Café Operator
responsibilities & compensation
Must work extremely well with an already established leadership team
and with Summer Camp Staff.
Must align self with the Doctrinal Beliefs of New Life Camp and its staff
Willing to work long hours and weekends.
Workweek consists of a base minimum of seventy hours per week.
Expected to be an active, serving member of a local church body that
also aligns itself with the Doctrinal Beliefs held by New Life Camp.
Operate an efficient café
o Make sure the café is properly stocked at all times
 Taking inventory of items, refilling needed items, and adding
new items throughout the summer.
o Taking orders from campers throughout each day
 This may include exchange of money, or keeping track of
spending for each camper
o Making sure the café is clean and the highest quality experience
for each camper, at all times.
 General seating area should be neat, clean, and orderly at
all times.
 Trash should always be taken care of.
 Serving area should always be neat, clean, and orderly at all
Taking care of facilities
o Female Dorm restrooms must be cleaned each day when not in
use, and checked throughout each day.
o Café area should always be cleaned and sanitary.
o Gym and chapel areas should always be clean and a quality
experience for campers.
Facilitate camper activities as needed
o Assist the program staff with any games or activities that need to
be set up
o Assist staff after conclusion of events with clean up and
disassembly of events as needed
To help in any area as requested by the Director of Maintenance &
Facilities or the Director of New Life Camp.
Serve God by serving each and every camper, staff member, and the
camp with the right attitude and motivation.
Be willing and able to serve through other areas as needed and
Work with Camp Director
o Ensure the quality of each camper’s experience at New Life Camp
o Reports to the Camp Director and Maintenance Director
Works with Program Director
o Assist in all activity setup as lead.
o Maintain facilities to be used as needed.
Work with Maintenance Director
o Help to accomplish all tasks assigned in order to help each
camper’s experience meet its fullest potential.
Work with other summer staff and volunteer staff to care for every
camper’s needs.
$150 a week
Free room and board for the duration of your summer
Arrive at camp the evening of June 3.
Last day of camp August 25
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