panel van, chassis cabs and passenger carriers 2018

2 018 M O D E L S E D I T I O N 2
The Movano range
Big. Strong. And Versatile. That’s Movano. With an extensive range of
models that give you more of what you need from a commercial vehicle.
Three load lengths. Two roof heights. Large load volumes. High gross
vehicle weights and gross combination weights. Plus a choice of
front-wheel drive, single rear-wheel drive or twin rear-wheel drive
variants. Panel van, chassis cab, crew cab and platform cab variants.
Plus a Minibus too and factory-approved conversions.
Cabin interior
Engines and transmissions
Movano line-up
Panel van features
Doublecab features
17-Seat Minibus features
Chassis cab, crew cab and
platform cab features
Opel conversions
Add to this an enhanced safety specification plus a range of efficient
turbo diesel engines. Include a driver-friendly cabin environment with
plenty of useful storage, plus a host of innovative features that can
really make a difference when you’re out on the road.
In short, there’s ‘No Job Too Big’ for Movano.
Colours and trims
Some of the vehicles shown in this brochure include options and accessories available at extra cost. And not all of the features
described are available on every model. Please see the Movano Price and Specification Guide, available to download
from for further details.
With panel vans and doublecabs available in a range of load lengths,
heights and drivetrains. Choice is never going to be an issue.
Three vehicle lengths and two heights
GVWs from 3500 to 4500kg
FWD or RWD drivetrains available
4 | Panel van and Doublecab
The success of any vehicle conversion stems from the thought
put in at the planning stage. All Movano chassis cabs and platform
have been engineered to provide a solid base for a host of conversions,
with particular emphasis paid to the needs of specialist convertors.
Up to three vehicle lengths with FWD or
RWD option
Heavy twin rear wheel option for
better traction and higher GVW‘s
3500kg platform cabs with lower
kerbweights for maximum payload capacity
6 | Chassis, crew and platform cabs
The Movano 17-seat Minibus combines easy access with optimum
levels of safety and comfort – guaranteed to go the distance –
whoever you’re carrying.
Purpose-built passenger carrier
Designed for maximum safety and comfort
Powerful and efficient turbo-diesel engines
Passenger Carriers | 9
Heavy van operators face a variety of challenges. That’s why Movano
offers a variety of GVW’s and no less than three different drivetrains.
Whatever your requirement, Movano has it sorted.
Front-wheel drive with a lower loading height
and low kerbweight
Single rear-wheel drive for improved towing capability
Twin rear-wheel drive for improved traction and
higher GVWs
Drivetrain | 11
Movano offers superb accessibility – whatever the loading conditions.
Rear doors can be swung clear to 180° and locked in place at 90° –
providing safe and convenient loading, even where space is restricted.
The wide opening, standard 1270mm sliding side-access door means
a Euro pallet can be loaded sideways. While a flat load floor ensures
easy access for forklifts. And with payloads from 990-2110kg Movano
doesn’t only look the business – it actually does the business.
Designed to perform in every situation
Versatile loadspace capabilities and
euro-pallet friendly
Impressive payloads of up to 2110kg
12 | Practicality
Whatever the nature of your business, the Movano cabin creates both
a comfortable and versatile workspace that is completely in tune
with your individual and professional needs. A well-equipped driving
environment with ample storage features, Movano has it covered.
And with digital radio and Bluetooth® connectivity as standard and
a choice of two optional IntelliLink infotainment systems with fully
integrated satellite navigation you’ll also be kept well informed and
entertained while on-the-road.
Enhanced cab design for total comfort and control
Great place to spend the working day
All you need to stay in touch and entertained
14 | Cabin Interior
The Movano range features a powerful, yet efficient turbo diesel
engine that meets either VI or Euro 6 standards through the use of
AdBlue technology*. Better still, the high power and torque levels of
our BiTurbo models make driving the Movano a pleasure –whatever
the load on board.
Powerful turbo-diesel engines
•Choice of turbo or BiTurbo diesel units
•Six-speed manual gearbox with electronic shift indicator
•Power-assisted steering
•Tecshift semi-automatic transmission available
Efficiency comes as standard
•AdBlue technology for Euro 6 compatibility
• Start/Stop technology and ECO mode function improves fuel economy
•Outstanding durability with servicing intervals up to 40,000 kilometres/one year
(32,000 kilometres on Minibus models)
Options include:
• Automatic locking rear differential
• Engine-driven power take-off
• Gearbox-driven power take-off
• Cruise control
For complete information on technical data, fuel economy and emission data please refer
to the Movano Price and Specification guide available to download from
*For more information on AdBlue please visit
16 | Engines and Transmissions
Engines and Transmissions | 17
Whatever business you’re in, the Movano presents
a complete range of models with a comprehensive
line up of drivetrain and configuration options. For
example, we offer single rear-wheel drive or twin
rear-wheel drive versions. That’s on top of our more
familiar front-wheel drive models. Depending on
the variant you choose there are three load lengths.
And two GVWs – 3.5 and 4.5 tonnes.
To help you choose the Movano that’s just right for
your business, we use a customer-friendly naming
scheme. For example an L3 H2 R3500 HD model
can be easily identified as shown below.
L = Load length
Four lengths are available
ranging from L2-L4
F = Front wheel drive
R = Rear wheel drive
HD = Heavy duty
Designation used when
twin rear wheels are fitted
L3 H2 R 3500 HD
H = Height
Two roof heights
are available H2-H3
Gross Vehicle Weight
Two GVWs are available
3500 / 4500
Vehicle illustrated features 270˚ opening unglazed rear doors, offside sliding side-access door
and Ambient Blue two-coat metallic paint all optional at extra cost.
18 | Movano Line-up
Panel Van – FWD models
L2 H2 F3500
L2 H3 F3500
L3 H2 F3500
L3 H3 F3500
L3 H2 R3500
L3 H2 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
L4 H2 R3500
L4 H2 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
L3 H3 R3500
L3 H3 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
L4 H3 R3500
L4 H3 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
RWD models
Doublecab – FWD models
L2 H2 F3500
Chassis Cab
L2 H1 F3500/R3500
L2 H1 R3500 HD/4500 HD
L3 H1 F3500/R3500
L3 H1 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
L4 H1 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
RWD model
L3 H2 F3500
Crew Cab
L2 H1 F3500/R3500
L3 H1 F3500/R3500
L3 H1 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
L4 H1 R3500 HD/R4500 HD
L3 H2 R3500
Platform Cab
L2 H1 F3500
L2 H2 F3500
L3 H1 F3500
L3 H2 F3500
L3 H2 F3960: 17-seat model
Movano Line-up | 19
Vehicle illustrated features 270º opening unglazed rear doors, offside sliding side-access door, full-diameter wheel trims and Poppy Red
brilliant paint all optional at extra cost.
Three lengths and two heights. Whatever your
transport needs Movano meets them, head-on.
Access and loadspace features include:
• Easy access nearside sliding side-access door
• Full-height steel bulkhead
• Unglazed rear doors
• Floor-mounted, load-securing eyes
• Underfloor spare wheel
• Up to 17.0cu.m (600cu.ft.) max. loadspace volume
• Up to 4383mm (172.6 in.) loadspace length
• Up to 2110kg payload capacity
Loadspace dimensions
Maximum load lengths (L2 – L4)
3083 – 4383
121.4 – 172.6
Maximum heights (H2 – H3)
Rear and side load door(s)
Side-access door(s) width
1798 – 2144
70.8 – 84.4
Side-access door(s) heights
Rear door aperture width
1684 – 1780
66.3 – 70.1
Rear door aperture heights
Loadspace volumes
VDA method
1724 – 1820
10.8 – 14.1
67.9 – 71.7
381 – 498
Panel Vans
9.4 – 17.0
GVWs kg
3500 – 4500
322 – 600
Payloads kg
990 – 2110
Maximum load area width
Width between wheel arches
Width between wheel arches HD Models
Not all features and options are available on every model.
Versatile rear doors. Movano rear doors can be swung clear to 180° and locked in place
at 90° – providing safe and convenient loading, even where space is restricted. Movano
can also be specified with 270° opening solid rear doors.
Vehicle illustrated features resin-coated plywood floor, bulkhead window, glazed rear doors and Poppy Red brilliant
paint all optional at extra cost.
Panel van features | 21
With capacity for up to seven people, a 3.5 tonne
GVW and a maximum payload of up to 1305kg, the
Movano Doublecab is designed to take your crew
and equipment exactly where they need to be.
Features include:*
•Room for up to six passengers
•Up to 9.0cu.m (318cu.ft.) max. loadspace volume
•Up to 2640mm (103.9 in.) loadspace length
•Up to 1305kg payload capacity
Loadspace dimensions
Maximum load lengths –
behind rear seats (L2 - L3)
1990 – 2640
78.3 – 103.9
Maximum load lengths –
at load floor (L2 - L3)
2175 – 2825
85.6 – 112.2
Maximum load area width
Width between wheel arches
1798 – 1894
70.8 – 74.6
Rear and side load door(s)
Side-access door(s) width
Side-access door(s) heights
Rear door aperture width at floor
Rear door aperture heights
Loadspace volumes
Maximum heights
Room for all the crew. The Doublecab features four individually contoured rear
seats with lap and diagonal seatbelts. Rear storage includes a full-length tray
under the seat cushion.
6.9 – 9.0
244 – 318
GVWs kg
Payloads kg
957 – 1305
22 | Doublecab features
*Not all features and options are available on every model.
Vehicle illustrated features glazed rear doors, full-diameter wheel trims, front fog
lights and Poppy Red brilliant paint all optional at extra cost.
The purpose-built Movano Minibus provides
generous accommodation for 17 people.
The last two rows of seats can also be specified
with optional floor-mounted fixing rails, freeing
up additional load area space quickly without
the need for special tools.
1. 17-seater comfort. Light and spacious, Movano Minibus offers comfortable transport
for 17, with inertia-reel lap and diagonal seatbelts for every occupant.
Access and loadspace features include:*
•All seats and mountings tested to M1 standards
•Dual front passenger bench seat
•14-individual rear passenger seats
•Individual saloon lighting for all rear seats
•Illuminated rear passenger walkway
•Overhead storage and coat racks in rear
passenger area
•Retracting side step
•Easy-access wide-opening sliding side door
•Selective door-locking with three-button key
•Electronic Stability Programme-plus
•High beam assist
• Lane departure warning
• Front fog lights
• Multi-function trip computer
2. Overhead storage. Movano Minibus features overhead storage on both sides of the
passenger compartment useful for coats and light luggage.
3. Walkway illumination. Individual lighting to each seat row helps guide passengers
when it’s dark.
24 | 17-Seat Minibus features
*Not all features and options are available on every model.
Vehicle illustrated features Halo Silver two-coat metallic paint, optional at extra cost.
Chassis cab, crew cab and platform cab models provide the perfect
base for one of three factory-built conversions – tipper, dropside.
box van or our extensive range of approved conversions.
Movano chassis cab models feature rugged box section chassis rails, featuring
wide top sections with built-in mounting points. The bolted rear under-run bar
provides additional in-built safety, as well as ample margins for additional
bodywork while retaining outstanding payloads.
•Three load lengths (L2, L3, L4)
• Two GVWs (3500kg or 4500kg)
•Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or heavy-duty twin rear-wheel drive
Providing the same choice of body configurations and GVWs as the chassis cab but
extra accommodation for four additional crew members.
•Three load lengths (L2, L3, L4)
• Two GVWs (3500kg or 4500kg)
•Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or heavy-duty twin rear-wheel drive
Ideal for those conversions requiring a low floor and walk-through access from
the cab. The interface panel makes for easy integration of the cab with the
conversion body, while an extended-length wiring loom is available to power the
rear lights or extended conversions.
•Two load lengths (L2, L3)
• One GVW (3500kg)
• Two roof heights (H1, H2)
• Front-wheel drive
1. Practical and safety-conscious. Whether
you’re travelling one-up or seven-up, crew cab
pays serious attention to the needs of driver and
crew. Fabrics are hard-wearing and easy to
clean, comfort levels high and safety features
impressive; in fact everything you’d expect of
this award-winning model.
2. Underseat stowage. Storage is never an issue
with our out-of-sight, out-of-mind underseat
storage facility.
Log on to for more information.
26 | Chassis cab, crew cab and platform cab features
Vehicle illustrated features Halo Silver two-coat metallic paint, optional at extra cost.
With chassis cabs, crew cabs, platform cabs and purpose-built factory
conversions available, Movano is big on choice. It’s incredibly versatile,
too, with front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and heavy-duty twin
rear-wheel drive options available. Of course, all Movano factory
conversions carry the full Opel three-year/150,000 kilometres warranty
on both the chassis and the conversion.
There’s a range of specialist, Opel approved conversions available
across our commercial vehicle range too. From Combo through to the
Vivaro and Movano ranges, there’s an enormous breadth of choice to
suit your exact requirements. So, whichever model you choose, you
can be confident your Opel Commercial Vehicle will always be
100% fit for purpose.
Models illustrated left to right: L4 H1 R3500 RWD HD box van with optional wind deflector,
L4 H1 3500 RWD HD crew cab dropside and L2 H1 R3500 RWD HD tipper.
28 | Opel Conversions
Particularly suited to the needs of the construction industry, the
factory-built Movano tipper features a five-stage chrome-plated
underfloor ram and 50° tip angle. The tipping mechanism itself
employs a high performance, 2kW electro-hydraulic power pack;
the tipping action can be easily operated by one person, using
hand-held controls on a wander lead.
Choices available:
•Two load lengths (L2, L3)
•Two GVWs (3500kg or 4500kg)
•Front-wheel drive or heavy-duty, twin rear-wheel drive
•Chassis cab or crew cab models
Standard features include:*
• Tipper platform width 2040mm, length up to 3205mm
•Steel platform and front panel, hot-dip galvanised and
dark grey polyester powder coated
• Cab protection including ladder frame
• Remote tipping control with cab-mounted, spiral wander lead
• Side under-run bars
• Top and bottom hinged tailboard
• Double-skinned, anodised aluminium side- and tailboards
• Gantry lugs for ladder restraint
• ‘Tipper in action’ warning buzzer
• Power pack isolation switch
• Rear light protection grilles (optional)
*Not all features and options are available on every model.
Tipper | 31
L2 H1 F3500 chassis cab dropside illustrated features full-size wheel trims, optional at extra cost.
The Opel-manufactured dropside conversion builds on Movano’s
in-built flexibility with a host of practical additions. The totally flat load
platform – with a load length of up to 4470mm, low loading height and
zero wheel arch intrusion – features load restraint lashing eyes and an
anti-slip resin finish.
Choices available:
•Three load lengths (L2, L3 and L4)
• Two GVWs (3500kg or 4500kg)
•Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and heavy-duty
twin rear-wheel drive
• Chassis cab or crew cab models
Standard features include:*
• Steel load platform with resin-coated wooden floor
• Load platform width 2040mm
•400mm high, removable, double-skinned, anodised aluminium
side – and tailboards
• Recessed, retractable lashing eyes in deck perimeter
• Side under-run bars
• Cab protection including ladder frame
• Removable rear ladder rack and toolbox (optional)
*Not all features and options are available on every model.
Dropside | 33
With up to 20cu.m of cargo volume available, the factory-built
Movano box van is capable of swallowing a huge load with ease.
Inside, the strong yet lightweight body features a completely flat,
slip-resistant load floor, accessible via twin 270° opening doors or
an aluminium roller shutter (optional at extra cost).
Choices available:
•Two load lengths (L3, L4)
•Two GVWs (3500kg or 4500kg)
•Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or heavy-duty,
twin rear-wheel drive
Standard features include:*
•Aluminium frame with smooth-finished polyester
walls and doors
• Translucent roof
• Anti-slip floor
•Three carpet-covered aluminium interior
protection strips
• Loadspace length up to 4300mm
• Loadspace width 2150mm
• Interior height 2200mm
• Twin 270° opening doors
• Luton head (optional)
•Aluminium rear roller shutter (optional, illustrated right)
*Not all features and options are available on every model.
34 | Box van
L4 H1 R3500 HD box van features Luton head, optional at extra cost.
Movano raises the bar on cabin design, creating a practical,
well-equipped driver environment. Outstanding ergonomics – allied
to high levels of equipment, maximum ease of access and a superb
driving position – come together to create the right travelling and
working experience, whatever job you’re undertaking.
Movano range features:
•Bluetooth® connectivity and USB for smartphones and MP3 players
•Digital radio
•Steering column-mounted audio and telephone controls
•Aux-in socket
•Availability of two optional fully integrated satellite navigation systems
Movano interior. There‘s no problem in finding the ideal driving position in a Movano with a
height-adjustable steering wheel and a driver‘s seat that‘s adjustable for height, reach and
rake. You can even specify air conditioning as an extra-cost option that features a chilled
glovebox facility. The well-designed cabin also features clear and concise instrumentation
and with infotainment that includes both digital radio, Bluetooth® connectivity and an
optional sat nav system, it‘s one workspace that you won‘t mind spending time in.
36 | Comfort
Model illustrated features Convenience Pack
and bulkhead window optional at extra cost.
1. Improved instruments. Clear and easier to read in a simple, no-nonsense binnacle.
2. Drinks holders. Two facia-mounted drinks holders are standard on all models.
3. Bluetooth® connectivity. Virtually universal in compatibility and enables hands-free mobile phone communication.
4. Flat-folding middle seat back. Flat work surface with two drinks holders and storage tray.
Comfort | 37
Movano’s cabin is equipped with plenty of large – and useful – storage
facilities as standard and extensive facia storage.
But for some operators, we recognise that won’t be enough!
The Convenience Pack option help transform the cab into
a state-of-the-art, full-on mobile office.
Movano range features:
•Twin overhead storage shelves
•11-litre passenger glovebox
•Large door pockets
•Coin and ticket holders
•Facia-mounted cup holders
Convenience Pack. This versatile optional extra features a retractable facia document clip,
mutli-function bench seat with folding seat back on centre passenger seat including
swivelling work tray and underseat storage.
38 | Versatility
Model illustrated features Convenience Pack,
Air conditioning and cruise control, optional at extra cost.
1. Facia storage. All Movano models feature a semi-covered tray on top of the facia.
2. Overhead storage. There’s a handy shelf above both driver and passengers.
3. Large door pockets. A two-litre water bottle or other bulky items can be accommodated.
4. Underseat storage. Convenience Pack also includes a large enclosed storage space accessed
via the folding seat cushions.
Versatility | 39
Movano panel vans’ excellent loadspace credentials – allied to maximum accessibility – are assisted by a wider
choice of cargo area options than ever before. These options allow you to create the loadspace that’s just right
for your business. Here’s just a selection of the options available.
1. Full-height load area panelling and wheel
arch protection. Plywood panels provide
maximum loadspace protection.
2. Protective floor. A resin-coated plywood
floor protects the load floor from damage.
Load area protection panels illustrated
available on RWD models only.
Please refer to the latest Movano Range Price and
Specification guide available to download at
for availability by model.
*Optional at extra cost.
40 | Options
Creating an optimal working environment couldn’t be easier with Movano. With a variety of seating options, a host of additional comfort features and
a great infotainment system including satellite navigation, Movano has it all to offer – whatever job you’re undertaking. Here are just some of the highlights.
Please refer to the latest Movano Price and Specification Guide available to download at for availability by model.
4. Air-suspended driver’s seat. The eight-way
adjustable, air-suspended driver’s seat
features an armrest and adjustable
suspension sensitivity for maximum
comfort in all conditions.
‘Comfort’ seats. Driver’s seat features
height-adjustment, adjustable lumbar support
and armrest. A single ‘Comfort’ front passenger
seat is also available (not illustrated).
5. Air conditioning and electronic climate
control (ECC). The air-con option comes
complete with pollen filter and a chilled
glovebox. Aids demisting and provides a
fresher travelling environment all year round.
Move up to ECC (illustrated) and as well as
an air conditioned cab you’ll also be able
to more precisely control your environment
through thermostatically-controlled
temperature adjustment.
6. NAVI 50 IntelliLink. Digital radio/stereo
radio/aux-in socket/Bluetooth® hands-free
phone connectivity and audio streaming/USB
facility with a 7-inch colour touchscreen,
two 20-watt speakers and dynamic satellite
navigation system with western European
map coverage.
NAVI 80 IntelliLink. The intuitive, top-of-therange system with 3-D viewing, integrated
voice control, USB video player/photo reader
and TomTom LIVE services till 2020 without
charge for real-time traffic information. The
separate overhead 7-inch display also shows
the view for the optional rear view camera
(not illustrated).
The air conditioning in vehicles with N1, N2 or M2 type approval relies upon fluorinated greenhouse gases (R134a) for its
functioning. The front system contains a quantity of overall 580g of R134a, which corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of 0.83 tons.
The front and rear system in versions with up to 9-seats contains a quantity of overall 1,100g of R134a, which corresponds to
a CO2 equivalent of 1.57 tons. The front and rear system in versions with more than 16-seats contains a quantity of overall 1,700g
of R134a, which corresponds to a CO2 equivalent of 2.43 tons. The global warming potential amounts to 1430. Information acc.
to R (EU) No. 517/2014.
Options | 41
Enhanced security. Higher safety levels. A little more protection. Or just the added practicality of a tow bar. Whatever
your individual need, Movano options have it covered. We also offer a range of mechanical options that can seriously
add to Movano’s performance as a working vehicle.
Rear parking distance sensors. Optional rear
parking distance sensors provide an audible
warning to help prevent accidental damage
when reversing.
Fixed tow bar. As the name suggests, the
unit and ball are permanently fixed – and,
once fitted, cannot be readily removed.
13-pin electrics are also included.
Engine-driven power take-off. Movano models can be specified with an engine-driven PTO.
This can be used to drive a fridge compressor or other light applications.
Gearbox-driven power take-off. RWD versions of Movano can be supplied with
a gearbox-driven PTO. Particularly useful for companies operating heavy-duty
ancillary equipment.
42 | Options
Automatic locking rear differential (ALRD).
To assist driving in rough or slippery
conditions ALRD is optional at extra cost
on RWD models.
Alarm system. The optional anti-theft alarm
protects the engine compartment and uses
sensors to guard both the cab and load area.
Front fog lights. Improved forward vision and
reduced glare in foggy weather conditions.
Airbag options. A driver’s airbag is standard
across the range. An optional front passengers’
airbag with deactivation switch is also available.
Pneumatic suspension. For easier loading and
unloading, and improved ride comfort.
Increased engine speed. Movano is available
with an increased engine idle speed option.
This enables power to be supplied to ancillary
equipment without affecting the battery charge.
An essential option for vehicle convertors.
Convenience Pack
• Retractable document clip in facia
• ‘Comfort’ driver’s seat
• Bulkhead soundproofing
• Multi-function office bench seat with folding
seat back on centre passenger seat
including swivelling work tray
• Storage under bench seat accessed by
folding seat cushions
• ‘One-touch down’ facility for driver’s
electrically operated window
Movano option packs provide a ‘bundle’ of features at a highly
attractive price, allowing you to tailor your equipment package to suit
the individual demands of your business.
Advanced Safety Assist Pack*
• Lane departure warning
• High beam assist
• Multi-function trip computer
• Front fog lights
Construction Pack (RWD models)
• Tow bar with 13-pin electrics
• Automatic locking rear differential
• Air-suspended driver’s seat
Lighting Pack
• Automatic lighting control
• Rain-sensitive windscreen wipers
• Front fog lights
• Static cornering lights
• Door-to-door illumination
*Standard on Minibus and 4500 models.
Option Packs | 43
Genuine Opel Accessories are the right choice for
your Movano. The list below is just a small sample
of the range available.
Other accessories include:
•Safety pack
•MetaSystem rear parking
distance sensors
•First aid kit
•Warning Triangle
• Hi-visibility vest
• Spare bulb kit
• Fuel can
• Stretch tow rope
• Jump leads
•Fire extinguisher
(1kg or 2kg)
•Fire extinguisher bracket
(1kg or 2kg)
• Tyre inflation kit
•Steering wheel security bar
•Seat covers
• Audio accessories
Audio accessories
•Portable CD storage bag
or box
• Sunvisor CD storage
•Flange tow bar
•Towing electrics (7-pin
or 13-pin)
•Towing electrical adaptors
(7/13-pin or 13/7-pin or
12S adaptor)
Models illustrated feature Glazing Pack, optional at extra cost.
1. Roof base carrier. City crash test approved, the
transverse-fitting aluminium roof bars provide a solid
platform for a range of roof carriers. They feature an
oval-shaped profile and attach directly to mounting
points on the roof itself using a secure, T-track connector.
Up to six bars can be fitted per vehicle and the maximum
load per bar is 50kg. Maximum load per roof is 200kg
(including the weight of all fitted bars).
2. Steel ladder. Steel-constructed but with a smart,
aluminium-look finish, the rear ladder is firmly affixed
to the rear door of the vehicle.
44 | Accessories
3. Roof rack tray. With dimensions tailored to the individual vehicle, the aluminium roof rack tray
offers a maximum load capacity of 200kg.
4. Walkway for roof rack tray. Made from lightweight but sturdy perforated aluminium and for
use with the roof rack tray, the walkway enhances access to the roof.
5. Trailer hook. Particularly suited to heavier loads, the trailer hook is finished in an
anti-corrosive epoxy powder treatment.
6. Rear window protection grilles. Constructed from 1mm thick epoxy coated steel, the rear
window protection grilles help avoid theft while retaining rearward visibility.
7. Mudflaps. Movano’s smart, grey, moulded mudflaps are specifically designed to protect the
lower bodywork from stone chips, grit and other road material.
8. Carpet mats. Constructed from smart yet hard-wearing textile – and available in dark grey – the
one-piece Movano-branded carpet mat features fittings to prevent slippage in use.
Accessories | 45
Movano’s business-like appearance is exemplified by the smart choice of
colours available. The cloth or vinyl trims have been chosen as much for
their hard-wearing properties as they have for their visual appeal.
Polar White – solid
Signal Blue – solid
Mandarin Orange – brilliant
North Sea Blue – solid
Saffron Yellow – solid
Poppy Red – brilliant
Ambient Blue – two-coat metallic
Halo Silver – two-coat metallic
Pearl Black – two-coat metallic
Due to the limitations of the printing process, the colours
reproduced may vary from the actual colour. As a result they
should be used as a guide only.
Please note: Certain alternative colours are available for
special order on Movano. Restrictions apply so please consult
your Commercial Vehicle dealer for more details. Only the
cab is painted on factory conversion models. The Dropside
and Tipper models feature an aluminium finish and the Box
Body is finished in white.
46 | Colours and Trims
*Please refer to the latest Movano Price and Specification
Guide available from for details of colour
availability by model and prices.
Grey Pulse cloth
Grey vinyl*
Polar White
Signal Blue
North Sea Blue
Saffron Yellow
Poppy Red
Mandarin Orange
Halo Silver
Ambient Blue
Pearl Black
Two-coat metallic
• = Available
*Grey vinyl seat trim is optional at extra cost.
Grey Pulse cloth
Hard-wearing Grey Pulse cloth trim is fitted
as standard across the range.
Grey vinyl*
Alternatively, grey vinyl trim can be specified
at extra cost for customers requiring a more
workmanlike, wipe-clean option.
Colours and Trims | 47
Opel Service.
Commercial vehicle dealer network.
New Vehicle Warranty.
onward transportation, e.g. via rail or air
Opel on the Internet.
A network of nationwide Opel Ireland commercial
3-year/150,000km. This warranty applies to any new
(please see programme conditions).
Need instant information? At
vehicle dealers, including dedicated heavy van
Opel commercial vehicle for a period of 3 years or
specialists responsible for Vivaro and Movano,
150,000km (whichever occurs sooner) from the day on
12-year Anti-Perforation Warranty.
commercial vehicle, services, and accessories.
offer sales support and the expert service
which it was either registered for the first time or
Opel provides you with a reliable long-term
Get online for Opel news and product updates.
and maintenance know how to keep your
delivered to the customer by the dealer, depending
warranty against perforation, provided you have
business moving.
on which date comes first.
your vehicle serviced and all necessary inspections
performed according to the service booklet.
Information about Design for Recycling,
you can access a wealth of information on all
Europe-wide Customer Service.
Opel Roadside Assistance.
Throughout Europe, more than 6,000 Opel repair
This free-of-charge mobility service is valid
2-year Warranty for Opel Batteries.
and the recycling of ELVs can be found on the
workshops are ready to provide professional
for all new Opel vehicles during the first year
With a 2-year warranty for service-installed Opel
Opel website
and punctual service. As you’d expect, they’ll
after the date on which they were first
original batteries your starting problems are
repair your vehicle to the highest standards.
registered or delivered to the customer by the
over – even in the coldest winter.
More unusually, perhaps, they’ll tell you exactly
dealer, depending on which date comes first.
what’s been done and why, and they will show
No matter where you are, the Opel Assistance
Parts and Accessories Service.
any costs involved clearly and concisely.
is there to help. In more than 40 European countries
Opel parts and accessories are available at your
– round the clock. Offering services such as
local Opel Shop, where you’ll find everything to
breakdown assistance, towing services, rental car,
make your vehicle more comfortable or to meet
hotel accommodation or the organisation of
your individual needs, as well as expert advice.
Take-Back points for End of Life Vehicles (ELVs)
In case of any questions, please ask your
Opel dealer. More information can be found
Some feature descriptions in this brochure may refer to, and some illustrations may show, optional equipment not included in the standard delivery. The information
contained in this brochure was accurate at the time of going to print. We reserve the right to make changes in design and equipment. The colours printed in the brochure
only approximate actual colours. Illustrated optional equipment is available at extra charge. Availability, technical features and equipment provided on our vehicles
can vary by model. For precise information on the equipment provided on our vehicles, please contact your local Opel Dealer. As part of Opel’s policy of environmental
care, this brochure is printed on paper manufactured using Elemental Chlorine Free pulps from specially farmed, sustainable timber resources.
Published February 2018
Opel Automobile Ireland Limited, Fern Road, Sandyford Business Estate, Dublin 18.
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