648, Tel: 0233-2645005 /
5616582. M P Engineers, Shop No -7, Jiwhala Housing Society, Near Bombay Restaurant, Old M.I.D.C, Satara, Maharashtra, Pin: 415001, Mob: 9822637283. New Maharashtra
Traders, No. 184 B1/c, Raviwar Peth, Powai Naka, Satara, Maharashtra, Pin: 415002, Mob: 9422033369, Tel: 02162-35605. Madan .j. Dalvi, Gala No -7 .l.v.complex, Ramlal Chowk,
Railway Line, Solapur, Maharastra, Pin: 413001, Mob: 9422068351, Tel: 0217-2727051. Siddhratna Sales & Services, No. 64, Jodbhavi Peth, Solapur, Pin: 413002, Mob: 9423066906,
Tel: 0217 2729911. Suneel Textile Engineering Industri, Plot No. 65, Nagane Nagar, Behind Mahavir Tea Company,kondh-413004, Kondh, Solapur, Pin: 413007, Mob: 9823112275, Tel:
0217-622500. Neha Power Tools, Shop No 4, Bhanu Nagar, Dombivli East, Thane, Mob: 9987209787, Super Sales & Services, Monalisa Bldg., Shop No.5, Hariniwas Circle, Thane,
Thane, Pin: 400602, Mob: 9892375131, Tel:022 - 25386845.
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