Operating Instructions
Please read and keep In door use only.
this instruction.
Don’t discard.
Model ECO
Order no. 317-2090
Volt: 230V, 50~60Hz
Wattage: Max. 2 kW
Capacity of jug: 1,8 ltr.
1, Water Entrance
2, Function Indicate
3, Filter Basket
4, Hot Plate on base
5, Switch for Hot Plate on top
6, Switch for Brewing & Hot Plate
7, Extra Hot plate on top
8, Decanter
CAUTION! Read the instructions before using the appliance.
This appliance is suitable for commercial use.
Remain in the vicinity of the machine while machine is in operation.
Never immerse the machine in the water. If the machine has been soaked, it must
be dried and checked by specialist before using it again.
Never pour hot water into the Water Reservoir.
Never pour more than 1,8 liter of water into the Water Reservoir
Do not disconnect appliance with wet hands and do not pull the supply cord.
Only replace the supply cord with the type specified the instructions. Contact the
manufacturer, service agent or similar qualified person for further advice.
When the machine is in use, some parts of the machine are very hot. Ensure the
line cord does not touch the hot parts. The use should also be careful not to touch
the hot parts.
g Installation:
1. Place the Machine on a firm and horizontal table.
2. Slide the Filter Pan into position.
3. Pour of cold water (no more then 1,8 liter) into the Water Reservoir, wait for 2
minute for water to force the air out of the Machine.
4. Place an empty Glass Decanter at correct position under the Filter Pan.
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5. Turn the Switch ON and the "In Use" Indicator lights up.
6. Some of HOT WATER starts to flow into Glass Decanter.
7. 5~6 minutes later, the " Indicator " will off The brewing process has ended.
8. You should repeat the above process 2 to 3 times to clean the internal parts of the
machine before brewing coffee for first time.
9. During above operation, it is normal to hear some hissing and biilizy sound of water
and to see some water vapor coming out.
g Operation:
1. Slide the Filter Pan into position.
2. Pour a decanter of cool water into the Water Reservoir.
3. Place the empty Glass Decanter at the correct position under Filter Pan.
4. Switch the power ON, the "Indicator" will light up.
5. Coffee will start to flow into the Decanter.
6. When the "Indicator" light turns off, the brewing cycle has completed.
7. Since there will always be some water remaining in the hoses, the boiler etc. of
the Machine. If the Machine will not be used for some time, or if the Machine
should be removed, you should always pour out the remaining water in the
Machine, and clean it for storage.
《★ 》Incase, if the thermostat reaction causing the lime
build up, user must to presses down and clicks, then
descale the unit before next operation, and the descale
process as below. If problem persists then contact the
Helpline to descale, we recommend you use an
g De-scale
On areas in the water boiler, hard water will cause chalk and limestone will to
accumulate when machine is used. To keep the Machine in the best condition and
ensure each coffee brewing resulted in the best taste, we recommend that of the
Machine has successive brewed for 200 time used for 6 months, a De-scale
operation be carried out as the following:
• Add 300 ml fresh lemon juice or condensed lemon juice to 1 liter of water.
• Slide Filter Pan into position.
• Place an empty Decanter at the correct position under the Filter Pan.
• Pour the lemon juice solution into the Water Reservoir.
• Turn the switch ON.
• Some of hot water will drop into the jug, Until the solution of lemon juice push out
the water remained inside of the Machine and there is some solution of lemon
juice start to drop into the jug, than turn the switch OFF.
• Wait for 5~6 minutes to enable the rest of solution to run through with sediments,
than turn the switch ON again.
• When solution of lemon juice is no longer dripping out, set switch OFF and flush
the solution away.
• Since some of lemon juice solution will be remain in the Machine, please run the
brewing process several times until there is no more taste and smell of lemon
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juice in the hot water flow out from the Machine.
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